Megyn Kelly: Jesus was white.

Did you know it’s a confirmed historical fact that a dude from the Middle East was white?  Megyn Kelly doesn’t know it either, but that doesn’t stop her from saying it with the utmost confidence. In all actuality, a white man in the first century Middle East is nonsensical, but it still makes way more [Read More...]

It’s hard being a white Christian in Kansas.

Michaelyn alerted me to a column in the Kansas State college newspaper by Laura Meyers that must be read to be believed.  It’s titled “Being Christian conservative in college has its ups, downs.”  It opens with: I am a minority. Not only am I left-handed and red-haired, but I am also a Christian conservative on [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: you’ll like it here.

Saw this image by Zen Pencils this morning and it made me smile.  Hopefully it will bring a smile to your grizzled, miserly, atheist faces as well. [Read more...]

Breakdown of the David Silverman Festivus interview on Fox.

David Silverman went on Fox the other day and performed like a champ in the face of three opponents who were as confident as they were illogical (the panel included Bill Donahue who is equally despicable, but more on that shortly).  Here’s the clip: Regarding the placing of the Satanic monument, the Rabbi opens with: [Read More...]

Be careful driving over the holidays!

I know this isn’t atheism-related, but it’s a slow day for news and I thought it was interesting (so there!).  Here is a seventy car pile up in Wisconsin.  It’s a reminder to be very careful when driving home for the holidays. [Read more...]

Eric Hovind owned by an eleven year-old.

In this video the despicable Eric Hovind is pulling his presuppositionist bullshit.  His argument is that if you cannot claim absolute knowledge then you need revelation from someone who knows everything (*cough, god*) before you can claim to know anything.  It’s just simple equivocation on the word “know”.  When we say we know something, we’re [Read More...]

Your morning happiness part 2: dem turkeys.

My mother just posted this to facebook.  Her bird feeder had a surprise visit from some pretty hefty birds who are struggling to find food during the ice storm. I’ll bet they leave some fine poop on our deck to show their gratitude. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: a square foot of bunnies.

Ok!  Not even the most depressing news stories can conquer…this!!!! And just to be sure, here’s a puppy smelling a god damn flower: [Read more...]

My take on the Oklahoma legislators who don’t want Satanists to have the same rights to a monument as Christians do.

Hemant wrote a post about the legislators in Oklahoma freaking out about the proposed Satanic monument.  Hemant’s response was spectacular, but I want my own crack at them. “This is a faith-based nation and a faith-based state,” said Rep. Earl Sears, R-Bartlesville. “I think it is very offensive they would contemplate or even have this [Read More...]

Rob Boston drops the hammer on the biggest war on Xmas myths.

Seriously, stop whatever it is you’re doing (even if it’s waging war on Christmas) and go read Rob Boston’s article about the war on Christmas myths.  It’s spectacular.  Ever heard the claim that public schools banned the colors red and green?  Or how about the one where public schools can’t recognize Christmas?  Or even that [Read More...]

Study: atheists face death penalty in 13 nations and global discrimination.

You want to know why we have separation of church and state?  This is why: In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim, people who openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion of Islam face execution under the law, according to a detailed study issued on Tuesday. And beyond the Islamic [Read More...]

Religion does not prevent depression.

Also prayer doesn’t heal sickness and donuts don’t help you lose weight. Religion does not save you from depression. It’s not atheists who say it, but a group of researchers in an international study published inPsychological Medicine. The analysis, that has taken into account data from 8,318 participants, has put in evidence that 10.5% of those having a spiritualistic [Read More...]

Catholic Church crumbling in the Netherlands.

And it’s the Catholic publication reporting it, with more bitterness than a meal of sour grapes and expired milk: The Catholic bishops of the nation that pioneered legalized euthanasia for children, prostitution, and “gay marriage” have come to Rome to tell Pope Francis that he is facing a Church that has “drastically secularized” and [Read More...]

You were special before god abused you.

I saw this image this morning and it made me sick.  It’s the kid in the wheelchair thanking god for making him special. For as eager as Christians can be to claim victimhood over the stupidest stuff (people want to be inclusive during the holiday season?  They are launching a war on us!), despite their [Read More...]