Brother Donny Reagan isn’t racist, he just doesn’t think we should allow whites to marry blacks.

His argument seems to be “The bible says so!”  What I can’t seem to figure out is how nobody hears this proud piece of racism and says “Ok, the bible says so…so what?  That shit is evil.” This makes me sick. We must think about our morality.  Sure, anybody can assert that something is moral, [Read More...]

Bishop kept altar boy list from police.

You guys know Roger Mahoney, right (if you don’t, click here, here, and here)?  Well, something else has come up about ol’ Roger.  It turns out when police investigating one of the priests in his charge back in the day they asked for a list of altar boys at the priest’s last parish.  Mahoney denied it to them. When [Read More...]

A response to Jeff.

Someone I went to school with (named Jeff, hence the title of the post) left me this message on facebook this morning: So, I’ve been meaning to ask you this for a while, JT. I went to Missouri State, and watched you debate there and I have seen your posts on Facebook over the years [Read More...]

Megachurch pastor thinks he’s found the anti-Christ: it’s an uppity gay football player.

Dwight McKissic is a megachurch pastor who is pretty nostalgic about minority heroes who speak up loud and proud: Fifty years ago, James Brown released a song that became a great source of inspiration, pride, and self-esteem for Black Americans—“Say it Loud, I’m Black and I’m Proud.” I remember it so well. All the kids [Read More...]

Tony Perkins: ex-gay therapy is like rescuing someone from a burning building.

Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council (where they do little to no research and work to prevent families from forming…but they are a council, so they’ve got that going) reacted to efforts in his state to make ex-gay “therapy” illegal in some situations by shitting out the first simile that came to [Read More...]

FFRF asks Iowa State to remove bibles from University Hotel. ISU does the right thing, obeys the law, saves money.

I write fairly frequently on school administrators who insist on breaking the law in favor of their religion.  For public schools it’s not the administrators who are on the line: they get to go fight a foredoomed legal battle with taxpayer money used for the education of other peoples’ kids on the line.  Public universities [Read More...]

Church of England reiterates it will not embrace gay marriage.

In March marriage equality will become the law of the land in England.  Many wondered how the Church of England would react.  The Church even acknowledged the need to react: The Church of England had announced that it would address the issue of sexuality, saying it was aware it needed to reflect rapid changes in [Read More...]

Mother: “Jesus told me to put my baby on the railroad tracks.”

The god of Abraham strikes again. A Colorado woman told police that Jesus Christ pulled her two-week-old baby from her arms and laid the child on train tracks, KKTV-TV reported on Tuesday. 31-year-old Jennifer Sloan was accused of attempted first-degree murder following the incident in Pueblo on Feb. 14. KKTV reported at the time that witnesses saw [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: baby polar bear.

What is that, and can I play with it? Quick, somebody photoshop a bottle of Coke into his paw. [Read more...]

Playing caretaker today.

Hey gang.  Michaelyn’s home sick today, which means I’ll be curled up beside her probably watching Community.  It also means that I’ll likely need to take a sick day next week since kisses are the antidote and I must administer them. Probably catch you all tomorrow.  Send get well messages for Michaelyn! [Read more...]

Catch me on Secular.FM tonight!

Hey everybody!  Just a reminder that I’ll be on Secular.FM’s 24-hour podcast fundraiser tonight at 7:15pm EST.  Tune in and listen for when I say “Pokemon”.  That will be my secret “hello” to all my listeners. Secular.FM seeks to create a secular broadcasting network.  On Feb. 22-23 they’ll be doing a 24 hour podcast-a-thon to [Read More...]

Man born with a “tail” worshiped as a god.

A guy born with a bunch of hair growing out of his back is being worshiped as a god by mobs of people: … the 35-year-old tea picker said he wouldn’t change a thing and enjoys having God-like status even if his wife can’t stand it. Oraon is worshipped by hundreds of followers in his [Read More...]

Lack of faculty adviser should not impede formation of secular club in NC high school.

Hemant has a good write up about what inevitably happens when public school administrators finally consult the school’s attorneys about blocking an atheist club: the attorneys usually tell them there’s no way they’ll win and suddenly the administrators change their tune. Hemant’s piece closes by saying: “For what it’s worth, no faculty member has stepped [Read More...]

Anti-gay bill in Kansas dies in the senate, Kansas taxpayers save a lot of money.

I’ve written a couple of times about this odious bill and am happy to report that, in a surprise move, Republicans in the Kansas Senate broke off from House Republicans and helped kill the measure: A bill that would have allowed individuals to refuse to provide business services to same-sex couples in Kansas because of [Read More...]