Maddox on link-baiting

If you run a high traffic site you get emails from people wanting you to promote their stuff.  If it’s something relevant that I support, I’ll plug it in a heartbeat.  However, most of it is stuff from link-baiting sites looking to generate ad revenue.  Maddox has written a great post about it in which [Read More...]

Pics from Darrel Ray's place

On Sunday Darrel Ray held his annual bbq at this house.  The event raises money for the Recovering from Religion Foundation.  The crowd was promised two surprise guests which turned out to be myself and Jerry DeWitt.  Here are some pics that pretty much illustrate how the evening went for me: lots of being cute [Read More...]

Murder statistics of transgender people

Christina here… I’ve been thinking a lot about trans issues a lot in the past few days, and have especially been considering the disturbing statistics associated with the violence and oppression transgender people face. The statistic that disturbs me the most, which I have now seen on many other websites, was first presented in the comments section of [Read More...]

Making jell-o

There are two things in life I’ve always sucked at despite some very sincere attempts to learn: cooking and dancing.  It came to light last year that I didn’t even know how to make jell-o.  For my co-workers, this has been a well for chortling at my expense that never runs dry. But no more!  [Read More...]

Want to keep commenting here? Don't derail threads.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m very reticent to ban anybody.  However, in the last week there have been a couple posts where there was very great potential for conversation in which those of us who may not fully understand an issue could be helped to understand it better.  Those comment threads were hugely [Read More...]

Epic breakfast date

Physioproffe thinks he has cornered the market on blogs about cooking.  No longer! Michaelyn and I saw the most recent episode of Epic Meal Time.  Even though it contained the only thing they’ve ever made that didn’t look appetizing to me (sticks of butter covered in peanut butter and deep fried), it did inspire us.  [Read More...]

The Avengers: almost better than watching the Vatican crumble

Never have I left a movie honestly tempted to immediately purchase a ticket for the very next showing of that movie before leaving the lobby.  Never…until The Avengers.  Holy shit that was a good flick.  I never thought a superhero movie would top watching DVDs of X-Men 3 and Daredevil get fed to a woodchipper, [Read More...]

Fair warning: this will make you angrier and a little dumber

Remember the pastor who said he wanted to put LGBT people behind electrified fences and left there until they died of starvation (which, someone said, was not tantamount to murder).  Well, he has a 1200-member congregation (they were the ones shouting “Amen” at the idea of the genocide of normal people), and one of them [Read More...]

Your assignment

Persuade me that you need a magic wand. Go. [Read more...]

I have "Die Cis Scum" questions

Christina here… I’m an atheist. People who are theists (especially Chistians, in this country) are the privileged majority. I’m a women. Men have more privilage than me in society. I’m non-cis. My gender identity does not always match the behavior role considered appropriate for my sex. I’m not trans, either, so I live in some sort of grayish murky [Read More...]

Traditional values

And yet it’s the secularists destroying America’s proud history.  America is an ideal to us, which is why we get miffed when the “true blue patriots” ™, who love America so much they don’t need to know her history, turn America into a piece of propaganda. [Read more...]


DrB-   So, because Thursdays are just terrible, I bring you this, yet another installment of “Hey, it’s not so bad.”   “.. Anthony Smith cannot hear out of his right ear and suffers from hearing loss in his other ear. The 4-year-old from Salem wears a hearing aid, but he woke up one day [Read More...]

West LaFayette spending government dollars on faith

I don’t have a lot of time to write at the moment, but West LaFayette, IN is about to dump a good amount of government dollars into religion. As some of you know the city of West Lafayette is considering a proposal by Faith Church to get a 30-year low interest rate bond to help [Read More...]

Well this day sucks

So, when you call a psychiatrist’s office and say that your physician wants you to see a psychiatrist, what they assume is that you mean you are supposed to get counseling.  Conflating the two is apparently a pretty common mistake.  But rather than ask you if that’s what you mean, they just schedule you with [Read More...]