Taking away AIDS medication and selling prayers in the name of charity (and god).

We’re often told that faith makes people more charitable.  That is not true, but even if faith did make people more likely to be charitable, that’s not the only consideration that should be made.  It also matters how people choose to be charitable.  Faith can make people turn away volunteers to feed the homeless because [Read More...]

Why snowmen don’t evolve.

Oh hot apple cider, you are the true savior…of my sore throat.  This is part of why I don’t believe in god: I have a hard time believing the same dude who created malaria, AIDS, cancer, and Glenn Beck also created hot apple cider. Anyway, this cartoon made by somebody who skipped their intro-level biology [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on this year’s war on Christmas.

It’s a tradition for Jon Stewart and the Daily Show that Christmas comes a month early for them…right about when Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, and the fear-mongers at Fox News kick the fear mongering into overdrive as the year concludes. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: fox and the hound.

Hey gang.  Still sick this morning, so am gonna take it easy again in hopes of being less ill for the gamethon tomorrow.  Rest assured that even if I’m sick I’ll play through the pain like a bawss. Here is a story of a real life fox and hound who became best friends. [Read more...]

My mother would rather lose a friend than hide who she is.

If there is anything in me that can be called bravery, rest assured it probably came from my mother.  Dad just sent me this on facebook: One of Carol’s old–but rarely interacted with— friends posted this on facebook today: “I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY SOME PEOPLE THINK IT’S KOOL TO BASH RELIGION ON FACE BOOK. [Read More...]

Why Henry will be participating in the gamethon this Saturday.

Ordinarily I change or omit the names from emails I get.  For this one, though, the name remains intact.  It is from a man named Henry Reid who will be participating in the gamethon this Saturday to benefit Foundation Beyond Belief’s support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Here, in his email, he explains why: Hello! I just [Read More...]

Answering email: how do I polyamory?

I got this email today from Princess Toadstool: Today I stumbled across the blog post ‘Talking about polyamory with your partner’ (25 November 2011) while looking for resources for spouses of polyamorous people. I think you can guess where this is heading, but to elaborate: My husband and I have been together nearly 12 years, [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: emus playing.

One of the downsides to caring for a sick fiancee is that you have a high likelihood of catching what she had.  That has happened.  I’m going to be taking it easy today.  I might post a few quick things or answer some fan email.  We shall see. Long story short (too late), I could [Read More...]

The “War on Christmas” is the height of right wing paranoia.

How much must it suck to be fundamentally religious?  I mean, how much must it hardcore suck to believe that Lucifer is out to get you along with all the liberals and the Communists?  If I lived with that kind of paranoia, hell, I might stockpile guns too. Anyway, here’s the latest bit of fear-mongering [Read More...]

Catholic hospital sued for failing to perform merciful procedures which conflict with their dogma.

Sure the Catholic Church cares about alleviating suffering…it just cares about doing god’s supposed will more, and if god’s will means people suffer, so be it. Despite her being in excruciating pain and with virtually no chance her pregnancy could survive, Mercy Health Partners told Means there was nothing it could do and did not [Read More...]

An acquaintance of my dad’s didn’t like my “Why the arguments for god’s existence fail” talk.

A friend of my father’s posted my talk about why the arguments for god’s existence fail.  An acquaintance of my father’s (I suspect without knowing that the “would-be intellectual” in the video was his son) left the following comment: The title of this video is “Why the aruguments for God Fail.” This young would-be intellectual [Read More...]

American Atheists taking the Christ out of Xmas in Times Square!

American Atheists is really good at telling simple truths without sacrificing brevity.  They’ve just taken out a huge digital 40′x40′ billboard in Times Square doing just that. American Atheists launched a major billboard display on Tuesday that declares Christmas is better without the Christ. The huge 40′x40′ digital billboard is located in Times Square in [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: lizards and turtle prosthesis.

Yesterday my sick fiancee sent me this image saying “This is you taking care of me in lizard form.” And here’s a vid of what a very kind vet did for a tortoise who had lost a limb: [Read more...]

A response to Rebecca Hamilton’s “You Belong to Me” post.

Someone in the comments of a previous post linked to this post by Rebecca Hamilton at Public Catholic.  Jesus fucking Christ it’s terrible. A few weeks ago, my pastor preached a homily based on what is a simple but absolute fact of all our lives. We will die. You are going to die. I am [Read More...]