Jon Stewart: who did we lose to? Sanity?

I’d like to think I’m consistent: I was pissed when Bush seemed determined to go to war whether it was warranted or not, and I’m pissed at Obama for the same.  Thanks, Jon Stewart. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

Mark Shea on allowing priests to marry.

Mark has a post up this morning with his opinions on the debate over whether or not to allow priests to marry: Basically, I said I’m fine if the Church decides to change the discipline, however the logistical impact should be considered, particularly by lay people who think this will fix the Church. Because what [Read More...]

Answer questions for the ideological Turing test.

Leah Libresco is looking for more atheists entry for her ideological Turing test.  If you’d like to answer some questions for her, here’s the link.  [Read more...]

The burqa: a symbol of one’s freedom to express their identity.

I love Jesus and Mo. [Read more...]

Why aren’t corrupt administrators of Mountain View Elementary the ones in the crossfire?

Hemant has a post up about Mountain View Elementary School in South Carolina, which recently held its graduation at a church, replete with Christian prayers.  Hemant has the administrators of the school dead to rights on lying to protect their violation of the law in order to use their position to hammer Christian faith into [Read More...]

Hope for the future: become a Secular Safe Zone ally.

Andy Cheadle, the high school organizer at the SSA, has produced something that I believe will be a game-changer at the high school level.  Taking a queue from the gay rights movement, he has come up with a program called Secular Safe Zone.  You may have heard of the LGBT Safe Zone program which was [Read More...]

God’s perfect plan.

Perhaps my favorite youtube channel is TheoreticalBS.  The man behind the channel recently discussed god’s perfect plan and…well…he owns it. Note to self: don’t fuck with that guy. [Read more...]

Great time at the PA Atheist/Humanist Conference.

What a spectacular weekend it has been.  I doubt I could recount all the good parts, but I’ll give it the old college try… Margaret Downey, such a warm and kind human being (and an insuppressible perfectionist), organized an amazing event.  It has certainly been one of the most professionally organized gigs of which I’ve [Read More...]

PA Atheist/Humanist Conference off to a great start.

Wow!  aspoiuaeoa;sdlfusadl;jsfd;lh!!!! This conference is extremely professionally run.  Margaret Downey, Brian Fields, and the rest of the organizers/volunteers who put this together are kicking ass full-time.  There was a superstition party last night with broken mirrors, walking under ladders, dancing…the whole environment is very party/fun oriented, which has carried into today. I got to meet [Read More...]

Learn philosophy this fall with Dan Fincke.

I’ve been making so much damn fun of Dan.  He’s teaching philosophy this fall, and he might even teach you, and he’s announced it in a post titled: Learn Philosophy Through Face to Face Conversations With Dr. Daniel Fincke This Fall.  I mean sure, Dan’s one of the best, clearest, and most fair thinkers I’ve [Read More...]

Fix the family: six ways to say a woman needs to be at home making babies.

Here is an article from Fix the Family, a Catholic organization, on the six reasons you shouldn’t send your daughter to college.  It’s long and must really be read to be believed.  My favorite comment on the article was this one, which pretty much sums up the whole piece: So, please, what is an 18yo [Read More...]

If religion made people more moral, there would be no child-beating sects of this kind.

A Christian sect in Bavaria (with branches in other countries) where members consistently beat their children has been infiltrated and raided by police, with 40 kids being taken away for their own safety. The little blond-haired boy is about four years old. He simpers as a middle aged woman drags him downstairs into a dimly-lit [Read More...]

Putin was right, Americans are not exceptional.

I don’t like Vladimir Putin.  At all.  He’s anti-gay and has shown several times that he values self-interest over liberty for his citizens.  However, some people see people they don’t like and immediately assume they make no good points.  I’m not one of those people. Yesterday Putin published an op ed in the New York [Read More...]

Guest post: Dave Muscato on 9/11.

Yesterday Dave Muscato, the PR person for American Atheists, sent me the following guest post.  I spent the whole afternoon napping so I didn’t get it til late, but here it is today in all its glory: It’s September 11. This is a very difficult day for all of us here today at American Atheists [Read More...]