Shamed, ostracized, and controlled by her Mormon parents – but still proud to be an atheist.

I’ve always admired heroes in movies who, when given the choice to comply with a lie or something immoral or face the consequences, chooses the consequences.  I’m now 32 and I attempt to live my life in a incorruptible a way as possible.  When I was in high school?  Forget about it.  I became a [Read More...]

I have an article on

Look, I’m not bragging*, but the RDF just published an article of mine titled “They weren’t lacking in faith, they were lacking in kindness”.  Have you guys seen that story about the pastor who dressed up like a homeless guy?  Yeah, probably not true at all.  But even if it were true, I don’t see [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: You betrayed the LAAWWWWWW!

If this clip from Judge Dredd doesn’t help get you through all the depressing news today, then you need more help than I can offer. I wonder if I can tweet this clip at every single person who asks why the prayer mural in Cranston was so offensive… …I’m so doing it. [Read more...]

William Lane Craig tries to play science with Lawrence Krauss.

…and Krauss metaphorically backhands him into the Stone Age.  Pro tip: if you’re going to misrepresent physics and quote-mine physicists, maybe don’t do it in a public debate with the guy that many consider to be the world’s greatest living physicist. I’ve listened through this twice today while reading the news and writing.  Pure gold.  [Read More...]

Turns out most Americans don’t like it when you hold the nation hostage for political gain.

Ted Cruz and some other Republicans are threatening to shut down the government if the Senate and the President do not defund the Affordable Care Act.  Many Republicans oppose Cruz (including Mitch McConnell) and every Democrat think he’s out of his mind.  It turns out that most Americans think the same: With a potential government [Read More...]

Senate unanimously confirms the first openly gay federal appeals court judge.

Oh hell to the yes. After a Senate vote of 98-0, Todd Hughes will become the first openly gay man to serve on a U.S. federal appeals court — the last level of appeal short of the U.S. Supreme Court. As the Washington Blade reports, the landmark vote took place with little fanfare Tuesday morning, [Read More...]

Students for Life attempts to set the record for most lies in three minutes.

Not since the bible have so many untruths been so tightly compacted and expressed with such confidence. Ok, let’s fact-check a few claims.  The first actual claim in the clip is that: “Planned Parenthood says they perform a lot of women’s health services from contraception to mammograms.” At this point a stamp reading “false” is [Read More...]

McCain adviser regrets Sarah Palin.

Steve Schmidt served as a senior adviser to John McCain when McCain ran for president in 2008.  He had a hand in bringing Sarah Palin on board and now, as he told Chris Matthews, he’s sorry for that. Oh, I’ll bet that wasn’t easy to say… But he must say it.  The GOP crawled into [Read More...]

A second morning happiness: shmoopy couple.

There was a photographer at Apostacon giving away free professional pictures.  Michaelyn and I got a couple of them done. This one was an inside joke for anybody who plays League of Legends.  I went to the Meat Ball costume party as Super Teemo.  Teemo turns invisible if he doesn’t move for two seconds.  So [Read More...]

Did you know that marriage equality laws are a mind control experiment?

I’m going to give you a quote.  Your job is to decide who said it.  Was it: A)  A pastor of a megachurch B)  Some blowhard conservative radio personality with no accountability to humanity or good sense C)  A paranoid in a tinfoil hat who thinks Obama is hunting for him in order to force [Read More...]

The Fat Kid.

I woke up today with my brain eating at me over my weight.  So I woke up, took Michaelyn to school, and went about controlling my environment.  Then I came across this article by Wes Fenza at Polyskeptic.  He talks about growing up as a fat kid and what went through his mind: Remember how [Read More...]

Your morning happiness: french fry fans.

The caption on this picture was “This picture cost me two french fries.” [Read more...]

Matt Barber: gays know they’re being self-destructive.

Oh Matt Barber.  The host of the “Faith and Freedom” radio program (one can only assume they mean the freedom to marry only a person of whom the Liberty Counsel approves) took to the airwaves to say that gay people know they’re being self-destructive.  Here’s the vid: “God has written his laws on the hearts [Read More...]

Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting people he was supposed to be counseling.

A pastor has been caught abusing his position to sexually assault women. An associate pastor at a Norwalk church was being held on $2 million bail Thursday after he was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting female parishioners, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said. Jorge Juan Castro, 53, was arrested Sept. 13 on six [Read More...]