Two more “Go Godless” billboards going up in Texas.

Woke up to another American Atheists press release in my inbox.  Dave Muscato apparently takes his job pretty seriously.  :P  Anyway, two more of their “Go Godless” billboards are going up in Texas.  From the press release: Featured on the two new billboards are former Presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Texas Governor Rick Perry. The [Read More...]

Off to sunny St. Louis!

I’ll be at the Schlafly Bottleworks tonight at 6pm hanging out and answering questions for the St. Louis Atheist Meet Up.  Also drinking.  If you like any of these things and if you’re in or around St. Louis, pop on down.  [Read more...]

Back in Lawrence.

Just got back from Skeptics of Oz.  Good times.  Will write some more tomorrow as I’m presently beat and getting ready to go celebrate St. Patty’s Day with Michaelyn. I just opened up my laptop and, in the space I usually reserve for the things I need to blog about, I found: How pretty Michaelyn [Read More...]

These shirts are epic.

Oh, those Kansas City Atheists.  Barred from participation in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, they are making waves and are going to be operating an Ask an Atheist booth at the parade…all while wearing these shirts. I love euphemisms.  Something as simple as “Lucky to be a Kansas City Atheist” can convey a message like [Read More...]

Pakistani ambassador accused of blasphemy on account of opposing the death penalty for blasphemy.

Sherry Rehman is a Muslim, and Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States.  She has recently been accused of blasphemy, a “crime” for which she could be put to death. Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Sherry Rehman, an outspoken advocate for freedom of the press and for reforming the country’s harsh death penalty laws, was [Read More...]

A strange justification for a new student group.

A student named Ken Harding is starting a second secular group at Missouri State, where I went to college.  I support him and wish him all the best.  But in his write up over at the CFI On-Campus blog, this paragraph struck me as odd: Springfield, Missouri, affectionately known as the buckle of the Bible [Read More...]

Off to Wichita to give the mental illness talk.

Today I’m off to Wichita for Skeptics of Oz.  After I gave my Skepticon 4 talk on mental illness I got flooded with requests to give the same talk.  I was touched, but had to decline all of them.  I’m glad I gave the mental illness talk, but it took a lot out of me.  [Read More...]

Art show to premier at the American Atheists conference.

I got a press release from American Atheists in my inbox the other day that made me smile (which is good, because so far my day has been filled with insipid commenters who think lending tacit support to high-ranking Catholic criminals makes them better than me).  At their 50th anniversary conference in Austin later this [Read More...]

Let’s talk about what’s “genuinely sad”.

Joseph Svarty is back. You guys remind me of Ricardo Montalban as Khan in Star Trek II. Specifically that glorious scenery-chewing death scene, in which the battered, bloodied and dying Khan vents what remains of the hatred in his spleen towards Kirk, misattributing Shakespeare, spitting invectives into space as he drags his broken body across [Read More...]

I care because the accuracy of beliefs matters.

A person with the handle Joseph Svarty came into my post about Mark Shea loving the new Pope to ask: Why do you people care? Well Joseph, you know how Mark Shea was filling his pants with excitement over the old Pope (the one who shielded child rapists from persecution) and the new Pope (the [Read More...]

Same sex civil unions legalized in Colorado.

Yesterday Colorado quietly legalized same sex civil unions.  Each time LGBT people get closer to equal rights, it’s progressively met by a softer whimper from equality’s detractors.  When gays are finally allowed by federal law to get married, anti-equality people will stare at the ground and mosey into their churches to whine about how the [Read More...]

Bad Catholic thinks the conclave is pretty keen. I don’t.

Onward and…not necessarily upward…to Bad Catholic. It is very, very good to be Catholic. By comparison to what? We have the remarkable capacity to actually care about the conclave. Atheists have the capacity to care, we just reserve it for things that truly contribute to human knowledge.  That’s not the conclave.  Ed Brayton sums up [Read More...]

Mark Shea loved the last Pope. Big shock, he loves this one too.

As one might expect, Mark Shea is practically touching himself over the new Pope (no worries, I’m sure he did ten hail Marys and now his soul is safe again).  He thinks the new Pope represents progress.  His example? This will cause the normal exploding heads at the Reporter and MSNBC.  No “Progress” for you! [Read More...]

New study: atheists and agnostics more driven by compassion.

This should surprise nobody: Atheists and agnostics are more driven by compassion to help others than are highly religious people, a new study finds. That doesn’t mean highly religious people don’t give, according to the research to be published in the July 2012 issue of the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. But compassion seems [Read More...]