Your morning happiness: penguins chasing a butterfly.

This will improve your mood, right before current events tears it right back down: [Read more...]

RELEASE THE HOUNDS! It’s the War on Christmas!

Christina here… It happens right under your nose. In bunkers across the nation, Christmas-hating people are training. There is a war going on. A war to wipe the holy Christian holiday known as Christmas from the face of the planet, starting with the very center of the universe: the USA. Every year, the secularists take [Read More...]

Dear Blogger

I am writing to you to thank you for seeking my readership for your atheism/skepticism blog. It’s nice to be wanted. First things first, I tip my hat to you for your efforts in promoting skepticism. People working for free or low pay to push critical thinking is something I have a strong appreciation for. [Read More...]

Day off: League of Legends Season 4 patch!

This morning at 5am the season 4 patch for League of Legends went live, so I’m taking the day off to explore the new jungle.  I’ll be monitoring comments on this thread as well as in the chat.  Will answer when I can on the stream.  :) You can view the stream here.  :) [Read more...]

Sylvia Browne, Psychic, has died

Christina here… I don’t think it’s very nice to celebrate the death of people, unless they are really, really evil. With that said… Sylvia Browne, the “psychic” who did some really, really bad things, has died. At least we know she won’t be lying and exploiting people anymore. The saddest part of her death is [Read More...]

Petition Amazon to remove book instructing child abuse.

The book To Train Up A Child has been the impetus for a few parents to murder their children through confused ideas of discipline.  From the petition: This book is atrocious. It has been linked to the deaths of three children, Lydia Schatz, Hana Williams and Sean Paddock. This book teaches “discipline” in the form [Read More...]

Methodist pastor to be stripped of position for officiating gay weddings.

The Methodist Church has said it will strip Pastor Frank Schaefer of his credentials if he officiates over same-sex weddings: A United Methodist jury Tuesday night gave a Pennsylvania pastor 30 days to agree not to break church law by presiding at future same-sex weddings or give up his clergy credentials. The penalty was announced [Read More...]

Christian urges volunteers to kidnap women en route to an abortion clinic.

A Christian somewhere has a great way to prevent women from having abortions: use reasonable and logical arguments with her so that she elects, of her own free will, to not have an abortion. Just kidding!  They want their volunteers to kidnap women.  This was posted to the wall of Abolish Human Abortion: Please share [Read More...]

First event in Be Secular’s discussion series announced: will feature Jerry DeWitt.

The folks at Be Secular are starting a discussion series.  The first event will take place at John Hopkins University between Mark Sandlin and Jerry DeWitt.  Here’s the info Mark Nebo sent me via email: Be Secular is happy to sponsor the first ever Be Secular Conversation Series Event. “Common Ground Activism” – An atheist [Read More...]

13 year-old in Arkansas kicked out of her home by her Christian parents.

My father sent this to me last night: One of the folks in the Ar. Freethinkers group (Anne’s group) posted this. Any help out there you can suggest? “Today, my daughter’s teacher called my daughter into a conference room to help her talk to an 8th grade girl who just came out to her conservative [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: dad signed up for Obamacare.

My father’s facebook status from this morning: For the record, just signed up for ACA. My monthly premium is officially $52.50 as opposed to the $1952.00 quarterly premium I had. I went from a bronze plan to a silver plan. Both plans are Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas. Took me about 2.5 total hours [Read More...]

Atheist “Untarded” shirts are uncool.

Christina here. Today I became aware that this dude Dusty with a Youtube channel (Called CultOfDusty) focusing mostly on mocking religion (which I can sometimes get behind) sells t-shirts that bear the word UNTARDED on them, where the A in “UNTARDED” is the stylized scarlet letter. Which, I totally can’t get behind. Apparently several people [Read More...]

Nope… still don’t get this Tree of Knowledge thing

Christina here… On the way home from Skepticon, my husband and I decided to flagellate ourselves in the ears by listening to religious radio programming on the drive home. This is one of our hobbies. Preacher-man on the radio recounted the Tree of Knowledge story in Genesis and used it as a lesson on how [Read More...]

Liars for Jesus: voucher edition.

There’s a huge argument between “intelligent design” advocates and pro-evolution folk.  The evolution people say ID is creationism while the ID people say it isn’t.  Then, when the evidence comes in, it turns out the Christians, despite the 9th commandment, were lying their asses off. This is how the voucher program has worked.  Christian law-makers [Read More...]