The graffiti outside of my apartment

Steven here… So I live in Independence, Missouri. It’s like Kansas City, but more god-soaked and annoying. When I was walking my dog I noticed this graffiti.         [Read more...]

What depression feels like.

Michaelyn sent me this.  The artist is ricochet188. [Read more...]

Why was I not notified?

This video exists.  How was I not invited to be in the chorus at least? One Term More – with subtitles from One Term More on Vimeo. [Read more...]

Twitterdump 11/3.

Behold, all the twitterings that didn’t make the blog from yesterday. Haha! @Ziztur has about half the followers that I do! I’ll just have to lord that over her until some of my other readers help her out. Big atheist happy birthday to @Jennifurret! “I disagree with some of Romney’s positions, and agree with others. [Read More...]

A father responds to his transgender child

Steven here… We see a lot of stories of parents that don’t know how to be compassionate. Kicking out and belittling their LBGT kids is sadly one of the more common things we see. One of my cousins is transgender. She recently made a post about how happy she was to be able to jettison [Read More...]

Rally and please help Skepticon.

The Skepticon conference is my baby.  Even though I am no longer part of the organizing effort, being on half of Skepticon’s formation remains one of my proudest accomplishments.  The event means a ton to me. So you can imagine how I felt when the I learned the other day that in terms of fundraising [Read More...]

Tenacious D rocking the vote.

I’m going to have to have some words with my friend Kate, who goes to Kent State.  Apparently Jack Black and Kyle Gass (the duo that makes up Tenacious D) bought a tour bus, took it to Kent State, and have been carting students back and forth to vote early for Obama while rocking. Jack [Read More...]

Religion kills again.

Religion kills again.  A mother has beaten her son to death because he failed to learn the Koran by heart. Sara Ege used a stick to beat seven-year-old Yaseen “like a dog” if he couldn’t recite passages from the Islamic text. The beatings were so brutal that the boy died from his injuries, and his [Read More...]

Ladies will love this gift.

I’m chilling around Christina’s house while she’s at work, but she forwarded me this.  She’s on the mailing list for the American Family Association, presumably because she enjoys pain. This is what they sent her: From: American Family Association <> Date: Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 12:05 AM Subject: Ladies will love this gift! Because [Read More...]

Welcome to the 21st century.

Insanity spoken as casually as if he was ordering a coffee. “No, no, no! That’s not what my church says! That’s just silly! We believe that god is going to come down from the sky and rule from Missouri!” And yet this man, this pious, shamelessly dishonest, heartless man is still in the running for [Read More...]

Comment roundup 11/2.

Here are some winning (in the Charlie Sheen sense) comments from this last week. Up first… MAY YOU LEAVE THIS EARTH SCREAMING THE NAME OF THE GOD YOU “PISSED” ON! I feel like LYNNE HENRY (her caps) is inviting me to die while having absolutely amazing sex.  I’m all for it.  However, I do not [Read More...]

How to project “legitimate rape” onto your opponent.

I’m feeling political today.  Let’s start with this video.  After a PAC called “Now or Never”, which apparently cares more about the “R” after a candidate’s name than whether or not they consider some rapes to be legitimate, dropped $800,000 on Todd Akin’s campaign, the campaign put out this ad.  The message seems to be [Read More...]

Guest post: Catholics being irrational about homosexuality. They also dress funny.

The following is a guest post from Amanda, one of the leaders of CASH, the SSA affiliate at the University of Minnesota. My name is Amanda.  In the fight for equality there are firebrands and there are diplomats, and I am definitely a diplomat.  I don’t want to fight with anyone, and I have found [Read More...]

School Choir Sings Religious Songs

So, I’ve got my first legal question to answer for WWJTD.   Question: Our children, Chris and Meg, are participating in a choir at school. All the songs in their upcoming recital are religious songs. I want to complain and raise a huge stink, get the media involved, and sue, but my wife, Lois, urges [Read More...]