I’ve been kind of down the last week after a slew of bad luck.  This really affects my writing.  I read all the same stories and have all the same thoughts.  But when I’m down I usually just wind up being a grumpy gills, whereas usually I at least find some humor in what’s going [Read More...]

Three siblings kicked out of an Arkansas public school on suspicion of having HIV.

And here’s one more story for the day to leave you good and angry and motivated to make the world a better place: The three siblings — two of whom have disabilities — are living with a foster family and attending the Pea Ridge Public School District. But school district officials recently found documentation that [Read More...]

A father’s devotion opens the doorway for his genius daughter.

It’s been a pretty depressing day in JT-land, so here’s a feel good story.  The impoverished father of a young girl (the father makes about $3.50 US per day) sold his family’s land to pay for her schooling in the hopes that she could ascend to the country’s middle class.  Young Sushma Verma applied herself [Read More...]

Rachel Alexander: projection at its finest, says the GOP is the intelligent party.

Rachel Alexander has an article up over at the Christian Post in which she bemoans the fact that the GOP, which she describes as the intelligent party, is suffering at the national level. Conservatism is too cerebral for many Americans. Consequently, the right has to try twice as hard as the left to gain support [Read More...]

Hawaii government nearly gave $1.5 million to a Catholic school.

Good job to State Senator Donna Mercado Kim, who scoured the state of Hawaii’s highly complex budget and found an attempt at a Constitutional violation: Legislators in Hawaii recently approved a state budget. As you can imagine, a $6 billion budget for a state of 1.4 million people can be a pretty complex thing. Some [Read More...]

Christian radio host: go to gay marriages to tell couples to die.

Spending a life with the person you love is a great avenue to happiness.  It doesn’t pick anybody else’s pocket or prevent anybody else from being married in the way they want, it only creates happiness.  Kevin Swanson knows just what to do with people who pursue happiness in a way he does not approve [Read More...]

Maddow goes after Ted Cruz for racism.

Ted Cruz expressed admiration for Jesse Helms, the man described as the last unabashedly white racist in the senate.  Rachel Maddow bends him over for it. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy [Read more...]

Game Theory Podcast Ep. 3: Girl Gamers.

Episode 3 featured my lovely fiancee, Michaelyn.  It’s over girl gamers and it’s my favorite episode so far. The Game Theory Podcast is described as such: “A clinical psychology grad student and a literary analyst talk and joke about video games, then provide in-depth analysis about a different topic every week. Enjoy!” One of the [Read More...]

Mark Shea: “god showed up in laboratory conditions”.

Mark Shea pompously posted this today: After his folks say the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy. Because God, under carefully controlled laboratory conditions, can do whatever the heck he feels like. Go ahead and read the link.  A person was supposedly brain dead and recuperated when the family prayed.  God, we’re to believe, gets the [Read More...]

Jon Stewart: who did we lose to? Sanity?

I’d like to think I’m consistent: I was pissed when Bush seemed determined to go to war whether it was warranted or not, and I’m pissed at Obama for the same.  Thanks, Jon Stewart. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

Mark Shea on allowing priests to marry.

Mark has a post up this morning with his opinions on the debate over whether or not to allow priests to marry: Basically, I said I’m fine if the Church decides to change the discipline, however the logistical impact should be considered, particularly by lay people who think this will fix the Church. Because what [Read More...]

Answer questions for the ideological Turing test.

Leah Libresco is looking for more atheists entry for her ideological Turing test.  If you’d like to answer some questions for her, here’s the link.  [Read more...]

The burqa: a symbol of one’s freedom to express their identity.

I love Jesus and Mo. [Read more...]

Why aren’t corrupt administrators of Mountain View Elementary the ones in the crossfire?

Hemant has a post up about Mountain View Elementary School in South Carolina, which recently held its graduation at a church, replete with Christian prayers.  Hemant has the administrators of the school dead to rights on lying to protect their violation of the law in order to use their position to hammer Christian faith into [Read More...]