FFRF catches Hobby Lobby lying for Jesus and doesn’t let them get away with it.

First, some back story: The Christian trinket-purveyor Hobby Lobby places religious holiday ads in national newspapers reaching in some cases more than 47 million readers. Hobby Lobby’s July 4, 2013 ad features quotes from the founders scattered around huge font screaming, “In God We Trust.” The quotes are meant to give the false impression that the [Read More...]

Liz Cheney doesn’t have enough empathy for family

Steven here… Often when a conservative politician has a family member come out as gay, they tend to soften their rhetoric or do a 180 on their civil rights position. While I don’t think this should be a necessary condition for persuading them to treat others well, it’s often sufficient motivation. That said, Liz Cheney [Read More...]

GAMING: Game Theory Podcast episode 1.

David Drake and Jeremiah Beene are two good friends of mine.  Jeremiah is pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology while David has his masters in French literature.  They have started a podcast where they will apply their expertise to analyzing games and gaming news. I will likely eventually be a guest on the podcast.  Will [Read More...]

Iran bans female champions from League of Legends tournament.

I have a new article up over at The Secular View (you know that feminist atheist site I write for) about Iran’s recent decision to ban all the female champions in League of Legends at the Iran World Cyber Games to comply with religious notions of propriety.  Here’s the take home from the article: When [Read More...]

Australia has some rad politicians too!

Ok, so we can’t have the same appreciation of having scientific genius present in our government as Italy, but maybe would could have some politicians who aren’t so afraid of losing the vote of religious fundamentalists that they’ll shoot them down in a ball of flame like Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd: Added Rudd: “Sit [Read More...]

John McCain on Fox News: Muslims thanking god is no more offensive than Christians thanking god.

Where did this guy go in 2008?  Seriously. There was nothing for McCain to gain for telling the truth on Fox News there and plenty for him to lose politically by saying that Christians do the same thing they find deplorable in other faiths to an audience guaranteed to be outraged at having their hypocrisy [Read More...]

Father captures my thoughts on the situation with Syria.

My father wrote a post on facebook the other day that pretty much echoes exactly my position on the growing situation in Syria: The question keeps coming up: There have been 100,000 killed in Syria and another 7 million displaced. Why get all worked up now because 1,000 people were killed by poison gas? The [Read More...]

Bakery that denied service to lesbian couple is closing its shop.

Earlier this year a bakery in Oregon refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple citing their religious beliefs.  You can understand the outrage that ensued, and on Saturday they closed their shop saying they would be moving the bakery to an in-home business. But they left a sign on the door: “This [Read More...]

God will have to beg my forgiveness.

I saw this image on facebook and it really hit home. I do not understand how this is not the response of every person to travesties.  If god could cure cancer and doesn’t, allowing a person to die without pain rather than with it, then god is not anything that could be considered kind.  The [Read More...]

Scientific geniuses in government? Why didn’t we think of that!

In the United States our Congress is comprised primarily of businessmen.  The Committee on Science is populated with a cast of the most scientifically ignorant people imaginable. Meanwhile, in Italy, they’re appointing senators for life who did instrumental work on the Large Hadron Collider and won the Nobel Prize: On Friday the President of the Italian [Read More...]

This weekend I introduced a person to atheists.

I spent Labor Day Weekend at a family reunion of sorts for Michaelyn’s family.  It was a lot of fun.  We camped out on her uncle’s land in rural Missouri.  There was an actual outhouse.  I used it.  Thing had a flushing toilet and running water (into a bucket).  Definitely the Cadillac of outhouses. Anyway, [Read More...]

Zombie Attack Prevention Tips

Steven here… Ok, so I’m kind of stealing the zombie-theme from JT for a minute here, but I had to share this PSA made by Maria D’Souza Walters with the folks at Death By Puppets. We need a Zombie Rights Activist movement. After all, aren’t zombies the real victims here? All those living people provocatively [Read More...]

Taking the day off.

It’s been a long week.  I’ve decided to spend the day with Michaelyn watching the LCS, cuddling, and relaxing. I will probably stream a bit later if you want to come say hi.  Catch you crazy kids on the flip side.  :P [Read more...]

Calvin and Hobbes creator’s words with aspiring comic’s art combine to talk about what is important in life.

I’ve always had the utmost respect for Bill Waterson (the man behind Calvin and Hobbes).  Once he had said all he wanted to say with Calvin and Hobbes, he walked away.  Rather than staying on to make money having to manufacture motivation and letting the cartoon get stale, he walked away. I admire him for [Read More...]