Take Action: Imprisoned Atheist Bloggers in Bangladesh Need Help

The American Humanist Association has issued an Action Alert. Roy Speckhardt, the Director of AHA, asks us to contact the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh in an attempt to secure the freedom of three atheist bloggers who have been arrested and imprisoned there. The Action Alert appears below: I’m contacting you today with information about a [Read More...]

Absolution through profanity.

I’m at Ohare airport, my favorite place in the world.  I decided the grab a tuna sandwich before my next flight.  The chipper lady behind the counter kept messing up putting my credit card in and at one point laughed and said “I keep fucking up.”  Realizing what she said, she looked up at me [Read More...]

Random thoughts from another airport.

Here I am sitting in another airport waiting to fly across the country to tell people god doesn’t exist.  I have the best job in the world. It’s strange though.  I never knew how exhausted I could get doing something I absolutely loved.  I mean, I love public speaking, I actually like airports, and I [Read More...]

Personal day and upcoming appearances.

So, I’m exhausted and it’s kind of hard to focus today because of it.  I got home at 11:45pm last night and tomorrow morning I head back on the road.  So yeah, gonna rest up today. If you’re wondering where I’m gonna be in the next month, here ya go! April 4 – Fayetteville, AR [Read More...]

Carole Lieberman is wrong about pretty much everything.

I felt like there were some crummy arguments getting tossed around in the HuffPo Live bit I was in the other day.  Pay particular attention to Carole Lieberman (she’s the one who looks like she’s sneaked into Delores Umbridge’s office). So, let’s get those things hashed out. Frank Shaffer: He talks about how his missionary [Read More...]

How to sign a bible.

Someone posted a picture of a bible they asked me to sign on facebook and tagged me.  I felt kind of like a tool for laughing at my own joke. [Read more...]

Review of Scarlet Blade.

I saw an advertisement on the site for a new MMO called Scarlet Blade. And I recall a review of this game I saw that may be relevant, so you guys can know what the game is like.  If you like digital women with huge, exposed boobs and can’t find hentai online for free, this [Read More...]

I’m now a target for believers

Christina here… Some atheists just want to religious believers to leave them alone. Not me, I like talking with religious people! I’m discovering that I might have a handy device which will cause believers to stop me in the streets or in grocery stores to talk to me – a metaphorical neon sign over my [Read More...]

Paying a debt with a child.

Unable to pay off his debt, a Muslim man is being forced by his culture to give his daughter away to be married to his lender’s 17 year-old son. The arrangement effectively values her life at $2,500. That is the amount Mr. Mohammad borrowed over the course of a year to pay for hospital treatment [Read More...]

Link to the HuffPo clip.

Here’s a link to the HuffPo segment. They had a believer on! Oh what fun!  Obviously I thought she was way off base with literally every word that escaped her lips.  I’ll do a post about it tomorrow, when I’m finally home again.  I also thought Frank got some stuff wrong, but was very pleased [Read More...]

Mallorie Nasrallah needs some help.

Mallorie Nasrallah (the person who took this picture of me and these pictures of science), is dealing with a landlord who is being flagrantly dishonest and breaking the law.  She’s needing legal assistance in the Las Vegas area to protect her business (she’s a professional photographer).  Some readers do not like Mallorie, but having met [Read More...]

Catholic Parish raided by feds for…wait for it…downloading child porn.

The jokes write themselves. Federal and state authorities on Tuesday raided a Catholic parish in Independence, Missouri as part of an investigation into child pornography. A spokesperson for the Catholic Dioceses of Kansas City-St. Joseph said that investigators tracked down child porn downloads to an IP address used by an unsecured wireless network at the [Read More...]

Going to be on HuffPo Live talking about religion and childhood.

Got an offer to be on HuffPo Live this morning and thought it sounded fun.  I’ll be on there live at 1pm EDT.  You can find it then by following this link. Should be fun.  I imagine I’ll offend people.  Wheeeeeeee! Here’s another link I’ve been given to the HuffPo interview at 1pm EDT.  http://huff.lv/128c2XR [Read more...]

Bangladesh censorship: gotta stop militant atheists.

Bangladesh is increasing the breadth of its censorship of atheist bloggers.  This is pretty offensive to liberty, and so it’s pretty offensive to me.  But there was a line in the article that leaped out at me as particularly infuriating. The move comes after Islamic groups and clerics, who have staged a series of deadly [Read More...]