Merry Xmas Eve!

Friendsmas Eve is traditionally the day of gift-giving and extra merriment in my family.  So today I’m going to curl up, not read the news, play some video games (League of Legends is kind of fun, but expect to see me on Guild Wars 2 a bit), get ready for the 10″ of snow they’re [Read More...]

Podcast about to go live.

We’re all about and dotting the Ts and crossing the Is.  Hang tight.  When we start broadcasting here in a few minutes, go here to watch the podcast (with David Fitzgerald this week). ::EDIT:: Gah, my network is misbehaving.  We’re trying to figure out if we can make it work.  :(  Stay tuned. ::EDIT #2:: [Read More...]

David Fitzgerald on the WWJTD podcast tonight.

Steven, Christina, and I will be doing the podcast live tonight at or around 8pm EST (I’ll post the link as soon as I’m done doing pre-Friendsmas dinner with the extended family).  Our guest will be David Fitzgerald, author of NAILED: Ten Christian Myths that Show Jesus Never Existed at All.  He’s also a popular [Read More...]

Please consider helping Ed Brayton.

Do you know the first blog I read each and every morning?  It’s not Pharyngula (sorry PZ).  It’s not the Friendly Atheist (sorry Hemant).  It’s not Andrew Sullivan or Greta Christina’s blog (sorry Greta). It’s actually Dispatches from the Culture Wars, by Ed Brayton.  Ed is perhaps the greatest political mind in the atheist movement [Read More...]

Dad rebuts Nora Treat on god being taken out of schools.

Ah, the type of letters to the editor that get submitted to my hometown newspaper here in Bumblefuck, USA.  Here’s one in the paper today from Nora Treat. The terrible tragedy that occurred in Connecticut was beyond description, and the ACLU and the atheists who have been responsible for God being taken out of our [Read More...]

I thought journalism pretty much was fact-checking.

I was reading the Washington Post’s article on the biggest political liars of 2012. It wasn’t so much the fact that both political parties are full of liars that depressed me. I already knew that. No, what bothered me most was this paragraph from one of the organizations that is supposed to help inoculate the [Read More...]

Bill introduced in Arkansas would allow a bible class in public schools.

A legislator here in Arkansas just introduced a bill that would allow public high schools to teach the bible as an elective class. In a state like Arkansas (or Alabama, or Mississippi), I think it’s highly likely that his is an attempt to give religious teachers an outlet to preach to a captive audience.  We [Read More...]

The True Story of Christmas

DrB- I found this, and as a guy with a small child, felt it was a wonderful example of the True story behind Christmas.       You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger [Read more...]

Comment roundup 12/21.

After the reaction of people like Mike Huckabee to the Sandy Hook shooting, I made a facebook status that read “God’s opinion is apparently that if children aren’t being forced to pray then their lives aren’t worth saving.” Patrick Brown, a guy I went to college with (and Christian) commented: First, Patrick, how is that [Read More...]

Hrm, the world appears to be not ended.

I’ve been hanging onto this since May.  They’d better show up this time or I want a refund. This was pretty much my thinking this morning… Then again, there’s this story out of Perth this morning… [Read more...]

I get email: relationship advice.

I got an email the other day from Peter (name changed to protect sender’s identity). Dear JT and Christina, I’ve never met either of you, but I’ve been following WWJTD for over a year and I respect your writings on the topic.  I’m writing to ask for advice in my personal life, and I’m writing [Read More...]

Two articles that will just depress you.

My niche as a blogger is to deconstruct religious statements.  However, these two pieces need no commentary from me.  If you read these articles and find yourself nodding in agreement, then you have mental faculties of a caliber that suggests you need to be watered regularly. First, Rachel Adams interviews David Bahati, the Uganda legislator [Read More...]

Activism: How to Address Those Nativity Scenes

Reader Question: I live in a small village in Ohio just outside of Cincinnati and there is the usual awful nativity scene on what I think is public land (a small park beside main street). As far as I can tell, nobody has ever challenged the Christian monopoly in a place like this, but I’d [Read More...]

Discovery Institute, reporting from their non-existent labs.

The Discovery Institute is a creationist think-tank, which means they don’t do any real science, which means they don’t have any labs (what use would they have of them?).  So why, in their recent video, is one of their *ahem* researchers bashing evolution from the credibility-enhancing confines of a laboratory? Turns out, the laboratory was [Read More...]