Look for content this evening…

So because mom and dad live in the boonies of Arkansas, technology isn’t exactly what it is in the ultra modern states like…Kansas.  *sigh* We’re getting hit by a crazy-ass thunderstorm that has slowed the internet down to hyper slow or completely unconnected (I’m using my phone to post this update).  This means I can’t [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: babeh goats.

Just finished up my article for the upcoming American Atheist Magazine, now I’m on to reading about all the things that are fucked up in the world.  Better take a video of baby goats along. [Read more...]

NOM asks Supreme Court to block gay marriages in Oregon…Supreme Courts says NO!

Oh fuck the hell yes! The Supreme Court, in a one-sentence order without explanation, refused on Wednesday afternoon to stop same-sex marriages in Oregon.   The denial was by the full Court, after Justice Anthony M. Kennedy had submitted the plea to it. The request had come from a private group that is strongly opposed to same-sex marriage, [Read More...]

My dad is in an online debate with Arkansas state sen. Jason Rapert right now…and making him look like a fool.

Ok, quick back story before we get to the good stuff. (If you already know about Jason Rapert and his opposition to marriage equality, or if you just want to read about my dad intellectually beating his ass to his face, you can skip down to the cut point…you’ll see it) Last month a judge [Read More...]

Anti-drug-induced abortion bill in Arizona blocked by federal court.

It’s a victory for Planned Parenthood (and for women everywhere): Arizona’s law limiting drug-induced abortions was blocked by a federal appeals court, handing a victory to Planned Parenthood as it seeks to roll back a restriction it calls among the most stringent in the nation. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco today ruled [Read More...]

Sorting out the Bowe Bergdahl and prisoner-trading mess.

So the big story right now is that the US has swapped five prisoners loyal to the ousted Taliban in Afghanistan for the return of one of our own POWs, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.  Sadly, we live in a world where political interest mangles every story, making it hard for those of us who just want [Read More...]

A good project for humanity and atheism.

I’ve met “Paul” at a couple atheist conventions.  While on the road I’ve made a great many friends, but because I meet so many people it’s hard for any of them to fall into the category of “people I talk to when we’re not at conventions.”  But when Michaelyn and I met Paul and his [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: some Fun songs.

These songs always make me smile when they come on.  They make me even happier when I wake up to Michaelyn playing them on the acoustic guitar in the next room.  :) [Read more...]

Comment of the day.

This is not a regular feature, but I saw a comment today that deserved some sort of award.  My dad shared my post about the “In God We Trust” on schools bill in PA.  Someone commented on that share saying: Sure, PA’s education system has a grossly unfair funding formula, and the Philadelphia School District, [Read More...]

The fastest way to get through a US border patrol checkpoint.

I apologize for every time I said the bible was useless… [Read more...]

PA House passes bill that would allow for “In God We Trust” on public schools.

Ok, this sucks.  This bill has passed: The House on Monday passed a bill expressly allowing – but not requiring – school districts in Pennsylvania to post the words “In God We Trust” on school buildings. The bill, approved by a 172-24 vote, now goes to the state Senate for consideration. Erik Arneson, a spokesman [Read More...]

GOP politician running in heavy Latino district changes his name to Cesar Chavez and his affiliation to Democrat.

Oh Scott Fistler…if only shameless pandering were a sport. What are my principles?  They’re whatever gets me elected.  Which kind of undermines the definition of “principles” but…um…have you heard my name is Cesar Chavez? The bright side is that this demonstrates, to an extent, that Republicans are aware that their policies on immigration hurt them [Read More...]

Christian youth group quotes Adolph Hitler on billboard.

Thanks to Hemant for posting this. Life Savers Ministries recently put up a billboard in Auburn: Take a moment to let the irony of a group calling themselves “life savers” quoting one of the greatest mass murderers in history sink in. But maybe they were just saying that bad people are out there looking to [Read More...]

US Ambassador takes oath of office on a digital copy of the Constitution.

Michael Stone over at Progressive Secular Humanist flagged this article.  Suzi Levine, our new Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein did not take her oath of office on a bible, but rather on a copy of the Constitution opened in an e-reader: In a peculiar “sign-of-the-times” moment last Friday, Suzi LeVine was sworn in as the [Read More...]