Oh good, the doctor can get me in today…

Today turns out to be the first day of getting my face carved on.  Day two is looking to be Thursday.  So…content might be light through Friday. I’ve gotten some submissions for argument-dissection while drugged up, so at least I won’t be bored.  Tell me happy things. [Read more...]

Ray Lewis’ god is a jerk.

After his final home game, Ray Lewis gave an interview in which he talked about how good god had been for allowing him to play football and for winning his final home game. This confused me.  The god of Ray Lewis is a god that could end starvation, war, etc., but instead chose to help [Read More...]

What to do post-surgery?

I get to go in for oral surgery this week Thursday at the latest.  It’s a two-day procedure, and there’s part of me that wants to say “Sorry, but I’ll be doped up for a few days, so content will be light and possibly non-existent while I’m laid up on the couch looking at all [Read More...]

Ohio principal values picture of Jesus over the education of his students.

The principal of a Southern Ohio Middle School is about to lower the quality of education in his school because of his religious convictions. The local school district’s superintendent of schools says he won’t remove the picture with an order from the school board or a judge. He says the display comes from a student’s [Read More...]

American Humanist Association has a new president.

Here’s some good news.  The American Humanist Association has procured a new president: Rebecca Hale of evolvefish.com. The American Humanist Association (AHA) is pleased to announce the recent election of Rebecca Hale, co-owner of EvolveFISH.com in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as president. In addition to Hale’s new role, she will also serve as a member on [Read More...]

Alabama vs. Notre Dame open thread.

So, if you’ve had ESPN on any time during the last week, you know that the BCS national championship game is tonight. Look, here’s the deal…Notre Dame eeked out victories against Purdue and Pitt.  Manti Te’o has so many tackles because Notre Dame’s defensive line couldn’t stop a box turtle, even against the often meager [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann: setting the standard for being useless.

The first bill of the 113th Congress has been introduced.  Yesterday, facing a House and a Senate both featuring fewer Republicans than the last Congress, Michele Bachmann put forward the 34th attempt to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. How much will it cost the US of A to entertain and then bury another foredoomed [Read More...]

Indiana Senator introduces school prayer bill.

A Senator in the state of Indiana has just introduced legislation that could allow some schools to have a mandatory recitation of the lord’s prayer. The bill, introduced on the first day of the new legislative session by Republican Senator Dennis Krause, outlines Kruse’s reasoning for requiring school prayer: “In order that each student recognize [Read More...]

Priest needed help: handcuffed and gagged in the rectory.

A Catholic priest recently had to phone 911 for a little help with some handcuffs…in the rectory. The pastor of St. Aloysius church on Springfield’s north end has been granted a leave of absence after he called 911 from the rectory and told a dispatcher that he needed help getting out of handcuffs. “I’m going [Read More...]

Catholic dorms coming to secular universities.

It’s no secret that young people tend to fall out of faith when they attend college.  There’s something about meeting new people who don’t share their views and learning that is toxic to the survival of religious faith.  Matt Zerrusen, president of Newman Student Housing Fund, has the solution: make sure Catholic students live around [Read More...]

Roads of the future!

Oh fuck the hell yes. Maybe I can convince Michaelyn to go to grad school in the Netherlands. German Dutch is a fun language… [Read more...]

Obama points the state sword at the church and the elderly.

I used to think Obama was a Christian who contributed to legislation that granted religious groups further ability to obfuscate their financial records.  It turns out that, according to Gordon Klingenschmitt of the Pray In Jesus Name Project, Obama is attempting to kill off the elderly and applying his power toward “abolishing the church with [Read More...]

Catholics don’t like gay marriage in Illinois.

The Illinois legislature is moving rapidly toward marriage equality.  Though this will not alter a single Catholic marriage in any way, the Catholic church is greatly displeased. Chicago Cardinal Francis George has launched a last-ditch campaign to convince the lame-duck Illinois legislature not to legalize same-sex marriage, saying that government “has no power to create [Read More...]

This Congress could be fun.

The 113th Congress includes a record seven openly gay lawmakers and an unprecedented 20 female senators, including the chamber’s first lesbian, Wisconsin’s Tammy Baldwin, and its first Buddhist, Hawaii’s Mazie Hirono.  Also for the first time, women and members of minority groups hold a majority of the Democratic Party’s House seats. Nineteen of the 84 [Read More...]