Bryan Fischer: Jesus holds the atoms together.

Bryan Fischer has faith, and he has lots of it.  He don’t need no science. Science doesn’t know?  Fuck!  It must be a guy who rose from the dead! Hemant says someone needs to get Fischer a Nobel Prize.  I say someone needs to get him access to fucking Google.  We’ve known since the 1970s [Read More...]

Mayor represents all his citizens…all his citizens who believe in JESUS!

The mayor of Vero Beach, Florida vetoed the celebration of Humanist Recognition Week because, well, it doesn’t have enough Jesus. At a heated city council meeting earlier this week, Mayor Craig Fletcher of Vero Beach, Fla., voted against a proclamation which would have declared June 16-23 as Humanist Recognition Week. Mayor Fletcher denied the request [Read More...]

Best abstract in the history of science.

When preparing for a debate I have to plow through a good number of peer review articles in the various sciences.  As a layman, the jargon-heavy nature of these articles can pose a problem to me.  This is why abstracts fucking rock. And of all the abstracts I’ve ever read, this one is the greatest: [Read More...]

Guest post: Greta Christina on being an atheist writing religious porn.

My friend Greta Christina has a new book coming out and is embarking on a new tour to promote the new book.  So much newness.  I invited her to hop over here to tell you guys and gals a little bit about the new book and tour.  Enjoy! You wanna know the weird thing? It’s [Read More...]

Irrationality kills again, and will be defended by religious people trying to condemn it.

Had a wonderful weekend with Michaelyn.  Now I’ve done all my chores for the morning and am ready to write about what’s going on in the world, good or bad. Thirty-year-old Eder Guzman-Rodriguez was sentenced Monday in Floyd County after pleading no contest to first-degree murder. His daughter, Jocelyn, was found dead in November 2011. [Read More...]

The best surprise. :)

Michaelyn and I spend a lot of time together on Skype.  Even if I’m writing/gaming and she’s doing homework, we still have each other’s face up on Skype.  So yesterday she told me she wouldn’t be home until 8pm to Skype because she was going to hang out with a friend. It turns out I [Read More...]

More Congressional Insensitivity to Atheists and More Ignorance

Anne here…. It just doesn’t stop. The stupidity rife through the ranks of our elected officials, I mean. Despite the fact that nonreligious make up as much as a third of our young people, and the fact that the numbers of the nonreligious are growing, Congress just can’t get its collective head out of its [Read More...]

House Resolution to Open School Board Meetings with Prayers

Anne here… (Just like JT, I’m making up for a dearth of postings over the last few weeks.) On Thursday, June 6, Rep. Tim Walberg of Michigan introduced House Resolution 250. The resolution declares Congress’s support for opening local school board meetings with prayer. The proposed resolution states that the United States was founded on the [Read More...]

Tennessee Hates Muslims. Who Knew?

Anne here, with another item from the Hatewatch Headlines of the Southern Poverty Law Center…. Tennessee has been a hotbed of anti-Muslim activism for years, especially after plans were laid to build an Islamic center in Murfreesboro. There have been bomb threats and numerous conferences centered on the unfounded but widely hyped fear that Shariah [Read More...]

Michaelyn’s real life encounter with the Office.

Michaelyn texted me this picture saying “Paper at work.  Is this real life?” Apparently it’s a gimmick by Hewlett-Packard.  As a magician, and especially as a fan of The Office, I can appreciate a good gimmick.  [Read more...]

Sarah Morehead walking into the lion cub’s den.

Michael Medved isn’t really a lion, so much.  He’s one of the species of conservative radio hosts who thinks a dearth of reason and evidence can be overcome with volume.  He’s more annoying than threatening. And yet, Sarah Morehead from Recovering from Religion will be on his show today at 3pm Central Time talking about [Read More...]

Polling confirms the obvious: anti-gay sentiment strongly correlates to religiosity.

Pew just released a poll which confirms what is plain to see: “Acceptance of homosexuality is particularly widespread in countries where religion is less central in people’s lives. These are also among the richest countries in the world,” Pew said in its summary of the findings. “In contrast, in poorer countries with high levels of [Read More...]

Study Debunks Claim that Kids of Same-Sex Parents Do Less Well

Anne here… The Southern Poverty Law Center alerts us to a new study out of Australia about children growing up in households led by same-sex parents: In the latest blow to anti-gay forces, a major study conducted at the University of Melbourne in Australia has found that children of same-sex parents do as well or [Read More...]

Catch me on the Thinking Atheist podcast.

On June 25th you can catch me on the Thinking Atheist podcast with Seth Andrews.  He’ll be grilling me about the most facepalm-worthy arguments we hear for god’s existence and why I think they suck. Also, the invite came in this morning and I immediately bragged to mom and dad that I was going to [Read More...]