Taxpayer dollars being used to uneducate kids.

Zack Kopplin does some of the most important work in the movement: he digs into creationism in high schools like none other.  An article in Slate the other day piggy-backed off Kopplin’s work and gave us a map where taxpayer money is being used to teach creationism.  If you go look at the map, you [Read More...]

Sochi mayor: “There are no gay people in Sochi as far as I know.”

With the Winter Olympics about to begin in Russia, where homophobia has reached level generally reserved for the most ignorant corners of the earth, the mayor of the hosting city (which is home to two gay clubs) is doing plenty of interviews.  The other day he told one reporter…well…here you go: The mayor of Sochi [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: it’s fuzzy.

I have no idea what this is or what it does…but I need one. [Read more...]

Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals.

Here’s a great lecture I saw posted by Seth Andrews.  Christians almost always want to assert that morality comes from god, rather than from our genetic impulse toward compassion and self-preservation.  It turns out lots of animals which lack the capacity to believe in god exhibit perfectly moral behavior.  These are animals with which we [Read More...]

Oklahoma lawmakers consider getting rid of marriage entirely to keep the gays out.

The GOP is all about marriage: it’s necessary for society!  It’s what separates us from tyrannical nations of years past.  Without marriage the nation will crumble. Unless, of course, it looks like people the GOP doesn’t think should be allowed to marry might get a slice of the pie.  Then, in order to keep the [Read More...]

Study reveals most and least bible-minded cities.

The CFI must be doing some work up in Amherst.  There were also some surprises: The two least “Bible-minded” cities in the United States are the adjacent metros of Providence, R.I., and New Bedford, Mass., according to a study out Wednesday from the American Bible Society. Providence is a ten minute drive from Cranston where [Read More...]

Nigerian woman boots out gay cat.

Lots of news coming out of Nigeria today.  Ah well…it takes the focus off of Arkansas.  The gay panic is so severe in Nigeria that a woman is kicking her cat out of the house for being gay. A Nigerian woman is making some eyebrow-raising headlines after reportedly disowning her cat for “an unnatural sexual [Read More...]

Nigerian teen caged for 30 months by her parents…because she’s a witch.

At least they didn’t burn her. The grubby dungeon, located in front of her family apartment, was built with carton board and roofing sheets ostensibly to ward off the elements and gave it the semblance of a dwelling place. The less than four feet high structure could be mistaken for cage for dog. Sadly, this [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: walking the dog with style.

I feel like if Michaelyn and I ever get a dog that I’ll do something like this… [Read more...]

How can Christians support insanity plea in case of woman murdering her children?

In reading more about the woman who recently killed her children to exorcise demons from them, I came across this little bit and it made me wonder: Avery was part of a dance troupe at a nearby Christian church where “her job was, as a lover of Christ, was that she was going to keep [Read More...]

Impromptu homicide reignites the discussion on gun control.

A veteran of Desert Storm was texting the babysitter of his sick daughter to make sure everything was ok, briefly ignoring the notice that said no texting during the previews of a movie.  Rude?  Sure.  But understandable.  Certainly not a crime that should carry with it a death sentence.  But thanks to the presence of [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: cat discovers theremin.

The theremin is… …is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer). It is named after the westernized name of its Russian inventor, Léon Theremin, who patented the device in 1928. The instrument’s controlling section usually consists of two metal antennas which sense the relative position of the thereminist’s hands and control oscillators for frequency with one hand, and amplitude (volume) [Read More...]

Why Virginia Will Get Same-Sex Marriage Soon

It was all over the news yesterday that Mark Herring, the newly-elected Virginia Attorney General, is going to reverse his predecessor’s defense of Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban. Much like his counterpart in Pennsylvania, Herring won’t defend a law he believes to be unconstitutional. Republicans in Virginia, because of their belief in government non-interference in private [Read More...]


It came last night.  I didn’t eat a lot yesterday and can’t manage breakfast today.  Content might be light today while I go for a walk. I’m feeling alright, just my body is being weird.  :\ [Read more...]