How do you know he wasn’t Jesus?

This has been floating around the web.  It’s the story of a hitchhiker who saved some people from a man claiming to be Jesus. The dude, identified only as “Kai,” said a driver who had given him a ride near Fresno began claiming to be Jesus—generally a good time to ask your driver to pull [Read More...]

Sleeping in.

I woke up at 3am and couldn’t get back to sleep…so I’m going to try and sleep in.  I asked my boss and he said it was ok. I’ll get around to reading the news and posting here in a bit. [Read more...]

How often god’s moral decrees bear no resemblance to justice.

The five year-old daughter of an Islamic preacher is dead at his hand, and not quickly or mercifully. The girl, Lama, was the daughter of Fayhan al-Ghamdi, an Islamic preacher who made regular appearances on TV. He was arrested after Lama’s death in November but was reportedly absolved by the judge in the case. The [Read More...]

Time to be a jetsetter.

This Friday I start hopping around the country again.  My first stop will be in Dallas, Texas for the North Texas Secular Convention from February 8-10.  This bad boy was conceived by the SSA’s Kevin Butler, who is a one-man wrecking crew as an organizer.  The volunteers that work this event are always not only [Read More...]

Do True Christians wear seat belts?

DrB- Millions of people who claim to be Christians drove to and home from churches yesterday. How many of them wore a seat belt while they did so? Consider, that if you are a True Christian (™) who believes in The One True God (™) , you may believe the following: 1. Heaven and Hell [Read More...]

Help Christina.

You all know Christina, who writes for this blog.  She’s had an interesting three weeks. On January 17th, She was changing her brakes when her car slipped off the jacks. Christina’s foot was, unfortunately, directly under the brake rotor, which I’ve heard is really heavy…or maybe it’s just the rest of the car attached to [Read More...]

Super Bowl open thread.

So there’s going to be some commercials on TV later today.  You guys can talk about them here. I imagine I’ll have it up on my other monitor while I spend the day lounging about (maybe playing some League of Legends with my brother, I just discovered Caitlyn and she rocks face).  I’m rooting for [Read More...]

Paper man.

Things like this could not exist if not for the ability of human being’s to envision a world far more beautiful, far more touching, and far more filled with happiness than the one we live in. If god exists, then his capacity for creation has never even come close to living up to the love [Read More...]

I keep some good company.

Now those are some Skepticon speakers. I like how the text of my shirt reads, from this angle, “Brayton is a God”.  That guy… Via Tim Buchanan Photography. [Read more...]

David Barton knows how to stop school massacres: elementary school kids with guns.

David Barton went on Glenn Beck’s show to talk about the good ol’ 1800s, when everybody had guns. Sounds legit. [Read more...]

God must be a Republican.

Cindy Jacobs recently told her congregation how she led a prayer campaign that saved the economy. Well thanks, Cindy.  Man, god sure looks out for people.  Thanks for taking care of the people on Wall Street, who have to endure the decision of where to order their prime rib whenever they want it.  Also, god [Read More...]

Report Released on How Texas Public Schools Teach the Bible

Anne here… Nearly 50 years ago the U.S. Supreme Court decided School District of Abington Township v. Schempp, and held that public school courses that use the Bible in a purely secular manner, and which do not cross the line into religious instruction or present the subject from a particular religious viewpoint, are acceptable. Ever since, [Read More...]

Comment roundup 2/1 part II.

And the glory keeps coming.  Next is Harv, who doesn’t like perversity. when DIVERSITY becomes PERVERSITY The typical UNIVERSITY now prides itself on DIVERSITY. But watch out when DIVERSITY becomes PERVERSITY. That’s when God will put His CURSE-ITY on the whole world (see Malachi 4:6 – NIV)! For dessert Google “Separation of Raunch and State,” [Read More...]

Comment roundup 2/1 part I.

I’m going to have to do a couple comment roundup posts today, since there were a lot of comment gems this last week. First, a Mormon commenter who thinks I overstated the inequality of women in the Mormon church. This article makes me sad and most of the comments even sadder. I can understand how [Read More...]