GOP sites attempt to trick people into donating to their preferred candidate’s opponents.

Check out this screen cap from There’s two really big parts: “Kirkpatrick for Congress” and “Donate”.  This is done intentionally because most people don’t read the fine print.  This is what is generally referred to as “Phishing” in the online scamming world.  However, if you elect to donate through that great big donate button, [Read More...]

Help support Oasis, an inclusive atheist community in Kansas City.

As the atheist movement grows we have begun to shun many of our own.  Sometimes this is justifiable, sometimes it isn’t.  In either case it creates resentment that prevents us from learning from one another.  That infighting turns people away from atheism – including people who want to leave their church but worry about finding [Read More...]

Missouri Republicans trying to impeach governor for recognizing marriages that already exist.

You gotta be pretty desperate to impeach someone if this is what you have to resort to: This week, Rep. Nick Marshall, a Parkville Republican, filed articles of impeachment that allege that in signing an executive order allowing legally married same-sex couples to file joint tax returns in Missouri, Nixon ignored the state constitution. The [Read More...]

What anti-racists really are.

I got sent this photo by a friend of mine who still lives in Arkansas.  This lovely billboard resides in Harrison which is about an hour from my hometown. Damn, they’re on to us.  I knew the crazy idea that you can oppose racial inequality without opposing white people would only sell for so long… [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: time to get up.

I didn’t sleep well last night, so this is apropos: [Read more...]

House panel in Kansas approves bill that would allow businesses to discriminate against gay patrons.

Yeah, yeah, anti-discrimination laws are great and all.  Discrimination is horrible and has no place in America.  But what if our religion says we’re supposed to discriminate?  Surely the law doesn’t apply to us in that case, right? The Kansas House will move forward with a bill that would give government employees the right to [Read More...]

Christian school principal Nancy Libby apologizes for racist lunch menu.

I don’t think we have a case maliciousness here, but just a case of somebody who grew up in a racist environment (it’s no secret that the most racist circles in America, like the Tea Party, are overtly fundamentalist Christian) and mistook racial stereotypes for actual black history.  This resulted in an attempt at diversity [Read More...]

Head of Mormon Church, Thomas Monson, summoned to British court on charges of fraud.

I’ve heard some skepticism about this, but I think it’s a good thing.  First, here’s what happened: Tom Phillips based his complaint on the Fraud Act of 2006, a British law that outlaws making a profit off of false representations. According to Phillips, this is precisely what the Mormon Church does — it uses statements [Read More...]

Oklahoma Rep. won’t even hear marijuana legalization bill because his churchmates wouldn’t approve.

This about made me want to vomit. Term-limited State Sen. Don Barrington (R-Lawton) is a rigid, religious, law-and-order type who won’t brook any opportunity for the pro-marijuana crowd to get their voice heard in his Public Safety Committee. Johnson said she is discouraged that Barrington “will not hear SB 2116” because of “non-specific reasons including [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dat nose.

He just wants to come play. [Read more...]

Google sends a message to Russia.

This is a screen cap I just took of Google’s home page in Russia. Ok you confused warriors of morality, let’s see you try and boycott Google. [Read more...]

A parade of ignorance and confidence.

Buzzfeed asked people to write messages to Bill Nye following his debate with Ken Ham (I’m still working on a post carving through all of Ham’s BS, stay tuned).  I didn’t watch the debate initially, but I asked a friend how it went.  My friend responded “Bill Nye gave science lessons to an audience of [Read More...]

“Family values” Republican arrested for beating his wife.

Jason Priest is a State Senator in Montana who loves families.  Loves, loves, loves them.  In fact, he loves them so much that he has fought like a mad man to keep gay people from forming them with their choice, rather than Priest’s choice, of spouse.  It’s all about family values for Priest, because that’s [Read More...]

UN slams the Vatican for failing to protect children and more.

Well, the UN released their findings upon investigating the Catholic Church’s handling of sex abuse cases.  It turns out that for being the lords of morality, the Catholic Church kind of sucked. In its findings, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) said the Holy See should open its files on members [Read More...]