Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s office helped write the LGBT discrimination bill she vetoed.

Oh politics…you are a fickle beast.  It turns out that the bill Gov. Brewer vetoed for being “too broadly worded” had wording contributed by her office. Before it attracted any national attention, advisers to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) offered guidance on the anti-gay legislation that she eventually vetoed at the end of February — [Read More...]

Dave Silverman is not anti-choice.

And here we go again. So David Silverman is getting a lot of grief over this statement at CPAC:  “I will admit there is a secular argument against abortion. You can’t deny that it’s there, and it’s maybe not as clean cut as school prayer, right to die, and gay marriage.” He’s right, you can’t [Read More...]

Highlights from CPAC.

I’ll flat out say it: the Tea Party types of the right wing are fucking nuts.  Seriously.  Here are some of the highlights from CPAC that solidify that fact. South Dakota state representative Jenna Haggar pines for the times of covered wagons before we had any of this government helping the people nonsense, and laments [Read More...]

New legislation in Iraq would allow for marrying nine year-old girls.

I have posted before of Islamic societies that allow for the marriage of nine year-old girls in emulation of Muhammad.  There is always someone, who doesn’t keep up to date with what several Islamic governments are doing, who accuses me of picking out a few bad apples – that on the large scale Muslims would [Read More...]

Dad on “Not perfect, just forgiven.”

Father had someone drop the “We’re not perfect, just forgiven” trope on him the other day.  Father was apparently not in the mood. “We’re not perfect, just forgiven.” How often we hear this. We usually hear it from Christians who have been caught doing something despicable. Usually said with smug superiority, it is a cheap [Read More...]

Mayoral candidate in Long Beach uses picture of the wrong city in her mailer.

This has to be one of the more amusing political gaffs in history: The photograph attending a mailer sent out by Bonnie Lowenthal’s campaign earlier this week shows much of what’s good about Long Beach. Above the message/motto “Getting things done in Long Beach” is a city-selling shot of lazy sailboats and other watercraft plying [Read More...]

Colbert gets on O’Reilly for his “There must be downsides to a woman president” episode.

Bill O’Reilly is sure there must be something wrong with having a woman president.  And once he has that conclusion he’s going to go exploring for evidence to support it… Colbert eviscerates him. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: puppy hanging ten.

I’m back!  The debate went well, easily one of the biggest bloodbaths of my career.  When your opponent is in his second rebuttal round saying “Soon I’m going to give evidence for my position,” it’s usually a good sign that things are going well.  I’ll post the video as soon as it’s up. One of [Read More...]

About to hit the road.

Ok, I need to go grab a haircut and other shiz to get ready to hit the road tomorrow.  The first leg is down to Arkansas to watch the play my mother is directing Friday night followed by a trek up to Springfield on Saturday for my debate.  Will try to sneak a post in [Read More...]

Debate over Arizona’s anti-gay bill prompts state congressman to come out of the closet.

Moved by the debate over Arizona’s gay discrimination bill, state senator Steve Gallardo has announced that he is gay. Gallardo said debate over the bill caused him to reflect and speak out about his sexuality. “After I stood up on the floor and argued against 1062, as I’ve done on many bills before, I sat [Read More...]

Toss some dollars into the Reasonfest pot.

Hey all.  Reasonfest this year will be April 4-5 on the campus of the University of Kansas in Lawrence and will feature stars such as Dr. Darrel Ray, Ed Brayton, and Dan Barker.  We’ve just added Sarah Morehead from Recovering From Religion.  There will be a student panel and a debate (featuring either Dan Barker [Read More...]

Debating Aaron Brummit in Springfield, MO on Saturday.

This Saturday I’ll be in Springfield, MO for a debate against local pastor/creationist Aaron Brummit who is in the habit of calling me JT Everlost.  Clearly this man is prepared for a battle of wits. Anyway, the event will be this Saturday at 6:00pm.  The address for the Baptist Student Center is 906 S National Ave. [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: pit bull and chicken.

We have a theme going with morning happiness the last few days… [Read more...]

Kevin McCullough: Russia invading the Ukraine because of US drag shows.

It turns out that Russia didn’t invade the Ukraine because of an opportunistic power grab.  No, it’s because drag shows make the US look like sissies. Good to know.  Although, if the US looks like such sissies militarily, why is Russia invading the Ukraine and not, you know, us.  Fucking dumbass.  Do you really think [Read More...]