I changed my mind: Wendy Davis could be elected.

A while back I said that while I’d love to see Wendy Davis sitting in the governor’s mansion after the next election cycle that I didn’t think she’d have a ghost of a chance in Texas.  Yesterday Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst echoed that sentiment: “It’s my hope, my friends, that about a year from now [Read More...]

Short day guys. Sorry.

Hey all.  I had to spend an hour on the phone with Uhaul this morning getting my money back for a charge they assessed me for storing an empty box I unloaded three weeks ago.  Then I was on the phone for an hour again and I’m behind on an editing project I need to [Read More...]

Did the DoD declare Evangelicals and Catholics to be extremists?

I got sent a Washington Times article this morning by a lot of people (and I’m seeing cheering about it elsewhere on the internet).  The article declared: The Defense Department came under fire Thursday for a U.S. Army Reserve presentation that classified Catholics and Evangelical Protestants as “extremist” religious groups alongside al Qaeda and the Ku Klux Klan. For those who don’t [Read More...]

Newark’s mayor Cory Booker fighting homophobia.

Cory Booker is the mayor of Newark, New Jersey who is running for the senate in the upcoming elections.  He’s done a lot of cool stuff (from his wikipedia): He has gained a reputation for his personal involvement in public service, including going on a ten-day hunger strike outdoors to draw attention to the dangers of open-air drug [Read More...]

David Silverman about to educate the state of New Jersey.

Just saw this on facebook: Like watching the playground bully pick a fight with the kid who is secretly a ninja or something.  Nobody likes to see a fight, but you mind this one a LOT less.  Congrats on picking about the worst person in the world to fuck with in this fashion. The biggest [Read More...]

Church camp defends sexual abuse of minors as “horseplay”.

(This post contains descriptions of sexual assault.  You’ve been warned) Well…this is awkward.  A counselor at a church camp in Tennessee has been accused of…well…read the excerpt (if you have a strong stomach and don’t mind the word “penis”): The Chattanooga Times Freepress reported that Vineyard Community Church Camp Counselor, Zachary Anderle, was charged with [Read More...]

A hero is dead. If atheists had martyrs…

Dr. Narendra Dabholkar is a hero.  He has spent the last 30 years in India where, out of compassion for its citizenry, he has fought those who would deceive in order to turn a profit. If a holy man had electrified the public with his miracles, Dr. Dabholkar, a former physician, would duplicate the miracles [Read More...]

Photography studio violated discrimination laws by refusing gay clients.

Ron White, when telling his famous story about getting thrown out of a bar, finishes it with the line “Ok, I told you that story so I can tell you this other story…”  That’s how this post is going to be. First, a photography studio in New Mexico that refused to photograph a gay wedding [Read More...]

Mandatory virginity inspections could be coming to Sumatra.

So…this is a thing. A plan to make female high school students undergo mandatory virginity tests has been met with outrage from activists, who argue that it discriminates against women and violates their human rights. Education chief Muhammad Rasyid, of Prabumulih district in south Sumatra put forward the idea, describing it as “an accurate way [Read More...]

Stephen Fry on age of consent and crime rate in Vatican City.

This cracked me up. The actual age of consent in the Vatican is a little fuzzy, what with the mingling of secular and divine laws (they say the deference should always be to divine law, but that’s not actually what always happens).  It turns out they have a lot of different ages of consent. While [Read More...]

Zombies: two new articles on surviving.

Last non-atheism post before I start plodding through the news.  I have a slew of new zombie survival articles over at ShitZombiesSay.net. From Preparing for an evacuation: stay cool, stay comfortable, plan ahead: The even bigger concern is what to do once you’ve gotten out of the building.  What are your goals?  Where do you [Read More...]

Gaming: solo queue highlights – grenade sniper.

It’s pretty much agreed upon that Heimerdinger is the worst champion in League of Legends – so of course I run him as my main at mid lane.  The worst ability on the worst champion is without a doubt his concussion grenade; it’s slow (making it hard to land), does miniscule damage, gives a very [Read More...]

Music: surprise at Kristin Chenowith concert.

*glump, good morning world*  I have a bunch of a few non-atheist posts to tide you over while I read the news. The first is about a happy coincidence at a Kristin Chenoweth concert.  For those who don’t know, Chenowith is a famous musical theater soprano (one of the most famous).  Most people know her [Read More...]

Mayor of Glendale, AZ doesn’t think prayers will help unless they’re recited to an audience.

The city of Glendale, AZ is considering adding prayer to the beginning of its meetings, and Mayor Jerry Weiers will have you know that it’s not to kowtow to religious voters, but to fix actual problems: The Glendale City Council is considering whether to begin its meetings with a prayer. There’s already a moment of [Read More...]