Refusing the Department of Homeland Security.

In Arizona, the Department of Homeland Security is setting up random checkpoints (not on the border) for the purpose of making sure people are United States citizens – because what has the fourth amendment ever done for us? I have a voice recorder on my smartphone that gets activated anytime an authority figure, such as [Read More...]

Potential fundraiser?

It was Hemingway who said “Write drunk, edit sober.”  However, most people don’t know that, as cited, this omits the latter half of the quote, which I’m pretty sure was “…if you’re a total wimp.” I posted a facebook status: “I feel like I’m writing pretty well today.  I should drink when I write more [Read More...]

I get email: what do atheist believe in?

This one comes from Gilbrand the Mighty (name changed to keep the sender anonymous). Jt, I attended your lecture at UNLV last night and enjoyed it.  I should have asked this question but I didn’t (chalk it up to a phobia for public speaking) As an atheist, the question I get the most the most [Read More...]

I get email: core values in the bible.

Let’s answer some emails.  First one comes from Bilbo (name changed to protect the sender). Hello JT, I’m stuck on a point in a debate and was wondering your thoughts on it.  I tapped my usual resources but got nothing, so I’m pulling out the big guns with asking you. This person’s claim is that [Read More...]

Handful of Republicans sign brief in favor of gay marriage. This will be better than the Super Bowl.

We knew this was coming, and finally it has. Ever since it was ok to murder a woman for bumping hips with a guy before her wedding night, social standards have moved slowly, but steadily, toward liberty and equality.  Essentially, we’ve slowly ditched dogma for empathy.  The political party of resistance to this trend has [Read More...]

Oklahoma Republicans: still silly about abortion.

The GOP has been all about creationism and abortion since getting body slammed in the last election.  Now Oklahoma is trying to throw some Obamacare into the mix (with a side of abortion, so not a huge departure). Employers in Oklahoma could opt not to include contraceptives and abortions in employee insurance plans under a [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: why do you fight religion?

For those of you who are actively anti-faith like myself, what made you that way?  After all, few of us go straight from not believing in god to being thoroughly anti-religion.  And many of us who were raised secular often see people happy in religion (note I didn’t say “religion making people happy”) and think [Read More...]

14 year-old girl put to death for the crime of being raped.

**hella trigger warnings** Something terrible has happened happened in 2011 in Bangladesh (how did I not hear about this?).  A fourteen year-old girl was beaten and raped. …as Hena’s sister Alya told it, Hena was walking from her room to an outdoor toilet when Mahbub Khan gagged her with cloth, forced her behind nearby shrubbery [Read More...]

Best filibuster ever.

Ordinarily, I’m against the filibuster.  However, Hemant has reported on one by Nebraska State Senator Ernie Chambers that moves me to make an exception.  This is what Chambers had to say while filibustering a bill that would expand the prison labor program in the state of Nebraska. Then, while burning up time trying to talk [Read More...]

Texas lawmakers want to slash funding to public schools for having equality policies.

Forget public schools that would rather ban all clubs than let a Gay-Straight Alliance form, some Texas legislators are trying to slash funding to schools/universities with pro-equality statutes for students and employees.  This is in response to the Pflugerville School District recently became the first to offer benefits to the partners of LGBT teachers.  Pflugerville [Read More...]

Kansas Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex adoption.

ThinkProgress reports that the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same-sex adoption.  Ordinarily you’d think that such an obviously correct statement, like gays can actually take care of children, wouldn’t be much to write about…but it’s in Kansas. In a decision on how to handle a dissolved same sex relationship in which children [Read More...]

Keith O’Brien: evil.

I was digging through the file labeled “Not Surprising at All” this morning and came across the story of Keith O’Brien, the Archbishop of St. Andrews and exceedingly high-ranking Cardinal.  It turns out that he spent his whole career ferociously opposing the rights of homosexuals and making advances on his male subordinates.  One of those [Read More...]

League of Legends player list.

So, I have all the readers who have added me in a nice little tab in League of Legends…but it occurs to me that everybody else may want to populate their friends list with fun atheists who don’t treat every match as if it’s life and death. If you’d like to throw your summoner name [Read More...]

When a turnover is the right play to make.

I love sports.  But they should always be an extension of the human desire to compete, and should never take the place of decency. I’m happy to see some young people, who are often placed in an environment where winning is given more value than morality, have their priorities in line (even when many adults [Read More...]