Fischer: parenting by gay parents is a form of child abuse.

Bryan Fischer didn’t like the gay weddings at the Grammys.  He had this to say of them: “If you care about children,” Fischer said, “this thing ought to appall you because gay marriage is bad for children. In fact, same-sex parenting – I’m going to be very direct here – same-sex parenting is a form [Read More...]

Seth Andrews gives us a video that will make you facepalm.

It made me facepalm. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: WHAT ARE YOU THINGS???

It’s going to be a really light day of posting for me.  Last night my health took a turn for the worse, but I’m better this morning.  Still, gonna just take it slow today.  Have committed to going to the doctor in a few days if things don’t get better. On that note, have a [Read More...]

South Dakota Representative thinks religion should grant immunity from discrimination laws.

Gay marriage has come to South Carolina, which means gay couples are needing things like cakes, wedding halls, and flowers.  But one man, the ironically named Rep Steven Hickey, thinks businesses should be able to discriminate against gay couples if their religion tells them they should. The sponsor of a South Dakota bill that would [Read More...]

The decline of religion in the last 60 years is the greatest in history.

Via Religion News: Religiosity in the United States is in the midst of what might be called ‘The Great Decline.’ Previous declines in religion pale in comparison. Over the past fifteen years, the drop in religiosity has been twice as great as the decline of the 1960s and 1970s. How do we track this massive [Read More...]

“Patriots” to descend on Washington to demand the resignation of the President in a flood of impotence.

Oh no!  Now we’re in for it.  Did you not hear?  Almost two million…*ahem*…patriots are going to descend on Washington and demand the resignation of all the rightfully elected leaders they don’t like! Harry Riley has a dream. On the morning of May 16, somewhere between 10 and 30 million (estimates vary) God-fearing patriots will [Read More...]

American Atheists pointing billboard at Super Bowl viewers.

American Atheists is at it again.  This time they’re putting up a billboard telling the plain and obvious truth to Super Bowl fans. According to the press release in my inbox: On Wednesday, American Atheists launched a new billboard near Metlife Stadium that appeals to football fans with a dig at prayer. It is believed [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: a thank you from Cambridge and Erik.

Last week I told you that long-time Camp Quest counselor Cambridge Broxterman’s house had been burglarized.  I asked the community to come together for one of its own and you all responded.  I got these two emails this morning. First: When JT offered to do a fundraiser for our losses, we were more than grateful [Read More...]

Kansas State of the State address was bursting at the seams with irony.

I love living in Lawrence, KS.  It’s like a little, education-happy bubble innoculated against contamination from the dumbfuckery elsewhere in Kansas.  This year’s State of the State address was organized by Concerned Women for America (concerned about abortion and gay right, so mostly concerned about the tedium of other people’s lives) and it wrought about [Read More...]

Mormon propaganda video: if you know someone who is masturbating, tell someone before it’s too late.

Ed Brayton posted this propaganda video that has been put out by the Mormon church urging people to help their friends if they suspect they masturbate to pornography.  This, the video implies, is how “the enemy” (*raises hand*) seeks to bring misery into the lives of good, wholesome Mormons: by creating a world where spreading [Read More...]

Taxpayer dollars being used to uneducate kids.

Zack Kopplin does some of the most important work in the movement: he digs into creationism in high schools like none other.  An article in Slate the other day piggy-backed off Kopplin’s work and gave us a map where taxpayer money is being used to teach creationism.  If you go look at the map, you [Read More...]

Sochi mayor: “There are no gay people in Sochi as far as I know.”

With the Winter Olympics about to begin in Russia, where homophobia has reached level generally reserved for the most ignorant corners of the earth, the mayor of the hosting city (which is home to two gay clubs) is doing plenty of interviews.  The other day he told one reporter…well…here you go: The mayor of Sochi [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: it’s fuzzy.

I have no idea what this is or what it does…but I need one. [Read more...]

Frans de Waal: Moral behavior in animals.

Here’s a great lecture I saw posted by Seth Andrews.  Christians almost always want to assert that morality comes from god, rather than from our genetic impulse toward compassion and self-preservation.  It turns out lots of animals which lack the capacity to believe in god exhibit perfectly moral behavior.  These are animals with which we [Read More...]