Boehner is not the best liar…

It’s obvious that the GOP is willing to hold a gun to Lady Liberty’s head in order to subvert the democratic process, but there was at least some question as to whether or not they’d actually be able to pull the trigger.  Now there is no doubt.  The GOP is willing to tank our economy [Read More...]

Comment response: how can life mean anything if it’s not forever?

Yesterday I did a post about meaning, and about some of the things that give my life meaning.  In response a theist of some flavor came into the comments to say: I am always amazed at how weak answers to the meaning question are. People you love? Begs the question. If human life has no [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: balloons.

What a debonair pooch.  I think he’s really excited to pick up his date and to bring her some balloons. [Read more...]

Bill Donahue: against gay-bashing, but homosexuality is to blame for priests raping children.

This disgrace of a person needs to be seen to believed. [Read more...]

Taliban would try to kill Malala Yousafzai again.

Get ready to go back to the morning happiness post.  You’ll need it after this quote: “We targeted Malala Yousafzai because she attacked Islam and make a jokes on Islam, if we found her again then we would definitely try to kill her and will feel proud on her death,” Shahidullah Shahid told ABC News. [Read More...]

Megachurch pastor caught embezzling money to do the lord’s work.

God damn, lying to people is profitable.  A megachurch pastor in Singapore has been caught embezzling a lot of money so that he could turn his wife into a pop star.  How much is “a lot”?  Well… A Christian evangelical pastor in Singapore is accused of embezzling more than $19 million in church funds to [Read More...]

Russia attempting to keep gays from adopting children.

When Russia passed its law against educating young people about LGBT issues, the reasoning was: “I think this is kind of an invented problem,” he said. “We don’t have a law banning non-traditional sexual relations, we have a different law. “It is the informational protection of the young generation. We want to prevent the young [Read More...]

Guest post: Rebecca Vitsmun and raising money for goodness!

Below is a guest post by Rebecca Vitsmun: Hey guys, if you haven’t already heard, we are hosting a design contest and this is the last day to submit for your chance to win the $250.00 USD grand prize. If you guys don’t remember who I am, my name is Rebecca Vitsmun.  A clip of [Read More...]

Joy for joy’s sake.

I spent this weekend with my fiancee, hence no weekend posts.  Here we are in Kansas City at a place called Hamburger Mary’s, where your meal is served by drag queens.  We skimped on eating all day in preparation for massive burgers.  Needless to say, we were excited. Afterward we went with the Kansas City [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: otter pups.

Here is a basket of otter pups.  They love you. [Read more...]

Catholic Church in Poland: “We will not compensate victims of pedophile priests.”

My tummy is being stupid, so I’m going to post this and then go lay down.  Fortunately it doesn’t need much more comment from me: The Rev. Jozef Kloch said in comments aired by Polish Radio 1 on Friday that the responsibility for compensation lies with the perpetrator. That differs from the approach in countries [Read More...]

Grandfather stands up for his gay grandson.

I came across a story today that left me a little perplexed on how to feel.  The story starts with a familiar tragedy: a son tells his mother he’s gay and the mother boots him out of the house.  The twist comes when the boy’s grandfather penned a letter to the mother disowning her for [Read More...]

Republican defends getting paid during shutdown with “I need my paycheck.”

Renee Ellmers (R-NC) is a member of the faction of Congress that has forced a government shutdown which has caused upwards of one million Americans to not get paid, all in an effort to undermine the political process and force changes to a law that has already been passed.  When asked about the irony of [Read More...]

Garfunkel and Oates: the Loophole.

When I came on board at Patheos I agreed to one small bit of control over my writing: no swear words in the title.  This is because the title of my post could show up in the reader of someone who subscribes to all of Patheos and some of them may not care for the [Read More...]