The Los Angeles diocese found some new funds.

Man, things just keep getting worse for the Los Angeles diocese – which is strange if god really has their back.  Unable to tap into the Pope’s sacred piggy bank, they keep needing to find money to pay the $660 million settlement with the families of the children their priests raped.  The fundraiser was a [Read More...]

NTSC: Lunch.

Texas: where mac and cheese counts as a vegetable. [Read more...]

NTSC: Still rocking.

Getting pics with attendees.  :) [Read more...]

NTSC: Fundraising.

August Brunsman is speaking about fundraising right now.  Here’s the talk, given elsewhere.  If you do fundraising for a cause, I really do recommend it.  August is one of the best in the biz at fundraising. When I was with the SSA, I struggled at fundraising for a long time.  I kept getting pointers from [Read More...]

NTSC: Jerry DeWitt.

Someone needs to tell Jerry DeWitt that we became atheists so we wouldn’t have to wake up early on Sundays.  The party last night was great.  There was entirely too much drinking and even more fun.  It ran til about 4:30am for me though, and I got up at 6:45am to shower.  I rule. But [Read More...]

NTSC: Sam Singleton.

I will never miss a Sam Singleton presentation when I’m at a convention, or whenever he comes close to where I’m at.  He’s a good person, a spectacular and inventive writer, and he knows how to work a room.  Seriously, catch him if you can. Sam has a cross on stage.  He came out and [Read More...]

NTSC: Dogma Debate live podcast.

They’re about to go live.  Google the Dogma Debate podcast to find them and listen.  I’m going to be on at some point griping about country music.  :) You all know I like to give credit to the faces of atheism who, off the stage, are actually really good people.  The cast of Dogma Debate [Read More...]

NTSC: Reminded that what we do makes a difference, even if it’s not always obvious at the time.

Many years ago, back when I still blogged on xanga, there was a particularly dedicated commenter who kept coming to my blog to debate me.  Her name was Courtney and, unlike her smug, insufferable aspiring pastor fiance, she was assertive but very enjoyable.  She was kind.  For a few years this went on until finally [Read More...]

NTSC: Tony Pinn and David Tamayo.

If there is a more sincere speaker than Tony Pinn, I’ve not seen them.  The man speaks with passion, and you can’t help but listen to him.  He also amuses with apparent ease, hardly without effort, it seems.  Right now he’s telling the story of his journey towards being a minister – a journey which, [Read More...]

NTSC: Greta Christina.

Greta Christina is up talking about atheism and sex.  I don’t envy her having to follow Matt Dillahunty after that talk, but if anybody could do it and keep pace, it’s Greta (and maybe Sam Singleton). “Some religions ban sex.  Not surprisingly, those religions don’t last too long.”  Epic win.  Pro tip: if you want [Read More...]

NTSC: Matt Dillahunty.

This man rules. We have two categories: 1.  Gods that exist. 2.  Gods that don’t exist. Since no amount of searching will ever turn up a god that doesn’t exist, we only need to worry about the first category.  That category has two sub-categories. 1a.  Gods that don’t manifest themselves in any detectable means. 1b.  [Read More...]

Cool people hang out at atheist conventions. :)

Came across these two during one of the breaks here at the NTSC. [Read more...]

Q&A etiquette.

Ok, whenever I do a Q&A, I always start by saying “Ok guys, remember it’s a question and answer section, and questions have a question mark.  Also, please try not to monologue since other people want to ask questions as well.  If you abuse the rules I’m going to cut you off.” Most speakers don’t [Read More...]

NTSC: Katherine Stewart

First thing: Katherine Stewart has many books.  One of them is The Good News Clubs.  Buy it.  Read it.  Trust me on this. Good New Clubs are something I did a lot of research on when I was with the SSA.  At one point I even called their national HQ as a sympathetic parent.  The [Read More...]