The fruits of superstition in South Africa.

In most African cultures boys must be initiated into manhood (by having circumcision performed).  This often takes place in ingoma (initiation schools) and often without the most sanitary of instruments.  Recently a story broke of a particular school where 28 boys died following the procedure.  To a mind unchained by traditional beliefs formed free from [Read More...]

2013 EVOLVE Award winners.

American Atheists has started an annual tradition.  They are giving out a series of awards called the EVOLVE awards to people who are representing atheists positively.  I think they made spectacular picks. This is what they sent me: American Atheists announced Thursday a new series of annual awards honoring podcasters, musicians, bloggers, and others who [Read More...]

Exorcist with strong connection to reality gives us his credible take on why people are atheists.

Gabriele Amorth is a priest and “expert exorcist”.  He’s such an expert that he founded the International Association of Exorcists in 1990.  Think Ghostbusters, but without being able to see any ghosts and without any technology to deal with the ghosts you can’t see. He thinks the demand for exorcisms is on the rise. The [Read More...]

A science lesson with Erick Erickson.

Erick Erickson, who believes a guy rose from the dead and walked on water (because what do scientists know about surface tension?), recently elected to give the world the courtesy of a free science lesson.  Oh joy. In response to new data revealing the women are now the primary bread-winners in 40% of American homes, [Read More...]

Blood of Christ in short supply.

Venezuela is having some economic troubles that make the USA’s look like child’s play.  There have been reports of people getting into fistfights in stores over diapers because diapers, like so many other things, are in short supply. That includes wine, which has the Catholic Church struggling to deal with their own “emergency”: With no [Read More...]

Study: BDSM practitioners “characterized by a set of balanced, autonomous, and beneficial personality characteristics.”

For people who talk openly about sex (sort of me, but REALLY Christina), we must often deal with the accusation that practicing BDSM or more aggressive forms of sex is the result of poor psychological health or past trauma of some sort. Turns out, that’s not the case.  In a study published in the Journal [Read More...]

Can an angel be purple?

Thank you Married to the Sea. [Read more...]

Streaming dat LoL.

Michaelyn is at her job saving the world, but I play video games on the weekend.  Join me! Watch live video from jteberhard on [Read more...]

Severe depression and the magic of medicine.

I’m going to take a day off to hang out with my fiancee and my brother.  However, I did want to post this one thing.  Eight months ago I received an email from a guy, let’s call him John Wayne, who was suffering from severe depression. Hi JT, Big fan, longtime follower. I’m sure you [Read More...]

Anne at the American Humanist Association Conference

Anne here … I’m at the American Humanist Association’s annual conference in San Diego today and through the weekend. Tomorrow is the United Coalition of Reason’s track on activism. I’ll be live-tweeting for anyone who is interested. Follow me @aramink or look for #ahacon13. [Read more...]

Scientists may have detected gravitational pull from other universes (and a long rant on a stupid comment).

Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap! The first ‘hard evidence’ that other universes exist has been found by scientists. Cosmologists studying a map of the universe from data gathered by the Planck spacecraft have concluded that it shows anomalies that can only have been caused by the gravitational pull of other universes. Frakking awesome. One [Read More...]

Obama throwing down on climate change.

I’m not the President’s biggest fan (though I certainly don’t regret my vote).  However, stuff like this makes me a happy Panda (and makes me not regret my vote a little more).  At a fundraiser the other day Obama said: President Barack Obama said Wednesday at a Democratic fundraiser in Chicago that he’s willing to [Read More...]

WWJTD readers doing cool stuff.

I get asked to promote stuff a lot.  These three came in this week and all sounded cool. First up, Jay Knight is raising money f0r Child’s Play Charity by bicycling for PAX East to PAX Prime.  He plan to make a donation in the name of a marine he served with who, sadly, was [Read More...]

No gay marriage, no gay rights groups, and 14 years in prison for violators. Faith in Nigeria at work.

I knew the good news couldn’t last forever.  In Nigeria, where about 50% of the population is Christian and about 47% of the population is Muslim, they’ve passed a law that represents some of the vast amount of common ground between the two faiths. Lawmakers in Nigeria passed a bill Thursday banning same-sex marriage and [Read More...]