American Atheists taking the Christ out of Xmas in Times Square!

American Atheists is really good at telling simple truths without sacrificing brevity.  They’ve just taken out a huge digital 40′x40′ billboard in Times Square doing just that. American Atheists launched a major billboard display on Tuesday that declares Christmas is better without the Christ. The huge 40′x40′ digital billboard is located in Times Square in [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: lizards and turtle prosthesis.

Yesterday my sick fiancee sent me this image saying “This is you taking care of me in lizard form.” And here’s a vid of what a very kind vet did for a tortoise who had lost a limb: [Read more...]

A response to Rebecca Hamilton’s “You Belong to Me” post.

Someone in the comments of a previous post linked to this post by Rebecca Hamilton at Public Catholic.  Jesus fucking Christ it’s terrible. A few weeks ago, my pastor preached a homily based on what is a simple but absolute fact of all our lives. We will die. You are going to die. I am [Read More...]

Gotta take care of a sick fruit roll-up.

Michaelyn (whom I affectionately refer to as “fruit roll-up”) woke up crazy sick this morning.  She’s called in to work and emailed all her professors.  I’m going to do the good fiance thing and curl up beside her, share her germs, and wait on her hand and foot. Because sharing is caring in love, right? [Read More...]

Archaeological discovery confirms that religious violence has been around for a looooooong time.

4,000 years ago the message was that the Chinese were so obedient to their gods that they would behead women to please them.  The skulls, today, bear the message that religious violence is nothing new, and we should be grateful for a world that has become increasingly secular, and continues to become so. Archaeologists in [Read More...]

FFRF putting up a slew of atheist billboards in Sacramento.

This is cool: Just in time for the holiday season, a nonprofit organization is planning on erecting dozens of atheist billboards in an effort to let fellow non-believers know they’re “not alone.” The Greater Sacramento Chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF)has paid for 55 different billboards this year, all of which will go [Read More...]

Update to gamethon: ZombiUnicorn, poker, and game theory!

Alright, here are some of the people who will be joining the gamethon this Saturday to benefit Foundation Beyond Belief’s support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 1.  ZombiUnicorn Zombi brings thousands of subscribers from her Twitch channel to the table and streams mostly Smite and Minecraft.  I also hear the has an adorable dog and does [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dat baby doe.

Seriously, it’s a fawn learning to walk. [Read more...]

Men arrested in Saudi Arabia for giving free hugs.

In a land busy struggling with the moral question of whether or non-virgins should be stoned to death, there is apparently one act so heinous that perpetrators are swiftly brought into custody. Two men have been arrested in Saudi Arabia for offering free hugs to passers-by in the capital, Riyadh. The Saudi religious police detained [Read More...]

Polio on the rise in Islamic regions thanks to, well, Islamic edicts.

Why should we legislate and live by religious edicts?  Not only because god says so but, as we’re told, because it will maximize human happiness.  One can only wonder why things like water purification, math, and pornography, things that really maximize human happiness, are not in our holy books.  But that’s another conversation. Let’s head [Read More...]

Prosperity gospel con man Paul Crouch has died.

Paul Crouch is the founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.  This past Saturday he died.  In the absence of Christopher Hitchens to give a fitting eulogy for such an obscene con man, I’ll do my damndest. The Crouches collected donations from the faithful to do the work of god, who apparently wanted the them to [Read More...]

Gamethon to fight cancer this Saturday (hosted by moi)!

This Saturday I’ll be hosting an all-day gamethon to benefit Foundation Beyond Belief’s support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I’ll be getting things underway at 9am EST and will spend the day either streaming myself or popping into another gamer’s stream.  We have some big names lined up which I’ll slowly leak over the [Read More...]


Here be my talk from Skepticon 6 about the unsung heroes of the atheist movement. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: husky mom needs a babysitter.

She just wants a break. [Read more...]