Church of England to apologize for rejecting evolution.

Better late than never!  Good on ‘em for this: The Church of England will concede in a statement that it was over-defensive and over-emotional in dismissing Darwin’s ideas. It will call “anti-evolutionary fervour” an “indictment” on the Church”. The bold move is certain to dismay sections of the Church that believe in creationism and regard [Read More...]

New Scarlet Letter preview.

At Skepticon 4 I was interviewed for a documentary called The Scarlet Letter.  It’s about coming out of the closet as atheists.  Here was the first promo: And now there’s a new one out featuring the wonderful Debbie Goddard among others: The film is pretty much done, but a few expenses remain.  Head over to [Read More...]

Speaking at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Tuesday night.

Ok, here are the details.  I’m talking about the various arguments for god’s existence and why they suck. Here’s a map of the UCCS campus: The talk will be on the first floor of the University Center (UCTR on the map).  Enter through the doors west of the mountain lion statue and head toward Clyde’s [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: kittehs!

Hey all! First, happy Veteran’s Day!  My brother is a vet and he is the best. Content will be light today as I need to head to the airport mid-day to get to Colorado Springs.  Here are some cats while I get through the news! [Read more...]

Good to see the family again.

Thanks for enduring another day of silence yesterday.  I promise that I spent it enjoying the wilderness and enjoying the all-too-rare time with my parents. I have found that my best thoughts are seldom revealed by sitting down and forcing myself to think.  No, I’ve had my best ideas by placing myself in an atmosphere [Read More...]

Kansas City Atheist Coalition turned away as volunteers for feeding the poor.

For the last several years the Kansas City Atheist Coalition has provided the Kansas City Rescue Mission with, by far, it’s largest group of volunteers every Thanksgiving when the group distributes meals to the poor.  This includes driving meals to residences and other work.  Here’s a picture of me and Michaelyn last year volunteering: And [Read More...]

What about forgiveness?

While tabling the other day, a woman with a sizable cross necklace approached the table and opened with “So you guys are what, atheists and agnostics?  Why?” with a tone suggesting that not believing a person rose from the dead was something out of the ordinary. Take a moment and imagine if an atheist went [Read More...]

Kansas student suspended for wearing a purse.

Ok, last post for today, then I seriously need to get on the road.  A middle school student in Kansas has been suspended for wearing a purse to school: A 13-year-old boy in Kansas was suspended on Wednesday for wearing a Vera Bradley purse — and officials say he can’t come back until he takes [Read More...]

Christian claims atheism is a result of a tense relationship with one’s father.

Another quick post I couldn’t help but put up.  A psychologist is saying that atheism is not the result of merely finding the claims of religions (like people rising from the dead, walking on water, etc.) unbelievable.  No, there must be some deeper explanation for when someone reads stories about a global flood that somehow [Read More...]

Tabling and the Subway dream.

This morning I’m tabling with the KU atheist group SOMA.  It’s Carl Sagan’s birthday tomorrow and we’re handing out candy (with information about the group).  Michaelyn’s tongue is blue, so I’m wagering she dug into the nerds when nobody was looking… They also put a hat on me… After we’re done, Michaelyn and I are [Read More...]

Doug Phillips resigns from Vision Forum Ministries over extra-marital affair…but his marriage is still sacred.

Doug Phillips, megapastor of Vision Forum Ministries, loves marriage.  He really wants to protect its sanctity.  It’s between one man and one woman not, say, one man and two women.  He also doesn’t like the idea of marriage equality.  He even thinks Sarah Palin is too pro-gay.  He thinks allowing same-sex people to marry violates [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: babies with rubber bands.

Thank (or blame) my mother for this one. [Read more...]

Old video: Hilary Clinton defends abortion against pointed question – and goes ham.

This video is from over three years ago, but I just saw it today. For those who don’t know, “going ham” is a term gamers often use, with “ham” being an acronym for “hard as a motherfucker”.  That is what Hilary Clinton did when Christopher Smith (R-NJ) asked her if the Obama administration’s definition of [Read More...]

Dad on the sticky tentacles of government.

This interaction took place between me and my dad this morning: He linked me to a piece in my hometown newspaper down in Bumblefuck, Arkansas and boy, was he ever not kidding.  Here’s the article. And here’s the comment my dad left: This is the dumbest pile of drivel I have read in a long [Read More...]