Jon Stewart nails people freaking out over legalized pot in Colorado.

Like shooting fish in a barrel, but doing it behind-your-back to show how easy it is. [Read more...]

Your morning happiness: porcupine with a pumpkin.

I wish food made me this happy.  Enjoy this bit of morning happiness, because it’s about to be a rage-inducing day. [Read more...]

This loan program is an indictment on America.

Dan Fincke posted this.  If you ever wondered what was wrong with America, this is it:   As Lisa Wade put it: “Yep, it’s an invitation to K-12 teachers to go into debt to do their job.” There are apparently enough teachers going into debt to do what the state should be doing that a [Read More...]

Science v. Religion.

In the wake of all the bullshit regarding the nativity scene in Mountain Home, Arkansas…this seemed appropriate: [Read more...]

Religion panel on Fox News says a bunch of wrong stuff…again.

Oklahoma legislators allowed a ten commandments monument to be erected on government property.  Now every other religion is wanting their share of public land including the satanists.  But, for OK legislators, what’s good for the goose is very evil for the gander.  David Silverman went on Fox News to talk about this along with Bill [Read More...]

The top 10 anti-Christian acts of 2013

Christina here… It’s that time again! The website has put out their list of the “Top 10 Anti-Christian Events” of 2013. DefendChristians defines this list as the: “top 10 most egregious acts of anti-Christian defamation, discrimination and persecution in America.” Each year I go over their list to show my readers exactly what the [Read More...]

Yale professor David Gelernter thinks scientists are bullies.

I saw a positively silly article (written by a Yale professor, David Gelernter, sadly) in Commentary Magazine this morning.  It can pretty much be summed up with this quote: [W]hen scientists use this locker-room braggadocio to belittle the human viewpoint, to belittle human life and values and virtues and civilization and moral, spiritual, and religious [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: cupcake tree!

I’m back!  Now it’s on to business as usual here at ye olde blog.  First, a morning happiness.  Here’s a Friendsmas Tree made of cupcakes that we concocted down in Arkansas. [Read more...]

County Judge Mickey Pendergrass wants a majority? Let’s give him one.

You all know I’m not in the habit of asking people to share my blog, but on this occasion I would appreciate if it very much if you would take the time to write a letter and to share this post far and wide.  Because it’s so close to home, this one’s a bit personal [Read More...]

Dan Fincke launches new blog on ethics.

So…Michaelyn and I got pinned down by bad weather yesterday.  We’re going to try to make it back home today.  So if you’re dying to read kick ass entries, consider swinging by Dan Fincke’s new blog: Empowerment Ethics.  Look at the goatee on that man.  He even looks like a philosopher. For realsies though, Dan [Read More...]

Message sent. Congratulations everybody!

To all of you who went and made your voices heard in the Baxter Bulletin the other day about the courthouse nativity scene, thank you.  They got the message.  Feel free to pile on in the comments of that article as well.  Sadly, today is the day that Michaelyn and I must make the 7 [Read More...]

Utah man starving himself until gays aren’t allowed to marry.

This story is both funny and said.  It’s funny for the man’s self-aggrandizing impotence and sad, well, because it’s an example of just how pathetic human beings can be.  A Utah man has said he will starve himself until gay marriage is forbidden throughout the United States. His goal is to draw attention to the [Read More...]

Letter to the editor from Steven Fannin.

The final egregiously wrong letter to the editor (for today, at least) comes from Steven Fannin: In regards to the lawsuit against the nativity scene at the courthouse, my thought is why should there be a wasteful lawsuit just because someone has a different belief? We have had to take God out of all the [Read More...]

Next up: Lisa Thomas.

And our merry go-round of ignorant letters to the editor continues with this offering from Lisa Thomas.  The parts in red are my thoughts when reading it. I do my best to never offend anybody. I am nice to everyone. I am sure this letter will offend a few select people in this community, but [Read More...]