Hitchens at his finest.

Hitchens telling it how it is: Another reason to try and convince people that their religion is false is because hope and joy are available without belief in the untrue – and should be found without belief in the untrue and the ludicrous, as those beliefs cause tremendous suffering the world over to people who [Read More...]

Afghanistan considering reinstating stoning as a punishment for adulterers.

And by “alduterer” they’re including people who just have sex before engaging in some arbitrary religious ceremony. Afghan government officials have proposed reintroducing public stoning as a punishment for adultery, Human Rights Watch said, even though the practice has been denounced both inside and outside the country as one of the most repugnant symbols of the Taliban [Read More...]

The truth about Santa.

I was sent an article this morning in which a mother writes a letter to her daughter – her daughter who had just asked the mom if she was Santa Claus.  Here’s the letter: Dear Lucy, Thank you for your letter. You asked a very good question: “Are you Santa?” I know you’ve wanted the [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: puppy wants to run on treadmill too.

Prepare for a deluge of posts that will fill you with rage…by watching this puppy!  [Read more...]

Help Josiah Biblename

UPDATE: The goal for this fundraiser has been met and as such no further donations are required. I asked you to chip in for someone you may never have even met, and you all went above and beyond. Thank you all so much! Steven here… You may not know who Josiah Biblename is, but you’ve [Read More...]

Facebook fanpage for JT

Steven here… Fun fact: JT has a Facebook fan page! It’s actually been up for some time, but JT refuses to do any kind of self-promotion with it. So I’m going behind his back to ask you to go “like” it. #rebel #sorrynotsorry https://www.facebook.com/pages/JT-Eberhard/387729659103 [Read more...]

Man who has helped pull Bangladesh out of poverty accused of trying to destroy its citizens…because religion.

Here’s a link back to today’s morning happiness post.  You’ll need it after this: In the 41 years since its independence, Bangladesh has made great strides. Until recently one of the poorest nations on Earth, poverty is fading. The country has made remarkable gains in reduction of hunger, and now ranks among Goldman Sachs’ “Next [Read More...]

Russell Moore: marriages where wives don’t submit to their husbands is false gospel.

Russell Moore has voiced an opinion that extends well beyond himself in Baptist circles (as well as the circles of other ancient religions): “Often, I think, the gospel is obscured because God has designed a picture of the gospel in the one-flesh union of husband and wife,” Moore said of his long association with the Council [Read More...]

A bit about mental illness and “retards”.

As many of you know, Michaelyn is studying cognitive neuroscience.  She had a homework assignment the other night to watch one of a list of movies depicting someone with mental illness and to write a paper about how well/poorly it was portrayed.  She had never seen A Beautiful Mind before and we decided on that [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: penguins chasing a butterfly.

This will improve your mood, right before current events tears it right back down: [Read more...]

RELEASE THE HOUNDS! It’s the War on Christmas!

Christina here… It happens right under your nose. In bunkers across the nation, Christmas-hating people are training. There is a war going on. A war to wipe the holy Christian holiday known as Christmas from the face of the planet, starting with the very center of the universe: the USA. Every year, the secularists take [Read More...]

Dear Blogger

I am writing to you to thank you for seeking my readership for your atheism/skepticism blog. It’s nice to be wanted. First things first, I tip my hat to you for your efforts in promoting skepticism. People working for free or low pay to push critical thinking is something I have a strong appreciation for. [Read More...]

Day off: League of Legends Season 4 patch!

This morning at 5am the season 4 patch for League of Legends went live, so I’m taking the day off to explore the new jungle.  I’ll be monitoring comments on this thread as well as in the chat.  Will answer when I can on the stream.  :) You can view the stream here.  :) [Read more...]

Sylvia Browne, Psychic, has died

Christina here… I don’t think it’s very nice to celebrate the death of people, unless they are really, really evil. With that said… Sylvia Browne, the “psychic” who did some really, really bad things, has died. At least we know she won’t be lying and exploiting people anymore. The saddest part of her death is [Read More...]