Update #3

Hey everybody.  I did manage to get up to about 900 calories yesterday. This morning I feel better, but it’s the way I feel better that makes it not a good thing.  Because I ate so little yesterday today I feel 30 lbs. lighter.  It feels good.  It feels like success. It is in this [Read More...]

Update #2.

Hey all.  Michaelyn’s home from school and we’re chilling.  My 3pm alarm went off and I couldn’t eat.  I got to the kitchen and just couldn’t do it.  So Michaelyn made a Lean Cuisine (240 calories) and sat with me while I got it down.  The first few bites were really tough…I could taste my [Read More...]

Update #1.

Hey all.  I said I’d keep you apprised to how I’m doing today.  I couldn’t get myself to eat at my noon alarm.  I’m hoping I’ll at least be hungry by my 3pm alarm and I’ll try to get something down then.  *hug* [Read more...]

Uganda’s president blocks anti-gay bill.

Well here’s a pleasant surprise: Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has refused to approve a controversial bill to toughen punishments for homosexuals. He has written to the parliamentary speaker criticising her for passing it in December without a quorum. Homosexuals were “abnormal” or were so for “mercenary reasons” and could be “rescued”, a local paper quotes [Read More...]

Trailer: God Loves Uganda.

Since the passage of a bill which promises harsh penalties (life in prison) for homosexuality and anybody who aids and abets homosexuals, Uganda has become a nightmare for LGBT people.  This nightmare exists, quite simply, because Christianity is getting its way. I just saw this trailer for a documentary by Roger Ross Williams called God [Read More...]

Ex-gay activist: America isn’t free because homosexuality isn’t criminalized.

If you’re arguing that America isn’t free because you’re not allowed to throw your enemies in jail, you probably have pretty shit definitions of “freedom” and “equality”. Ex-gay activist D.L. Foster appeared on Linda Harvey’s radio show over the weekend where he declared that the United States is no longer the “land of the free” [Read More...]

California principal of public school tells students their dead classmate can be revived through prayer.

The most capable con artists have a simple formula: find out what a person wants more than anything in the world and promise it to them, even though the con artist cannot deliver.  Most people aren’t gullible on their own, but for many there are some things they want so bad they’ll suspend their ordinary [Read More...]

Today sucks.

Here comes another one of those posts that’s a pain to write.  However, I made a commitment to be public about my disorder and besides, a writer needs to write what’s on his mind and this morning this is what’s on my mind. I woke up in a bad place with food.  For the last [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: I know that love is strong enough…

Heard this on the radio yesterday and it made me smile.  :)  Hopefully it will do the same for you. [Read more...]

How do cell phones work?

Ok, all you people who know about cell phones.  Michaelyn’s cell phone is…old.  Like, it voted for George Washington.  So we’re considering getting her a new one.  Here’s the deal: she doesn’t need a data plan, but she’d like a new phone.  What is the best way to get a decent phone with no data [Read More...]

Police chief in Searcy, Arkansas won’t remove cross from police department lawn.

What the hell is wrong with Arkansas lately? So, in Searcy there is a cross prominently displayed on the lawn of the police station.  It was put there by a local church and the police chief has refused to take it down, even as the Freedom From Religion Foundation has told him that he must. [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: 65 years from now gay activists will be arresting Christians.

The paranoia train is going off the rails with Glenn Beck as of yesterday. Right Wing Watch also goes ham on Beck’s assertion that nobody today would echo the sentiment that homosexuality is a criminal offense: Maybe Beck ought to take a look around our archives featuring post after post of contemporary Religious Right leaders [Read More...]

Glenn Beck: the Affordable Healthcare Act is a religion and therefore a violation of separation of church & state.

Some days I don’t have to dig up the idiocy.  Some days the idiocy finds me. And who could possibly miss the irony of Glenn Beck attempting to use the separation of church and state when it suits him?  But if it doesn’t?  Well, then “separation of church and state” doesn’t appear in any government [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: Ascension to Cosmo Canyon.

Like most people, whenever I’m going through a bit of a rough patch I find peace in music.  Here’s what I had on this morning.  :)  It’s a remix of the song “Ascension To Cosmo Canyon” from Final Fantasy VII.  Ironically, this was one of my least favorite songs in the actual game, but this [Read More...]