Thanks for being patient.

Hey all!  Thanks for being patient while I’ve been down here in Arkansas.  I know content has been light to nonexistent (especially when Michaelyn was visiting).  I’m very fortunate to have a job that allows me to make the most of my all-too-precious time with my family.  The time has been wonderful as it always [Read More...]

We had a lovely Independence Day.

The family had a lovely time last night with Michaelyn and her mother.  There were some pretty serious fireworks going on all around us.  We countered with sparklers and the pièce de résistance: the Magic Mushroom. [Read more...]

Dad vs. Dorothy.

The following exchange took place on a facebook thread between dad and Dorothy, whose name has been changed for the purposes of this post.  Dorothy opened with: Oops [NAME OF OP OMITTED]. Our Constitution says nothing of freedom FROM religion, only OF. The whole idea of FROM is simply that the government should not impose [Read More...]

Tom Hoopes: Christian warrior.

So Tom Hoopes wrote an article misleadingly titled “The Top 10 Awkward Facts About the Atheist Monument”.  Both Hemant and I pointed out that his “facts” weren’t always facts, exactly, and that his reasoning even when he did point out something true was completely specious.  So Tom Hoopes took to twitter to do…what?  To say [Read More...]

Cheers to a nation I don’t yet know.

It’s Independence Day – a day when everybody gets to pay homage to the America in their mind, even though many of those Americas look nothing alike.  The America that moves me to drink copious amounts of alcohol and play with sparklers is an idea more than a piece of land.  It’s liberty and justice [Read More...]

To Arms! – Heavenly Pizza Promotes Massacre of Gay People

When it comes to picking cherries, Heavenly Pizza fills a whole pie. Heavenly Pizza posted a reference to Leviticus after the Supreme Court decisions last week. Looking it up was an exercise in excess caution. Leviticus 20:13 says exactly what we predicted it would say: If a man lies with a male as with a [Read More...]

The Neumanns convicted of homicide.

Those who have seen my talks on religion know that I repeatedly use the example of Kara Neumann to demonstrate what irrational ideas can do to the good intentions of people. Eleven-year-old Madeline Kara Neumann died of undiagnosed diabetes on Easter Sunday in March 2008 at her parents’ home in the central Wisconsin village of [Read More...]

Timothy Dolan shuffled child-raping priests to new locations.

Timothy Dolan, up until recently could’ve been called the highest ranking Catholic in the United States.  However, during his time overseeing the Milwaukee archdiocese, the now Cardinal and Archbishop of New York eventually had to have the archdiocese declare bankruptcy.  The reason?  Having to settle too many lawsuits with the victims of child rape. In [Read More...]

Documentary “Refusing My Religion” coming soon.

At the American Atheist convention this year I was fortunate enough to be interviewed for an upcoming documentary by Michael Dorian and Marc Levine called Refusing My Religion.  The documentary focuses on the Clergy Project and addresses the trend of even ministers becoming convinced that their religion is untrue. Here’s the preview: Yeah, I might [Read More...]

My take on the “10 awkward things” article.

I saw Hemant take a swipe at the 10 awkward things about the American Atheists monument article and I just couldn’t resist piling on.  Baseless axe-grinding like Tom Hoopes’ article is like a sweet, sweet siren calling to me, and no matter how much I’d rather be doing something else I just can’t help but [Read More...]

Email: how do you think critically?

I got the following email from someone we’ll call “Pad Britt” after my interview on The Thinking Atheist. I just heard the episode of The Thinking Atheist on which you were a guest and I had a question. I’ve been an atheist for a couple of years (I was raised Southern Baptist…. so yeah….) and [Read More...]

Playing Guild Wars 2 today.

I think I’m going to take the day off and play Guild Wars 2 all day with my brother.  :)  If you all want to join in, we’re on the Gates of Madness server.  My player ID is tsukmeibols.3740…because I’m mature. [Read more...]

I’ll be on Ashley Miller’s podcast tonight.

Tonight at 7pm I’ll be a guest on Ashley Miller‘s podcast.  The description of the show is: Join me, JT Eberhard of What Would JT Do?, and Nicholas Thurkettle of his eponymous blog as we talk politics: Wendy Davis; media: World War Z and the political nature of zombies; and guest choice: the surprise success [Read More...]

When brilliant people say stupid things.

John Lennox is a math professor at Oxford.  He’s undoubtedly a clever guy.  However, he recently gave a talk at a prayer breakfast which affirmed one of the primary reasons I loathe religion: it makes clever people say and do unfathomably stupid things. He urged Christians to have “the courage to create public space” for [Read More...]