The worth of knowing the bible.

Saw this bumper sticker this morning: I’ll wager that even the owner of this truck doesn’t put “thorough knowledge of the BIBLE” on job applications.  Perhaps they should try turning in identical applications to a job, the only difference being that on one in the place where they put their academic achievements on the other [Read More...]

Another child dies of treatable condition as parents pray.

Once again a couple parents have trusted go to cure their child of a treatable condition instead of taking the kid to the doctor.  Once again a child who could’ve lived didn’t. A couple have been jailed for the manslaughter of their five-month old son, who died from rickets after they neglected his care because [Read More...]

Nations pulling funding from Uganda in the wake of harsh anti-gay laws.

Make no mistake: Uganda President Museveni knew this was going to happen.  He even pre-empted it as he signed the bill.  But he did it anyway, and now nations that don’t want their money going to support a government culpable for such startling inhumanity are withdrawing funds. At least three European countries announced the withdrawal [Read More...]

America: embarrassingly unique on climate change.

There’s some good news on the global warming front.  Of the 66 countries responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse emissions, 61 of them are doing something about it with their legislation. Out of 66 countries representing 88 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, 61 of them have legislation aimed at cutting carbon pollution and [Read More...]

Kentucky church doing gun giveaway to “appeal to rednecks.”

Since empty promises of eternal life and threats of eternal punishment for non-compliance weren’t getting the job done for church attendance, a Kentucky church has a new idea: gun giveaways! In an effort its spokesman has described as “outreach to rednecks,” the Kentucky Baptist Convention is leading “Second Amendment Celebrations,” where churches around the state give [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: napping puppies.

Get a good eyeful of this…because you’re gonna need it today. [Read more...]

Free-flowing thoughts about crying at movies.

You may have noticed I didn’t write anything today.  That’s because Michaelyn and I took the day to go on a date which included seeing the Lego Movie. So…I cry at movies.  Always have.  And not the movies you’re supposed to cry at (because we all cried at the end of Despicable Me 2, don’t [Read More...]

Harass Keith Lowell Jensen for my benefit.

Keith Lowell Jensen, in a fruitless effort to impress me and thus gain entrance into the cool atheists club, sent me a sneak peek at his upcoming DVD An Atheist Christmas.  I cannot tell a lie: it was hilarious while sneaking in a bunch of pretty solid points.  But this leaves me with a dilemma: [Read More...]

Teen who fought for atheist club and won bows out due to threats.

Hemant reported on Kalei Wilson yesterday.  Wilson fought a long and hard battle against her high school’s administration to form an atheist club.  She’s been raising money on Indiegogo for the club and had been doing very well, but that all came to a close because of intimidation from followers of the presumably most loving [Read More...]

Arizona’s anti-gay bill is dead, but the wailing of the “oppressed” lives on.

I fucking hate political language.  I wish people would just speak clearly, but that might alienate some voters who realize your exact position. Anyway, the good news is that Arizona’s anti-gay bill is dead.  Governor Jan Brewer slapped it with a veto: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a bill Wednesday that would have allowed businesses [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on Al Melvin and “religious persecution” in Arizona.

Boom goes the dynamite. The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,The Daily Show on Facebook [Read more...]

Texas judge strikes down gay marriage ban.

Since I already got my roflmao on, I’ll reserve this blog post for just discussing the particulars.  First, it happened.  A judge in the comically conservative state of Texas has struck down the state’s ban on gay marriage with some gloriously concise wording: Texas on Wednesday became the latest state to have a federal judge [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: polar bear wants to play.

The news today is cheerier than usual, but there’s still enough humanity derp to warrant this image: [Read more...]

Uganda’s anti-gay bill signed into law. President Museveni says same-sex kissing can give you worms.

Look, it’s not because President Yoweri Museveni is an Evangelical Christian leading a fundamentalist Christian nation (with some sprinkling of Islam thrown in for the anti-gay cherry on top) that he just signed a bill into law that means life imprisonment for gay people and anybody who doesn’t report them.  It’s that science shows us [Read More...]