The tightrope walk of recovery.

Minus only a couple bad days with food over the last year, I’ve been about as recovered as any anorexic could ever hope to be.  When we hear someone say “recovered” we tend to think that they’re are back to normal with their illness far behind them.  I wish that’s what I meant, but sadly [Read More...]

High school student who sued Rankin reveals herself.

The high school student who brought a suit against Rankin High School to stop mandatory religious assemblies put on by a local church (Mississippi, what can you do?) has abandoned her anonymity in an essay for the American Humanist.  In a twist, she is a Christian (her co-plaintiff is an atheist).  Like I’ve always said, [Read More...]

Pat Robertson marriage counseling: men sometimes cheat – go make the house nice.

Oh, Pat Robertson. Someone asked her for advice on how to forgive her cheating husband.  Here’s comes the failure bomb: You see, if you’d have just kept the house nicer, he wouldn’t have cheated.  You have nobody to blame but yourself. The irony?  She’ll probably be thankful for that advice. [Read more...]

Behold! One of Anna L. Pierre’s signs.

So, remember when Anna L. Pierre said she was endorsed by Jesus Christ in her bid to be mayor of Miami? She said she knew Jesus endorsed her because of three signs which she said she wouldn’t discuss publicly. Well, I just read one of them: Pierre had told the Miami Herald Jesus came to [Read More...]

Charges dropped against Kiera Wilmot.

Earlier this month I wrote a letter to a high school in Florida where a young student (who had a good academic record and sterling behavioral record) attempted a science experiment on her own, had it go wrong, and was expelled and criminally charged for it.  Those charges have now been dropped. The Florida teenager [Read More...]

Mark Shea: the Catholic Church is awesome for not doing anything to Keith O’Brien.

My favorite whipping boy, Mark Shea, has a post up about disgraced Cardinal Keith O’Brien, who resigned over groping men in his charge, including teenage boys.  Apparently O’Brien leaving his post of his own accord shows how awesome the Catholic Church is: Vatican announcement: Disgraced Cardinal O’Brien leaving Scotland for “penance and prayer”… Memo for [Read More...]

Katelyn Campbell’s high school continues to try and silence her.

Last month I wrote about a high school student who called the ACLU and vociferously opposed the principal of George Washington High School when a preaching, abstinence-only speaker was invited to speak at the school.  Katelyn Campbell is still bound for prestigious Wellesley College, even though principal Aulenbacher threatened to badmouth her to them. However, [Read More...]

Well, the votes are in for mayor of Miami.

Anna L. Pierre, who said that Jesus had endorsed her to run for mayor of Miami, came away with 56% of the vote. Wait…not 56% of the vote…she just got 56 votes.  Total. Of course, you won’t hear her say “Gosh, I guess I read too much into naturally occurring phenomenon and wrongly interpreted it [Read More...]

It’s Not OK to Pray at Public School Graduations

Anne here… Graduation seems to be one of those times during the school year when religion rears its head and wants to elbow its way into the public square, disseminating itself messily all over unwilling captive audiences. This year is no exception. The Freedom from Religion Foundation got involved in an Arkansas case recently, writing [Read More...]

Situation in Lumpkin County is worse than we thought.

Remember Lumpkin County High School where teachers abandoned their class to pray with students?  New facts have come to light revealing the situation as much, much worst than we previously thought.  Some of the highlights include: That 12 teachers and staff were involved, not the four originally reported That at least 3 of the teachers [Read More...]

Mayoral candidate in Miami claims to be endorsed by Jesus Christ.

Jesus has endorsed a long list of failures: Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, John McCain, George W. Bush (who wound up getting elected, which shows god is not the best judge of who to appoint to positions of power), Joseph Ratzinger (god could’ve chosen someone who wouldn’t ignore victims to shield child rapists from justice, which [Read More...]

Review: Why Are You Atheists So Angry?

Steven here… I’ve decided to do some reviews of books, movies, and video games relevant to atheists. Without respect to timeliness. So to start things out, I finally cracked open Greta Christina’s Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless. Greta is focused like a laser. With incredible clarity, she [Read More...]

My mouth is a resiliant little guy.

Went to the dentist this morning and 4.5 months after my oral surgery in January I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made tremendous progress.  *dance*  Now off to read the news.  [Read more...]

No, the FFRF does not approve of your elementary school’s bible distribution program.

I read this story today.  It’s about an elementary school in Tennessee that sent home permission slips with kids.  If signed, it would permit the child to return home with a copy of the New Testament from the Gideons. Immediately I thought “that’s obviously against the law.” But then I kept reading and I saw [Read More...]