Your morning happiness: science confirms dogs > cats.

You can’t argue.  It’s SCIENCE! [Read more...]

ESPN reverses decision, will air Christian ad.

In ESPN’s guidelines is a passage that reads: “ESPN does not accept advertising that consists of, in whole or in part, political or religious advocacy or issue-oriented advertising.” And written in invisible ink right afterward is the phrase “…unless Bill O’Reilly, Sarah Palin, and their ilk complain enough.”  ESPN initially rejected an ad for SSM [Read More...]

Fox News presents “It’s A Wonderful Life”.

Ok, I’m gonna level with you people.  Michaelyn’s finals are next week, which means there’s no school today.  Also a new champ just came out in League of Legends.  This puts me in a remarkably cheery mood (but still very grumpy, because that’s my M.O.).  I’m in the mood to post some happy stuff and [Read More...]

Jon Stewart tackles Megyn Kelly’s claims of Santa and Jesus being white. Lawls.

This man is brilliant. [Read more...]

Secular Therapy Project continues to grow: over 2,500 registered clients!

I got an email this morning from Dr. Darrel Ray, the man behind the Secular Therapy project.  Things are continuing to go well! This week the Secular therapy Project exceeded 2,500 registered clients. These are people looking for a therapist that uses evidence-based methods and won’t send them back to church. We are delighted that [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: cat loves dis box.

This cat has found its new home: [Read more...]

Welcome Count Dolby von Luckner to WWJTD.

You may have noticed a post earlier about red-hot Victorian atheism that was not written by me (indeed, my style now seldom delves into that level of eloquence).  If you look under the title you’ll see it was posted by “Dolby”.  So who is this fishy Dolby character?  He is actually the cartoonist Count Dolby [Read More...]

David Silverman vs. guy who can’t stay on point.

The original title for this post was “Who the fuck is this guy, and how did he get on TV?” which is what I exclaimed when watching the clip.  But I have an agreement with Patheos not to curse in the titles of my blog posts. David Silverman was on Fox News the other day [Read More...]

Red Hot Victorian Atheism: What We Can Learn

Victorian. Chances are, that word conjures in your mind either a bewhiskered chap laboring under several layers of wool as he adjusts his morality-enhancing penis chassis and dreams of imperialism, or a demure lady of unspeakable virtue dying in childbirth while putting the finishing touches to a devotional needlepoint. Certainly, there was quite a bit [Read More...]

Megyn Kelly: Jesus was white.

Did you know it’s a confirmed historical fact that a dude from the Middle East was white?  Megyn Kelly doesn’t know it either, but that doesn’t stop her from saying it with the utmost confidence. In all actuality, a white man in the first century Middle East is nonsensical, but it still makes way more [Read More...]

It’s hard being a white Christian in Kansas.

Michaelyn alerted me to a column in the Kansas State college newspaper by Laura Meyers that must be read to be believed.  It’s titled “Being Christian conservative in college has its ups, downs.”  It opens with: I am a minority. Not only am I left-handed and red-haired, but I am also a Christian conservative on [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: you’ll like it here.

Saw this image by Zen Pencils this morning and it made me smile.  Hopefully it will bring a smile to your grizzled, miserly, atheist faces as well. [Read more...]

Breakdown of the David Silverman Festivus interview on Fox.

David Silverman went on Fox the other day and performed like a champ in the face of three opponents who were as confident as they were illogical (the panel included Bill Donahue who is equally despicable, but more on that shortly).  Here’s the clip: Regarding the placing of the Satanic monument, the Rabbi opens with: [Read More...]

Be careful driving over the holidays!

I know this isn’t atheism-related, but it’s a slow day for news and I thought it was interesting (so there!).  Here is a seventy car pile up in Wisconsin.  It’s a reminder to be very careful when driving home for the holidays. [Read more...]