Ted Cruz thinks it’s the job of military chaplains to be insensitive to atheists.

Ted Cruz occupies a position of responsibility, a position where he is burdened by his office to represent all citizens equally.  This is how he goes about it: “You know, last year, there was a chaplain in the Air Force up in Alaska who wrote in a blog post the phrase ‘There are no atheists [Read More...]

NCAA Tournament open thread.

For those of you watching the NCAA tournament who want to chat about it, this thread is for you. You can watch the tournament for free on your computer box at this link. I don’t care if it hoses my bracket (mine won’t suffer too bad, actually), I’d be ok with American scoring the upset [Read More...]

Fred Phelps is dead.

Local news reports and the Phelps family confirms that last night Fred Phelps resigned his membership to the being alive club.  This morning Matt Dillahunty pretty much put my feelings into words: Once upon a time, he was a lawyer who fought for equality (look it up). He created an insular, hateful, abusive little cult [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: I just met you and I love you.

If I could hear the thoughts of dogs, that’s what I think they’d be saying most of the time… [Read more...]

WWJTD March Madness bracket group.

For those who wanted a WWJTD bracket pool this year, it has been made.  Here’s the link.  :)  Let’s see which of our illustrious group can sports hardest.  Go Gators! And we all know Arkansas is going to win the NIT, so no need to even speculate there. [Read more...]

Frozen spiritual leader coming back from the dead? That’s just silly…

So I read this story yesterday and a thought struck me: After Indian guru Ashutosh Maharaj of the Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (Divine Light Awakening Mission) died in January of a suspected heart attack, his followers let his body sit a week before finally putting him in a freezer. Spiritual cryonics! “He is not dead,” [Read More...]

Glenn Beck rebutted by his own site.

Right Wing Watch has dug up the most gloriously ironic thing I’ve seen in a while.  So the White House’s executive pastry chef (there’s more than one?) is leaving the White House.  He announced his reasoning in a public statement: Mr. Yosses has also been inspired by the White House garden, where he has chosen [Read More...]

GOP: .035% tax on wealthiest financial institutions could lead to disaster.

54 Republican lawmakers have sent a letter to one of their own, House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp.  Camp has proposed a new tax that his GOP compatriots have found unacceptable.  In their letter, these lawmakers fret that Camp’s proposed tax would “threaten our economic vitality by reducing access to credit, curbs economic growth, [Read More...]

Salvation Army settles church/state lawsuit.

This is a bittersweet victory for church/state separation: The New York Civil Liberties Union announced the approval yesterday of a settlement in Lowe v. The Salvation Army,a 10-year old lawsuit on behalf of 19 Salvation Army employees, including two who claim they were fired in retaliation for protesting the imposition of religious requirements on employees paid with government grant [Read More...]

CJ Werleman nails it on how the GOP is taking advantage of religious people in the South.

In dissecting the data about how belief that morality is tied to religion correlates with poverty, CJ Werleman had a beautiful bit of wording about how this relates to the American South: In an earlier piece, I wrote that the primary reason for abject child poverty in these Southern states is that more than a third of [Read More...]

GOP in Alaska pulls voucher bill rather than letting it die to a vote.

Somewhere in atheist heaven a Zack Kopplin is smiling. For those who don’t know what voucher systems are and why most atheists oppose them, they’re promoted by the GOP as an alternative to public education.  Rather than trying to fix public education (after the GOP consistently slashes from education funding wherever they’re in control), they [Read More...]

Thinking morality is secular correlates with greater societal well-being with two outliers…

Yesterday I wrote a post about how the United States is the last highly developed country where most people think morality is tied to religion (take that same poll again in 5 years and see what it says!).  I said in the post that the rest of the world is becoming more reasonable than we. [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: puppy holding a baby.

Whenever a picture of a dog snuggling a baby finds its way onto the internet I can count on Michaelyn sending it to me.  This is why I joke that I’m trying to convince her that we have either a puppy or a baby (she’s convinced we can have both). But Michaelyn is off making [Read More...]

Man who pioneered the theory of inflation hears the news. Evidence is beautiful.

It is often asserted by people who think the bible gives greater answers than science that science cannot give us beauty or meaning.  This, of course, is preposterous on the level of people rising from the dead. You’ve likely heard that we’ve detected gravitational pulses from the first instant of the Big Bang which confirm [Read More...]