Maryland lawmaker Jon S. Cardin isn’t messing around with stopping gay reparative therapy.

Jon S. Cardin is a badass.  Here’s the scoop: earlier in the month Cardin announced he was submitting a bill that would ban gay-conversion therapy in the state.  Christopher Doyle, founder of the International Healing Foundation (which ironically uses tactics that the American Psychological Association has said have the opposite effect of healing) went public [Read More...]

Discrimination against transgender people about to be illegal in Maryland.

It’s a happy Friday, it seems.  :)  Michaelyn had a short day of classes, so I’m looking forward to spending a day with her. In even happier news, the legislature in Maryland has passed a bill that would make discrimination against transgender people illegal.  The governor has said he will sign it: Legislation barring discrimination [Read More...]

Diocese sues another diocese for sending them a priest accused of diddling boys.

Well this is awkward: In a rare legal move, a Roman Catholic diocese in Minnesota is suing a diocese in Ireland, alleging it transferred a priest to Minnesota without warning that the man had been accused of sexual abuse. Good for the diocese in Minnesota.  This comes right on the heels of the Pope saying [Read More...]

“Come to me and I will give you rest…for a price.”

My friend Angel sent me this: Which leads one to ask…there’s an Atlanta, TX? Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and not to my competitors for you are potential profit.  It’s like they put the scripture on there to say “See this?  We don’t give a shit about this.” [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: mighty duel.

What a fearless warrior. They were both masters… [Read more...]

Response to Tom Gilson and Carson Weitnaur.

Hemant posted an excerpt from the authors of  True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism.  That’s quite the title.  Anyway, Tom Gilson and Carson Weitnaur had promised to respond to criticisms/critiques from readers of the Friendly Atheist. I’d like to respond to their responses. Another great question came from Dave Wildermuth, who asked, “how does one [Read More...]

Pat Robertson: the left-wing is where the fanatics are.

Pat Robertson wants you to know that he’s the one with “good sense of the world.”  The left wing though, that’s where the extremists and fanatics are: “The president has been willing to destroy the health supply of our entire nation to accommodate the left-wing, this is left-wing ideology and we’ve got to resist it. [Read More...]

World Vision reminds the future where our bigotry came from.

A charity group called World Vision initially did something cool this week – they kinda sorta said gay people who were married could work for them.  For a Christian group this type of baby step represents a journey to the metaphorical moon. However, World Vision soon realized that this baby step was too much for [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dog shares his peanut butter jar.

This dog was given an empty peanut butter jar.  It proceeded to share it with its stuffed animal companion: When I saw this, what popped into my mind was Hemant’s post from this morning about World Vision.  When World Vision announced it would let gay people help them feed starving children, thousands of Christian donors [Read More...]

There was no first human.

I’ll leave you today with this video.  See you tomorrow everybody.  :) [Read more...]

Young girl leaves Christian school after letter was sent home insisting she be more girly.

Sunnie Kahle is an eight year-old girl in Virginia who seems to have been born with quite the heart. Thompson has raised Sunnie since the girl was an infant. When she turned 5, Sunnie asked for a short haircut, her great-grandmother said. “She had hair down to her waist and she wanted to give it [Read More...]

Wedding shoes.

Your wedding is an important day.  It demands only the finest vestments, the most magnificent haberdashery that money can buy.  No expense should be spared and no imperfection tolerated. That’s why on our wedding day Michaelyn and I will be donning these converse that we just ordered: It’s a big day.  It makes right in [Read More...]

Oklahoma pastor says he caused flooding by praying too hard.

An Oklahoma preacher is patting himself on the back for ending a drought in Texas in Oklahoma through the power of prayer. An Oklahoma pastor this week said that his attempt to remove demons from the United States had worked a little too well, causing a severe drought to turn into massive flooding. In an [Read More...]

The bill just came in for all those Benghazi investigations the GOP wanted…

Remember when the GOP was desperately trying to pin the Benghazi tragedy on Obama, only to finally have to admit that the outcome could not have been changed?  Yeah, the Pentagon just announced… Congress’ multiple investigations of the deadly 2012 attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, have cost the Pentagon millions of [Read More...]