School Choir Sings Religious Songs

So, I’ve got my first legal question to answer for WWJTD.   Question: Our children, Chris and Meg, are participating in a choir at school. All the songs in their upcoming recital are religious songs. I want to complain and raise a huge stink, get the media involved, and sue, but my wife, Lois, urges [Read More...]

Jesus was a shitty carpenter

DrB-   The entire story is basically this 5 point plan:   1. David Jimenez prays to a specific crucifix on a church that his wife gets healed of cancer 2. Wife, with every benefit of modern medical science, is cured of cancer. 3. Guy declares his prayers worked, and wants to clean the crucifix [Read More...]

How to shove atheism down people’s throats in 10 easy steps.

Christina here… We’ve all heard the phrase, “Stop shoving atheism down my throat!” from non-atheists. We’ve also heard, “Stop shoving your religion down my throat!” from others. This is a figurative phrase. I means something like, “stop imposing your beliefs on me in a way that is threatening, hostile, oppressive, or inescapable!” Well, what if [Read More...]

Thank you.

There was a time in my life, not long ago, when, for the first time, I had $1,000 in the bank.  It didn’t last long, but it was a proud achievement. I’m about to hit the road for the eight-hour drive to St. Louis (hence why you’ll see a lot of content from other writers [Read More...]

Lesson One: Become an Atheist Activist Today

  It’s election time again, which means that now is the perfect time for atheist activism. I know a way for you to become an effective atheist activist without ever leaving the safety of your keyboard, and I’m going to share it with you. Come on – let me see a show of hands – [Read More...]

Twitterdump 11/1

Here’s all the stuffs of twitter that didn’t make it onto the blarg yesterday.  I’ve decided “twitterdump” is a more apt name for these posts, so I’m sticking with it. Glenn Beck is Right “We need a businessman running this country, not a celebrity.” “Who’s your favorite president ever?” “Reagan, why?” Sign the kids [Read More...]

They should know.

Here’s a video of Republicans explaining why you shouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney. [Read more...]

Happy Halloween!

It’s been a very cynical day in the news.  That sucks, because Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! So here’s a Dalek.  Happy Halloween everybody!  :)  Be safe tonight. The Halloween candy I find irresistible: Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups.  They’re so good.  I’m eating light today just because I know Cambridge is going to [Read More...]

Early voting in Florida heavily favoring Obama.

On my electoral map, I’ve already given Florida to Romney.  Nate Silver has Romney at almost 60% to win in Florida and lately that has been trending up.  However, it looks like I may be a little premature.  Romney is getting crushed in early voting and the GOP knows it. If Romney doesn’t get Florida, [Read More...]

Voting is hot.

I fucking love this Obama ad. It’s funny.  It’s referencing sex.  So you can bet that the people who really value virginity are going to go apeshit. If you needed further proof about just how much the President has cheapened the Presidency, consider his latest ad, which not only compares voting for him for the [Read More...]

Seriously, Romney’s a scumbag.

So you know how Romney said he never paid less than 13% in taxes?  Then he didn’t deduct all his charitable donations (like, to the Mormon church) in 2011 so that would retroactively be true (otherwise he would’ve paid only 9% in taxes).  The 14.1% artificially inflated rate that Mitt paid in 2011 was less [Read More...]

Los Links Halloween Edition

Take all my twitterings from yesterday! Dinesh D’Souza is Now Being Accused of Stealing | Debunking Christianity RT @phillipanderson Ya know those firefighters fighting a neighborhood sized fire in the middle of a hurricane? Yeah. That’s “big government.” That is freaking awesome! RT @Durgen77: @jteberhard I thought this would be useful for you. [Read More...]

Here we go again…

Yet another post having to explain the same damn things.  This time it’s in response to a piece on the message American Atheists posted on a truck that circled the third presidential debate and then followed Mitt Romney’s campaign bus out of town. In the article, Renee Nal says… Really? An Atheist group attacks Mormons [Read More...]

Romney goofs big in Ohio.

Romney just ran this ad in Ohio. The narrative is that Obama has done such a terrible job with the economy and businesses are struggling so much that Chrysler is moving jobs away from America.  Unfortunately for Mitt Romney, this is a gaff that exceeds not knowing where Iran is on a map (but still [Read More...]