Tom Ricks owns FOX in the shortest interview ever.

FOX News has been harping Benghazi non-stop lately.  In a continuation of that effort, they invited military reporter Tom Ricks onto the show for an interview.  The interview lasted two questions, during which time Ricks told the anchor that FOX is over-hyping the tragedy as an arm of the Republican Party. That was enough for [Read More...]

Economic sensibility from…Ben Stein?

It’s such a conundrum when someone I despise says something smart.  Ben Stein is a dishonest creationist hack…yet he went on FOX News and said sensible things about raising taxes. I just…this is a strange world.  Better balance it out with some Glenn Beck continuing to be a lunatic. This is what A Beautiful Mind [Read More...]

Why atheists can celebrate Christmas

Christina here…   There is a sentiment floating around this (and every) holiday season. It goes something like this: I find it funny that atheists I know still accept Christmas presents. Hypocrites. — Princess Problems (@PrincessPrbs) November 26, 2012 How does it make sense that atheists celebrate Christmas? It doesn’t. “I don’t believe in you [Read More...]

Affordable Care Act will cover regular HIV testing.

The Affordable Care Act allowed the President to create a panel of doctors and scientists who would decide, in large part, what conditions are covered.  This makes sense since medical technology, as well as the diseases we treat, are always changing. Now that panel has decided that HIV testing must be covered under the ACA. [Read More...]

How well did tax cuts work last time?

It’s been established over and over again that massive tax cuts do not stimulate the economy.  Even the Congressional Research Service released a study in September of this year confirming that tax cuts do not stimulate the economy. The Atlantic Wire has a great article out talking about the last time we were told that [Read More...]

WWJTD Podcast: Episode 2

Christina here… Hey! We recorded the second episode of the WWJTD podcast. Isn’t that fucking swell? We’ve almost got the RSS feed up so people who want to listen to the podcast can do so, but it’s not ready yet! For now, you can watch the unedited version in Youtube: This weeks’ podcast hosts: Steven [Read More...]

Warren Buffet hammers conservative economic doomsayers.

How much do I love Warren Buffet?  Answer: so much. He has an op ed in the New York Times in which he skewers the people saying that increasing the capital gains tax will stop people from investing. SUPPOSE that an investor you admire and trust comes to you with an investment idea. “This is [Read More...]

FOX presents the scariest Christmas ever.

Because it’s we atheists who are taking the joy out of Christmas… [Read more...]

Sandra Fluke nominated for “Person of the Year” by TIME. Anguish erupts from REAL America.

TIME Magazine has announced Sandra Fluke, the advocate for contraception being covered as part of health insurance, as one of their finalists for person of the year. Time has nominated the new face of birth control as their “Person of the Year 2012.” Sandra Fluke — the recently graduated 31-year-old Georgetown law student who rose to prominence [Read More...]

Atheist images from around yon web.

Yesterday’s awesome atheist pics from around the web. And here’s a bonus image that has nothing to do with atheism, but which cracked me up. [Read more...]

Fundraiser is on like Donkey Kong.

Literally.  This weekend is the first annual retro gamers for goodness fundraiser.  Jason Thibeault and I will be hanging out on a live-stream talking religion, politics, retro gaming, etc.  The whole time we’ll also be live-streaming the retro games we’re playing. Jason has just released the names of some of our guests… I’ve gotten confirmation [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: retro games!

In honor of the forthcoming retro gamers for goodness fundraiser, let’s talk retro games! We talk about retro RPGs all the time, but what other retro games do you remember?  Maybe we can steal some of your favorites for the retro gaming fundraiser.  Back in the day I sunk so much money into NBA Jam.  [Read More...]

Believers still largely don’t get the law.

My, my.  I read the MSNBC article about the growing legal firestorm down in Little Rock, where a public school is busing kids to a church during school hours to see a production of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” which contains an unequivocal pro-Christian message.  The believers in the comments are a slavering bunch. Liberals are [Read More...]

WWJTD podcast streaming tonight.

If you want to watch the podcast live, the WWJTD podcast will broadcast from here in about 30 minutes. I’ll be on this episode and will be checking the comments for questions and what not. UPDATE: Soon, soon…also fixed the link.  Thanks for the heads up there. UPDATE #2 We’re live now!!!  Sorry, google plus [Read More...]