Birmingham police chief decides to spit on the FFRF’s generosity.

Recall how police chief A.C. Roper is deploying police resources toward spreading Christianity. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, being the nice guys they are, gave Roper a chance to stop breaking the law.  They sent him a letter essentially saying “Stop breaking the law and we won’t sue you.”  Roper has decided to continue breaking [Read More...]

Gay weddings back to being invalidated in Tennessee.

Last month I wrote with excitement about the judge in Tennessee who ruled that the marriages of three gay couples that moved to TN from other states must be recognized.  Sadly, TN’s attorney general has won a stay in the ruling: Three same-sex Tennessee couples’ marriages — granted recognition last month by a Nashville federal [Read More...]

Sarah Palin: “Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

Sarah Palin was speaking at the NRA’s annual meeting this weekend.  It was there she decided to announce her ambivalence to torture.  But that wasn’t enough.  She had to include religious language as if to say “Christianity has done nothing to increase my opposition to torture.” “C’mon! Enemies who would utterly annihilate America, they would [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: upward-facing dog.

I would exercise a lot more if I had a workout partner like this: [Read more...]

Camp Quest Oklahoma desperately needs more male counselors.

Someone affiliated with CQOK left this unfortunate message on my facebook the other day: Last night, I received a phone call from West Ruffin, Director of Camp Quest Oklahoma. Apparently, they have a major shortage of male councilors this year, and are in desperate need of volunteers. If they don’t get them, then up to [Read More...]

Interview with atheist Congressional candidate James Woods part 1.

I was fortunate enough this weekend to get to sit down for about 45 minutes with James Woods who is running for the House of Representatives out of the state of Arizona.  Woods is a fascinating person because (among other reasons) he is an atheist and blind.  This makes him an anomaly in politics.  What’s [Read More...]

No video today, but tune in Sunday for a really special one!

I’m about to film something pretty rad for Sunday.  I’ll probably post it in the morning.  You’ll want to see it, so be ready.  :D [Read more...]

Holy Blasphemy: The Religious Comedy of John Troutman’s The Gospel of Carol

Religious comedy plays for high stakes.  The potential for ruinous failure is astoundingly high, but to those lucky few who are able to fuse an appreciation for the humanity of religious impulses with jagged honesty about the myriad faults and horrors of religious thinking, a small measure of immortality is given.  Aristophanes, Voltaire, Tom Lehrer, [Read More...]

Mormon Church suing dating website for using the word “Mormon”.

A new dating website has popped up named Mormon Match.  As you might guess, it connects single Mormons so they can date, get married, and create a happy Mormon life together.  This is not sitting well with the heads of the Mormon Church who are suing the website on the grounds that the Church of [Read More...]

Alabama’s Chief Justice makes ruling peppered with bible verses.

Judge Roy Moore apparently thought he was conducting a clinic on how to gift wrap somebody a victory on appeal.  In actuality he was ruling on an a real case. Last week, Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled that women who use chemical substances during pregnancy may be charged with child endangerment. The case, Hicks v. Alabama, has [Read More...]

Hannity responds to Jon Stewart…Stewart takes his foot off the brakes.

The other day on the Daily Show Jon Stewart pointed out that Sean Hannity was being a bit of a hypocrite with the whole Cliven Bundy stand off.  Hannity took umbrage to that and fired back. That, as they say, was the wrong answer. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show [Read More...]

Morning happiness #2: recipe for JT’s angry egg & cheese sandwich.

So those crazy kids at Skepticon have come up with an idea for a fundraiser: they’re selling a cookbook with recipes from past speakers (for a modest donation, you can have your own recipe included).  So they messaged me and asked for one of my favorite recipes to put in the book. Now, anybody who [Read More...]

Morning happiness #1: Bronn of Blackwater’s musical past.

There will be two morning happiness posts today.  The first deals with an interesting Game of Thrones related fact Michaelyn tossed my way yesterday.  So any fans of Game of Thrones know of Tyrion’s sellsword Bronn of Blackwater: He is played by Jerome Flynn who was part of a doo-wap group in the UK from [Read More...]

WWJTD Youtube: Yeah, science assumes naturalism.

Don’t want to assume naturalism, then your beliefs aren’t scientific. Michaelyn bought her diploma cover today.  :)  Moar celebrating tonight!  See you all tomorrow! [Read more...]