Your morning happiness: big happiness dump.

Here’s all the happy you can handle.  Seriously, today’s post is a god damn ray of sunshine.  For starters, here’s a bunch of baby ducks who all fucking love this dog: And if the recent assault of depressing news gets you down, take heart, we’ll probably be alright: And here’s a classic, but a goodie: [Read More...]

Republicans spent all spring avoiding negotiation, but now it’s all they want.

The key talking point right now for the GOP regarding the shutdown is that the Democrats won’t negotiate with them.  If only they would, the GOP wouldn’t have to put a gun to the head of our economy. Funny thing though, all spring the Dems tried to negotiate with the GOP, and they would have [Read More...]

Shutdown affecting hunting and fishing. Republicans won’t like that…

Most of the country is pissed at the Republicans over the shut down (and rightly so, since it’s their doing).  But there are still a cabal of Tea Partiers who, in the name of Jesus, would rather see our economy destroyed before they see the poor get healthcare (ironically, because of concern that the healthcare [Read More...]

Middle school principal loses his moxy when the bill for breaking the law comes in.

Remember when the principal of Southern Ohio Middle School said of a portrait of Jesus he had hanging in the school: The local school district’s superintendent of schools says he won’t remove the picture with an order from the school board or a judge. He says the display comes from a student’s initiative, which makes [Read More...]

Scouts in the UK no longer have to pledge to do their duty to god.

Once again, in the race for an equal and reasonable society, the United States has been lapped. fter more than a century, members will no longer have to promise – on their honour – to do their duty to God when they make their pledge to the movement. They will, however, still be required to [Read More...]

Klingenschmitt: government forcing Christians to participate in sodomy.

The amount of unhinged lately has gone well over 9,000. Trying to reason with people like this is like expecting a newborn to comprehend English.  All you can really do is boggle that people can be this detached from reality, mock them for their lack of effort to be accurate, and weep because they have [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: kitten’s bed time routine.

I’m not feeling particularly motivated today.  So I think I’ll give you guys some quick bits and then retire til tomorrow.  For starters, here’s some happiness…because the news is depressing today. [Read more...]

American Atheists stepping in with Montgomery, AL police department.

A week and a half ago, Hemant did a write up about how the police department is Montgomery, AL is sending Christian ministers to evangelize to people at crime scenes.  This is, of course, to fight crime – not to spread Christianity.  Except there are oodles of Christians in American prisons, so one can only [Read More...]

Ken Ham has a new “Thank God You’re Wrong” campaign.

The San Jose Atheists already took Ken Ham to task brilliantly for this, but I want a crack at him too. Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis put up some billboards. As a facebook commenter wrote: “If you can’t win the debate, just declare victory.” Forgetting for a moment that Ken Ham has been rebuked, [Read More...]

Response to Leah Libresco re: relationships.

Leah posted a response to my post the other day about meaning.  In it, she essentially argued that she wanted to go to church (more than she wanted to sleep in), in response to this section of my post: Meaning is realizing we’re very lucky to have the time we have and not wasting a [Read More...]

Bachmann: we’re in the end times.

Back before the Tea Party became a thing we always knew there was a bubbling hotbed of insanity churning beneath the GOP, waiting to burst out into the public.  Sure we got bad policy and dumb decisions out of the Republicans, but we always knew that there was a contingent of much, much worse at [Read More...]

Boehner is not the best liar…

It’s obvious that the GOP is willing to hold a gun to Lady Liberty’s head in order to subvert the democratic process, but there was at least some question as to whether or not they’d actually be able to pull the trigger.  Now there is no doubt.  The GOP is willing to tank our economy [Read More...]

Comment response: how can life mean anything if it’s not forever?

Yesterday I did a post about meaning, and about some of the things that give my life meaning.  In response a theist of some flavor came into the comments to say: I am always amazed at how weak answers to the meaning question are. People you love? Begs the question. If human life has no [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: balloons.

What a debonair pooch.  I think he’s really excited to pick up his date and to bring her some balloons. [Read more...]