England and Wales decide equality for gays is worth offending conservatives.

It doesn’t take omnipotence to realize that love has more to do with character of one’s partner than what’s between their legs.  England is about to become the most recent nation to announce, however indirectly, that any god who decreed that gays should not be full, equal citizens was wrong – just as wrong as [Read More...]

My League of Legends curse continues.

It is common knowledge among those I with whom I play League of Legends that I am cursed.  I attract the absolute worst players at the game.  Like, not just bad players, but people who have to be playing with their feet.  It’s uncanny.  This has been verified by others around me, so it’s not [Read More...]

Streaming dat LoL.

It’s been a slow news day, so it’s time for video games.  To watch and comment head over to my stream at The Secular View. [Read more...]

Child abuse under the guise of love.

Here’s an educational video put out to help Christian parents deal with kids imagining things. How evil Satan is!  God is telling his followers to blow each other up in many Islamic societies, to suppress education the world over (including in the USA), to deprive normal citizens of equal rights, and let’s not even get [Read More...]

Catholic Church in Ireland won’t contribute to the victims of Magdalene laundries.

From 1765 all the way up to 1996 the Catholic Church in Ireland kept women suspected of being sexually active outside of wedlock prisoner, using them as slave labor (I blogged a documentary about it here).  These institutions were known as the Magdalene laundries or Magdalene asylums.  The Irish government has accepted its complicity with [Read More...]

Don’t want a computer virus? Visit porn sites, not church sites.

This has been getting thrown about the internet lately: Symantec has released a study confirming that religious sites are more likely to give you a virus than any other type of website (porn sites included): Symantec just released its usual yearly overview of Internet security, and it found something that anybody who’s had to clean [Read More...]

Smartest 12 year-old on earth.

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the translation, but if it’s even close to correct this kid is pretty spectacular. “That’s not discipline, it’s abuse and insanity.”  Of course, when religion’s involved, it’s depressing how brilliant one can appear merely by stating the obvious. [Read more...]

Moving makes no sense.

In two weeks I leave Ohio to live with Michaelyn in the state of the future: Kansas.  I’m told that Kansas is a magical place, a model of competent upkeep and progressive policies, and I can’t wait to live there instead of some backwater, rundown hole teeming with fundamentalist Christians trapped in the good ol’ [Read More...]

George Zimmerman: it was god’s plan.

In America, if you really want to get away with a crime, you’d better hold up that cross and pay it lip service til you choke. Fucking slimeball.  Add one more entry to the long list of people who’ve done something terrible and blamed god’s plan for what they did.  It’s funny how similar god’s [Read More...]

Foundation Beyond Belief making it raaaaaaaaain!

Oh snap!  Foundation Beyond Belief has eclipsed a milestone: they’ve given away $1,000,000 to various charities! Here’s what a million dollars can do: Support gender equality around the globe Create access to safe drinking water in developing countries Promote peace and protect the most vulnerable victims of war Bring humanist education to schoolchildren in Uganda [Read More...]

How will the zombie virus spread? Hint: probably not by bites.

I have another zombie article posted.  In this one I lament that virtually nobody is preparing for the virus in the form we’re likely to see. One of the biggest problems facing anybody in a zombie scenario is that there are so many unknowns.  This is exacerbated by the fact that so many people are [Read More...]

Islamic militants call for more attacks on schools.

This is disgusting. The leader of Nigeria‘s Islamist militant group Boko Haram has called for more attacks against schools, describing western education as a “plot against Islam”, in a video released days after his fighters killed 46 students in an assault on a dorm. In the 15-minute recording released at the weekend, Abubakar Shekau said [Read More...]

Young girl kicked off her school’s football team for causing impure thoughts.

A Christian school has booted one of its students from the football team, not for lack of talent, but because has a vagina. Madison Baxter had been playing football for her Christian school’s team in Georgia for the past year but was recently told she would have to quit, the New York Daily News reports. [Read More...]

Pope Francis really laying down the law on child abuse for real this time.

Pope Francis has made a decree: sexually abusing children on Vatican grounds is illegal: Pope Francis has laid down a law making it a crime to abuse children sexually or physically on Vatican grounds, the Holy See announced Thursday. The acts were already crimes under church law, but are now specifically outlawed within the Vatican [Read More...]