Texas lawmakers pass legislation protecting the right to say “Merry Christmas”.

Republicans often criticize Democrats of being unwilling to tackle the big issues.  Texas just showed them how to get serious as lawmakers: Texas legislators appear to have too much time on their hands. Members of the House of Representatives just passed legislation protecting everyone’s right to say “Merry Christmas.” Next on their agenda: a measure [Read More...]

Minnesota is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! (But it feels so good!)

Like a Christian high schooler who sees their peers having pre-marital sex and thinks “I want to try that” despite the promises of hell from their faith, Minnesota has taken a swift look at Delaware and decided they want a taste of that hot, steamy equality action, even though it means the state will be [Read More...]

Gorillas, starship commanders, and your brain

Steven here… A lot of skepticism involves learning about and recognizing psychological phenomena. Alien abduction accounts are easier to understand if you’ve read about hypnogogia. When some Christians begin speaking in tongues, it helps to know how glossolalia works. And of course, it’s always useful to familiarize yourself with pareidolia when someone claims they have [Read More...]

Bachmann: 9/11 and Benghazi were god’s punishment to America.

Oh Michelle Bachmann.  On the one hand she’s a dangerous lunatic with inordinate amounts of power.  On the other hand, she’s a source of material for my blog that seems to have no bottom. During a Capitol Hill prayer event this week, Michelle Bachmann assured people that when mortals decide to enact atrocities that god [Read More...]

Comment moderation issues.

Disqus apparently didn’t save any of my banned IPs and email addresses, so I’ve had to go back and re-add the trolls who have figured this out.  However, it seems to create a whole new list of random ban qualifications that are preventing comments from people who are allowed in.  *grumble* Anyway, I got into [Read More...]

People will do anything if god commands it…

Y’know, if more people heard god telling them to walk around naked instead of telling them to infringe upon the rights of others, I’d be out of a job. Drivers in Charlotte, N.C., faced traffic stemming from an unusual distraction Saturday: Two women and two children walking down the street naked. “Like freshly-born baby naked,” [Read More...]

Imam who claimed not wearing a hijab invited rape attempts to rape a woman.

(Trigger warnings out the yin yang) Yet another story that makes satire impossible… Earlier this year, an Islamic Imam and mufti by the name of Shahid Mehdi said that women who don’t wear a hijab are entitled to the same respect and rights as all other women. Wait, no.  That’s not right.  What he actually [Read More...]

Four teachers at a public high school in Georgia leave classes unattended to pray with students. Superintendent does nothing. (Email address included)

Recently, four teachers at Lumpkin County High School abandoned their classes to hold a prayer with students.  The FFRF sent the school a letter that hits the nail squarely on the head with a ten-ton swing. The letter pointed out that “Teachers left classrooms unattended — the gravity of that offense cannot be overstated. … [Read More...]

Christians: you are not persecuted in the United States and never were. Stop saying you are.

One of my father’s friends posted this picture on his facebook wall: Dad was having none of it. Well, 2 Timothy 3:12 says, “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution”. So, in order to prove they are living godly in Christ Jesus, they have to actually BE persecuted. It [Read More...]

Doing a Q&A in a debate chat room tonight.

Tonight at 7pm EDT I’ll be doing a Q&A in the Paltalk Atheism vs. Believer chat room.  The admins will have me on video while all questions will come from the chat thread.  It’ll be fun.  I give it 90 seconds before I piss someone off as the over/under.  Go ahead and make bets. You [Read More...]

Christian Thrift Shop remix

Christina here… All I gotta say is.. o.O? Seriously? There’s more than one? umm.. There are more. A LOT more. Oh my. [Read more...]

Happy birthday Christina!

It’s Christina‘s birthday!  Everybody wish her a happy 1up.  [Read more...]

Minnesota lawmaker’s heart breaks because of gay marriage.

Who is the real victim in the gay marriage debate?  You may think it’s the gays who are afforded fewer rights than straights, but have you thought about the straight people like Rep. Peggy Scott of Minnesota who might actually have to…y’know…look at gay people?  Probably not, you fascist. Look at what the upcoming pro-equality [Read More...]

Sean Carroll on the compatibility of science and religion as well as the Templeton Foundation.

Badass physicist Sean Carroll has some strong words in slate about whether or not religion and science can ever coexist, as well as for the Templeton Foundation. I don’t think that science and religion are reconciling or can be reconciled in any meaningful sense, and I believe that it does a great disservice to the [Read More...]