FFRF is Disgusted With Texas

The Freedom From Religion Foundation had a a little something to say earlier this week about the new Texas law that ensures that teachers can keep right on saying “Merry Christmas.” Grandstanding pols in Texas last week passed the “Merry Christmas” bill, supposedly to ensure that public school students and teachers can say “Merry Christmas” [Read More...]

Stephen Colbert’s a decent chap who loved his mom.

I had a pretty shit day yesterday.  But I woke up this morning to see Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his mother and I realized that all-in-all I’m doing ok. Nobody lives forever – not in heaven and, thankfully, not in hell.  But contrary to what Shakespeare said, the good that they do in life is [Read More...]

Sorry for the lack of content…

I’ve spent the last six hours on a single blog post about the CFI hullabaloo.  It’s sure to be controversial, so I’m having a few people look at it.  I might post it tonight but more likely tomorrow. Patience, grasshoppah. [Read more...]

Reminder: Sony also sucks.

Thanks Maddox for the reminder: [Read more...]

William Lane Craig and Bryan Fischer don’t like the Secular Hotline Project.

William Lane Craig has taken a break from creating bad rationalizations and condescending, well, everybody, to offer his opinion of the Secular Hotline Project.  Surprise, he doesn’t like it. Recovering from Religion, a secular company seeking to provide people leaving their religious views with various resources, apparently has nothing to say about arguments for or [Read More...]

Uri Geller: super spy.

Some stories you read and it just fills you with sadness that you are governed by very silly people.  The story about Uri Geller being used by the armed forces in a few countries, including the USA, who wish to capitalize on his psychic powers is such a story. Now, the BBC film, to be [Read More...]

Pew: pro-marriage equality stories far outnumber anti-equality stories.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the public opinion on same-sex marriage has shifted greatly in the last four years.  This has produced a happy case of schadenfreude with the Republican party, which not very long ago made gay marriage a primary issue to win elections by appealing to Evangelicals.  Now it’s becoming clear that you [Read More...]

Turns out public funds will NOT be going to religious schools in New Hampshire.

Earlier this year the state of New Hampshire implemented a program that claimed bolster “educational opportunities” but was actually created in the same vein as Louisiana’s voucher system: with the goal of allowing state funds to find their way into the hands of religious, not public, schools. The program provided a large tax credit to [Read More...]

Early bird rates for Apostacon are running out! TIME TO PANIC!

Ok, let me take a moment to be completely forthright with you all. *ahem* APOSTACON IS GOING TO BE FUCKING AWESOME! This will be more awesome than the pope getting arrested for streaking.  It’s taking place at a hotel with massive indoor water park, including a four-story water slide.  Four stories of intense, slippery plunge [Read More...]

European LCS open thread.

At 1pm EST the European LCS will kick off day #2.  My bro and I will have it on and will be chatting about the plays.  Feel free to join us.  [Read more...]

Insist the government do the right thing. Sadly, they have about a zero percent chance of obliging.

Here’s a petition asking the federal government to ban creationism in public schools!  It’s redundant because the courts have already made that call, but it’d still be nice to see.  So would unicorns pouring me a beer made out of rainbows.  Both have about the same chance of happening, but it never hurts to ask. [Read More...]

Getting someone with a PhD to focus on elementary prayer case.

An elementary school in South Carolina decided to hold its graduation at nearby North Greenville University, a religious college.  At the graduation two sectarian prayers were given and two parents complained to the AHA which sent a “never do that again” letter to the school. Well, Dr. Jimmy Epting, the university’s president, was unhappy. Dr. [Read More...]

Using legislation to defeat reality in Russia.

In Russia it’s about to become illegal to tell your children about homosexuality. A bill that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality won overwhelming approval Tuesday in Russia’s lower house of parliament. Hours before the State Duma passed the Kremlin-backed law in a 436-0 vote with one abstention, more than [Read More...]

wtf army?

A man in military fatigues showed up at the house yesterday.  I opened the door and he immediately asked if Tim Eberhard (my brother) lived here.  I told him he didn’t.  He then asked if I knew where he did live. If you jump right into asking where someone lives without telling the person you’re [Read More...]