Phone update from Camp Quest Ohio

Blogging from my phone! Dear FSM do I love the 21st century. Being a counselor at Camp Quest Ohio has been life-changing. My father always said that adults don’t make children, rather it’s children who make adults. He was right. They all want me to sit at their table during meal time. Michaelyn’s cabin of [Read More...]

Screw your mysticism, there's a simpler explanation.

Christina here… The other day some guy said to me, “But dude, how do you explain why atoms act differently when observed? It’s like they *know* they are being observed.” The guys was talking about the uncertainty principal. And possibly the  double-slit experiments in the context of quantum mysicism, the idea “ that reality is just a [Read More...]

Atheist Guild Wars 2 guild?

Ok, Guild Wars 2 is going to come out eventually.  Lots of us have played the beta and are ready to gay marry this game (to learn why I am, check out my review of GW2).  For those of us who will be playing this game (raises hand), shall we start an atheist guild? If [Read More...]

Mamma says Ben Franklin Is The Devil!

DrB-   So there is an issue coming up here for an election here locally, a Missouri state constitution amendment. This particular one is put on the ballot called the “Right To Pray” amendment, virtually guaranteeing it’s passage. Most of it is what you would expect, declaring that everybody has the right to worship “Almighty [Read More...]

No place like home

Ah, Mountain Home, Arkansas, where I grew up.  It’s a magical place where stuff like this happens. A joke with racial implications spoken Saturday at the annual Ozark Tea Party rally was in “poor taste,” according to local tea party founder Richard Caster. “I was caught off-guard,” Caster told The Bulletin after the event. “I [Read More...]

Happy Father's day to the best dad ever

I have the best ever.  He is wise, and he busted his ass to give my mother, my brother, and myself a good life.  He has supported me in everything I’ve ever wanted to do and been patient when I fucked up (which was often). I recall one of the many times I and our [Read More...]

Help Sam Singleton

To quote Richard Carrier. I hear tell our good brother Sam Singleton is in real need of some income. Don’t know who that is? You should. He’s funny, poignant, and tells a damn good story. If you’ve seen him perform, you know it. Buy his videos for someone else who hasn’t, or for your own [Read More...]

Once more unto the breach

SSA Communications Director, Jesse Galef, was just on CNN where he masterfully parried every pointed question pointed his way.  Jesse will once again be going on CNN.  The appointed time is tomorrow, Saturday, June 16th sometime during the 7pm hour. Rumor has it that this time he’ll be joined by Hemant Mehta and that there [Read More...]

Responsibility and mental illness milestones

A lot is running through my head right now. This whole next week I’ll be a counselor at Camp Quest Ohio.  Michaelyn is convinced I’m good with kids, but taking responsibility for even one is quite a lot – perhaps more than I’m comfortable with.  Several is a task, and I’m just hoping I’m up [Read More...]

How to first get your foot in the door to begin psychiatric treatment

I got a request for a topic via a donation for SSA Week.  It is the title of this post. The best advice I can offer is not to do it alone.  Tell your friends what’s going on.  Have a friend there when you make the appointment.  Have a friend accompany you to the appointment.  [Read More...]

Last day to sign up for the American Bible Challenge

Today’s the last day to sign up a team of three for the American Bible Challenge. Given that atheists tend to know more about the book than believers, I’d love to see an atheist team go in and mop the floor with believers for the lulz.  Who would your atheist dream team be? I’m gonna [Read More...]

I get interviewed sometimes

I was on Meet the Skeptics recently. Listen to it here. Yesterday I did an interview with Dan Fincke over at Camels with Hammers for SSA Week/Blogathon.  I was one amongst a litany of impressive company.  You can read mine here. One of my favorite lines from that interview was when Dan asked how I [Read More...]

TERA sucks

The new MMORP, TERA, recently announced that you could play it free for seven days.  So I downloaded it.  At 25 gigs it took about ten hours. Holy crap is it terrible.  I played it for maybe an hour before uninstalling it. First, the good.  It’s a very pretty game.  The graphics are seriously excellent. [Read More...]

Chatting with Dan Fincke

As part of Blogathon/SSA Week, Daniel Fincke is doing email chats with famous people that he’s posting to his blog; Camels with Hammers.  I’ll be the lone exception to that trend.  My interview is from 8pm-11pm EST. Tune in.  It should be a blast. And, as always, donate to the SSA.    If nothing else, [Read More...]