E.W. Jackson: Democrats are anti-god.

Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor just keeps seeping crazy.  In an indictment on humanity, this is actually what’s making him a viable candidate in the eyes of an appreciable fraction of voters.  His most recent offering is that Democrats are anti-god: Virginia lieutenant governor nominee E.W. Jackson (R) said the Democratic Party is “anti-God” and that Christians [Read More...]

Help Ben Blanchard make a better world.

Ben Blanchard is one of the nicer activists in the biz.  He was one of the primary creative forces behind the very successful Skeptech conference and has been doing other assorted atheist activism projects for years. He’s now headed to places like Haiti and Guatemala to do not-god’s work.  He has an indiegogo campaign for [Read More...]

Texas considering making three-hour adoption course mandatory before getting an abortion.

A law proposed by Eddie Lucio, a Texas Democrat (and the only one to vote for the recent set of ludicrous abortion laws in Texas), would make a three-hour long course on adoption mandatory before a woman would be eligible for an abortion. Lucio does not even attempt to hide his motivation: Lucio claimed that [Read More...]

Child marriage being argued for in another country and being justified through Islam.

It’s no secret that many Islamic cultures have a very low age threshold for when a man can marry a girl.  This is often justified by citing the supposedly admirable Muhammad’s example with his six year-old bride, Aisha. Article 1041 of the Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran states that girls can be [Read More...]

Matthew Hagee: educated people don’t think same-sex kissing is ok.

Pastor Matthew Hagee recently gave a sermon in which he asserted that nobody who is educated could look at two men kissing and think it’s acceptable. Two things: 1.  Let’s not pretend that it’s geniuses who tend to be fundamentalists – especially the type that get taken in by the prosperity gospel. 2.  It turns [Read More...]

Gay rights leads to giant evil “super mice”

Steven here… Looks like the supermarket chain, Tesco, has a problem with horrible rodents. From Pink News: Health inspectors found a “supermouse” in the Tesco Metro branch in London’s Covent Garden. The mouse had swollen to much larger than normal size because it had been feeding on chicken and cakes. Tesco pleaded guilty at Westminster [Read More...]

Never thought I’d find myself rooting for Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck thinks the Tea Party is inches away from taking over the GOP. The party that thinks Jesus will help them overcome the party’s support for policies that are loathed and abhored at the national level?  Please be right.  Please be right. [Read more...]

All-female League of Legends team has faces you may recognize.

No Dice Gaming has realized a problem in gaming: there aren’t that many women.  They’re attempting to do something about it as a gaming company by sponsoring the only current all-woman team.  That means sending their team to gaming conferences like E3 and ComicCon to play other competitive teams. I think this is a spectacular [Read More...]

Mark Shea posts an answered prayer.

My grandmother used to really like reading the National Enquirer, so maybe it’s genetic, but I really look forward to reading Mark Shea’s blog every morning.  It’s a guilty pleasure.  Today he has praise for a fulfilled prayer request: A reader writes: I just wanted to let you and your readers know that my friend’s [Read More...]

Morgan Lake’s survival is not a miracle.

Morgan Lake is a young woman who recently survived after her car was pushed off a bridge by a semi that didn’t stop.  Kelly Wright at Fox News is puffing out his chest, cross necklace and all, claiming that we now have proof of miracles. He opens with a Jon Bon Jovi quote: “Miracles happen [Read More...]

Ex-gay rally in Washington is a great success…for anybody who likes to laugh at the AFA.

Just this week, Sandy Rios of the American Family Association (as in, Americans who work feverishly to prevent families from forming) was bragging about the coming ex-gay rally in Washington DC.  Oh, it was to be an event for the ages! Rios confidently predicted that “thousands of ex-gays are descending” on Washington for a press [Read More...]

Ball State President: “Creationism is not science.”

A while back Ball State allowed an openly creationist and evangelical physics teacher (as in, he’s so open that he talked about it in his classes) to schedule a class in which they would explore what could be learned beyond the boundaries of science.  One would think that this would relegate it to somewhere that’s [Read More...]

Documents being released in LA diocese settlement. They’re what you expect if you expect horrible things.

Don’t read this if you have a weak stomach. Remember that $660 million settlement reached with the LA diocese in which it was decided they’d also release a slew of internal documents (without obscuring all the bad parts, try though they did)?  Well, those documents are starting to come out and…what’s that they say about [Read More...]

Lunch lady fired after 11 years in order to avoid offending religious people.

A lunch lady at a British school has been fired after serving the wrong meat to a student by mistake.  Was the student allergic?  Nope.  Vegetarian?  Nope.  So what could possibly produce such an overt reaction?  Religion, come on down. Alison Waldock, 51, served the meat forbidden to Muslims after Khadija Darr, 7, pointed to [Read More...]