Letter to the editor from Mandy Dobson.

Here’s a letter to the editor from Mandy Dobson: I have been a Baxter County resident all of my life. Obviously, the lawsuit has been filed from a moved-in Yankee. The people who move from Chicago and other northern areas need to realize they now live in the Bible Belt. They need to stay out [Read More...]

Poll in the local paper about the nativity needs some adjusting.

The local paper has a poll about the nativity with only three options: Leave the nativity scene as it is:  68% Share the courthouse lawn with other beliefs: 24% Who cares?: 7% That’s cute. Those are the numbers as they presently stand.  Most people in town want to exclude any other groups from public property [Read More...]

Letter to the editor from MaryAnn Remington.

And now, on to today’s letters to the editor in the local paper about the nativity.  Here’s one from MaryAnn Remington: I am so angry I couldn’t even finish reading the article about someone who complains about the nativity scene. One lousy person moves into this town, doesn’t even have the guts to have her [Read More...]

KY3 runs a very slanted report on Baxter County nativity scene. Lori Gregory doesn’t understand Law or Civics.

KY3 in Springfield, MO did a horribly slanted piece about the nativity scene on the Baxter County Courthouse lawn.  It opens with Lori Gregory who owns a local jewelry store. “In my opinion, this nation was founded as one nation under God and so I don’t think we have to make any apologies for the [Read More...]

Morning happiness: a bit of sanity from a Mountain Home Christian.

Today will be a day of combing through the *ahem* “liberal media” and letters to the editor involving the nativity scene on the County Courthouse lawn.  Most of them are Christians being terrible people, but one writer for the local paper, Sonny Garrett, gets it right. If you’ve been around Baxter County the past couple [Read More...]

Interview with Judge Mickey Pendergrass.

The local paper has an interview up with the judge who denied the atheists representation.  Much of what he said is worth commenting on. He says all the personal messages he’s getting are supportive.  No shit?  A Tea Party official is only hearing supportive comments personally?  Fancy that.  And so what?  If the majority of [Read More...]

Christian tells me of my grandfather’s deathbed conversion.

A woman by the name of Cindy Horton left a comment on the local article about the nativity scene yesterday.  I responded. Cindy just deleted her comment, but she sent me the following message on facebook: What a fucking vulture.  My commenters often have a gift for brevity that I do not.  As Glodson said: [Read More...]

How I’ve spent my morning…

Repeating this like a mantra as I read through Christian comments about the local nativity scene. [Read more...]

Father rebuts the ten arguments in defense of nativity scenes on government property.

Judge Pendergrass’ refusal to allow any other group on public space besides Christians during the holidays is creating quite a stir, complete with threats from the true blue Christians of Baxter County.  So it’s probably best to get ahead of all the arguments that are already coming out or are sure to come out from [Read More...]

Person asking county to abide by the law should be “run out of town on a rail” by good Christians.

I saw this woman posting on the KTLO page about the nativity scene in Baxter County this morning.  Her name is Joanna Baxter-Farris, which I would blur out except she doesn’t seem to care much for anonymity.  Her facebook status about it is…disgusting. So it begins.  Gee, why would anybody want to stay anonymous when [Read More...]

Judge denies atheist equal representation in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Please take the time to email Judge Mickey Pendergrass to express your displeasure at judge@baxtercounty.org.  Click here to read my email. EDIT:  This morning, after an influx of sensible comments, the local paper took down the old article and put up the exact same article with zero comments.  If you’re wanting to be one of [Read More...]

God seems uninterested in the Parade of Roses.

The weather for the Rose Bowl Parade is perfect. No lightning, nobody being turned into a pillar of salt. Gay dudes still getting married. But don’t worry, during hurricane season a hurricane will hit a part of the country nowhere near Pasadena destroying the homes and lives of lifelong Christians who were not even at [Read More...]

Gay wedding in the Rose Bowl Parade. First rant of the new year.

Happy New Year everybody!  Or, as many on the right wing call it, Merry Christmas!  I’m planning on celebrating with the family today with oodles of champagne, hugs, and board games.  But I did want to pop in to talk about a football game we’ll be watching today and why. The Rose Bowl is preceded [Read More...]

Walt Disney is god.

There are tons of people who see the vague outline of a person or a face in a piece of toast or on the side of a tree and conclude that Jesus, who could communicate to them in any way, is choosing to communicate in a fashion that says nothing, and could be explained by [Read More...]