Lunch lady fired after 11 years in order to avoid offending religious people.

A lunch lady at a British school has been fired after serving the wrong meat to a student by mistake.  Was the student allergic?  Nope.  Vegetarian?  Nope.  So what could possibly produce such an overt reaction?  Religion, come on down. Alison Waldock, 51, served the meat forbidden to Muslims after Khadija Darr, 7, pointed to [Read More...]

To hell with AT&T, Cox, Comcast, and all their siblings.

Michaelyn and I are trying to get internet set up in our new apartment.  This is relevant: The guy I just talked to at AT&T told me all the hidden fees and got pissed when I said that put the price up to unacceptable levels.  To quote him: “next time you call in you need [Read More...]

Zombie survival: finding meat in the wilderness.

My newest article at is all about how to secure meat in the wild, along with how to not get sick eating it. The hard part is acquiring meat.  Contrary to what Disney may have taught you, wild animals do not stand out in the middle of a field with big Bambi eyes waiting [Read More...]

Zimbabwe president wants to behead gay people.

Ed Brayton flagged the most recent comments by anti-gay president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe.  They’re, frankly, an inhuman collection of words. “If you take men and lock them in a house for five years and tell them to come up with two children and they fail to do that, then we will chop off their [Read More...]

Israel’s Rosa Parks.

The moralizing force of religion has once again reared its ugly head.  This time it’s near Jerusalem, where a woman refused to move to the back of the bus to make room for a man. Ultra-Orthodox protesters attacked and damaged three buses in the city of Beit Shemesh near Jerusalem on Wednesday, after a female [Read More...]

St. Paul Saints losing their religion for a day.

This made me smile. On August 9, for the second year running, the St. Paul Saints will lose their religion. That night’s game at Midway Stadium is sponsored by the Minnesota Atheists, so the Saints will drop the “S” from their jerseys and signs around Midway Stadium, thereby becoming the St. Paul Aints. The players’ [Read More...]

CNN: why young people are leaving the church.

Hemant Mehta has an article on CNN talking about why the children of the millennial generation are leaving religion like no generation before.  Two of the reasons really stuck out to me: Christians can no longer hide in a bubble, sheltered from opposing perspectives, and church leaders can’t protect young people from finding information that [Read More...]

Family values: Jehovah’s Witness edition.

Here is a talk from the 2013 “God’s Word Is Truth” District Convention where a church leader explains why shunning a family member who has fallen away from the faith is a display of loyalty to god. Ironically, this is how the conference was being advertised: And so it tends to be with organizations that [Read More...]

Comment rebuttal: quickshot on Skepticon not feeding the poor.

I saw this comment from quickshot on my post about raising money for Skepticon: You are begging for money so your “good cause” can continue. Many Christians/Jews/spiritualists are already asking for money for their “good cause”. However, their “good cause” can actually lead to children being fed. Tell me, JT, how you can expect to [Read More...]

When the zombies come, stay the hell away from New Mexico.

In my most recent column for I respond to an article where it was argued that New Mexico would be an ideal place to be in a zombie-infested world.  Ugh… The first reason he gives is the terrain: Wow! What could be more conducive to survival than this? As it turns out, pretty much [Read More...]

Skepticon needs money. If you have money, consider giving it to Skepticon.

Skepticon is a conference for, frankly, everybody – and that includes the poor.  So many times we thought “If we just charge $10 to get in, that’s $10,000 or more!  That would help so much!”  But we never did it, because the fact remains that some people simply don’t have $10 to spare, and they [Read More...]

Majority of Americans would support nationwide law recognizing marriage equality.

Thanks to Gallup, we now know that 52% of Americans would vote for a law that legalized gay marriage across the United States. W00t!  The people serving as a fleshy anchor to progress are the same people you’d expect: those who attend church weekly, Republicans, etc.  There is one surprise though: 60% of self-proclaimed Catholics [Read More...]

Naval Academy denies the use of publicly funded chapel for non-Christian wedding.

Oh United States Naval Academy…you done goofed. U.S. Naval Academy administrators have denied a request from a recent graduate to hold his planned humanist wedding in the academy’s chapel, declaring that the chapel is only to be used for Christian ceremonies. Wrong answer, Naval Academy. The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center sent a [Read More...]

Do Catholics have better or more natural sex?

No.  But you’d never guess that from reading the insufferably smug Mark Shea: Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Says US News and World Report in a story that mentions fellow Patheosi Greg Popcak. This seems like a big huge “Duh!” to me since devout Catholics also tend to insist that sex is a sacramental union [Read More...]