After book is banned to satisfy religious parents, student hands out copies for free.

A school in Idaho caved to religious parents who found a sentence in the book which challenged the notion that masturbation is a sin offensive. Mountain View High school had originally included “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian,” by Sherman Alexie as part of their required reading list, but some parents protested and [Read More...]

Conservatives love guns and hating Obamacare, how about an ad combining both?

This should have conservatives wanking themselves (and begging Jesus for forgiveness before doing it again).  It’s a candidate who, in her ad, loads up a gun and promises to “unload” on Obamacare. Jesus.  She couldn’t run an ad that said “I have some intellectual misgivings with the ACA and I’m going to win in fair, [Read More...]

SCOTUS rules in favor of town council prayers, but could’ve been worse.

The SCOTUS just ruled in favor of the town of Greece, wrongly in my view.  The Greece city council was opening sessions with prayer, virtually all of which was specifically Christian prayer.  They were sued, it made its way to the Supreme Court, and the SCOTUS just ruled.  Before I get to why it’s not [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: It’s ok to be gay!

I came across this video last night based around a character in League of Legends named Taric, who is so completely and obviously gay.  Now for those of you who don’t play video games, bear with me.  It wasn’t the video that made me smile, it was the song to which it was set by [Read More...]

Judge Roy Moore: “first amendment only protects Christians.”

Today is a day entirely of wedding planning, so I don’t have time to beat this with a metaphorical iron hammer…but Jesus H. Christ I want to. Speaking at the Pastor for Life Luncheon, which was sponsored by Pro-Life Mississippi, Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court declared that the First Amendment only [Read More...]

Head of Satanist Church knows how to deal with people threatening their monument.

I’m really starting to like Lucien Greaves. Back story: Oklahoma decided to put a 10 commandments monument on the Statehouse lawn.  Seeing that the door was open for religious monuments, and noting how the leaders of Oklahoma would never give precedence to one religion over another (just kidding), the Satanist Church applied to put a [Read More...]

Congresswoman Janice Hahn storms out of National Day of Prayer breakfast in protest.

Hemant has some great statements from various political leaders in support of National Day of Reason, but one person on Capitol Hill took it a step further when James Dobson decided to monopolize the prayer breakfast for his particular religion.  I know, who could’ve seen that one coming? “Before [Obama] was elected, he made it [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: your face is next.

Dat tongue doe. [Read more...]

F_galton is no more.

After arriving in Arkansas and reading the votes in f_galton’s trial, I have concluded that he drives away good conversation and that he has, in fact, crossed the line sufficiently to merit a ban.  I blocked his email, user name, and IP address. Carry on. [Read more...]

The trial of f_galton.

I enjoy having Christians read and comment here (bad arguments and all).  I want there to be a dialogue.  In fact, I think to date I’ve banned more atheists than religious people here for crossing the line multiple times. F_galton is on the fence with me.  He seems to try to argue (poorly, but sincerely). [Read More...]

Heading down to Arkansas.

Hey everybody.  In about an hour Michaelyn and I will be driving down to Arkansas for the weekend.  We will be hanging with my family and putting potential caterers through the gauntlet before determining which one is truly worthy to serve our wedding.  It will be rigorous, I tell you. I’ll try to get a [Read More...]

Don’t worry tornado victims, Billy Graham Ministries is deploying people to pray for you.

I saw this press release today and it made me gag. CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 29, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ – Crisis-trained chaplains with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team are in Louisville, Miss., and Baxter Springs, Kan., as part of the organization’s response to the deadly and destructive series of tornadoes that cut through a large portion of [Read More...]

Brunei becomes the first east Asian country to adopt Sharia law on a national level.

How?  How???  In an age of unprecedented knowledge, in a world where our science has produced unimaginable insights, how can times of such complete and utter ignorance be clawing their way out of the grave to join us? What do I mean?  Well, it turns out Sharia law isn’t just for the Middle East anymore: [Read More...]

GOP blocks minimum wage increase.

The GOP, the self-proclaimed party of real, everyday Americans (forget for a moment that it’s that other party making sure the real, everyday Americans get healthcare and such) has been hearing a message from those everyday Americans: we don’t get paid enough.  For instance, Wal-Mart employees, on average, receive annual pay that is below the [Read More...]