New Jersey becomes the second state to ban gay conversion therapy.

Chris Christie…sometimes he makes me cheer and praise his integrity as a Republican…other times he makes me shout “WTFFFFFFFFF???” from the rooftops.  This is one of those praise moments.  To call it gay conversion “therapy” is perhaps the most careless exhibition of false advertising since anything Axe body wash has done.  Gay conversion “therapy” is [Read More...]

Outbreak of measles cases in congregation of megachurch pastor who opposes vaccinations.

We reap what we sow.  I’m pretty sure that’s in the bible somewhere. Anyway, there’s been a measles outbreak in North Texas. The epicenter of the outbreak is Tarrant County, which has now confirmed 10 cases, and the epicenter of cases in Tarrant County seems to be at Eagle Mountain International Church. Eagle Mountain International [Read More...]

Orwellian freedom of religious conscience bill introduced in Wisconsin.

The religious lobby in Wisconsin has introduced Assembly Joint Resolution 43 and Senate Joint Resolution 38 which would alter the state’s constitution to include stronger conscience protection exemptions for religious people.  What’s a conscience protection exemption?  It essentially means you have to follow the law, just like everybody else, unless your religion tells you that [Read More...]

FFRF getting involved in the Bryant High School situation.

The FFRF has sent a letter to Bryant High School in Arkansas about the football coach organizing a prayer service for the football team. FFRF Staff Attorney Patrick Elliott sent an August 22 letter to Bryant Public Schools Superintendent Randy Rutherford requesting he cancel the team religious worship service. The school is violating the Constitution [Read More...]

Then They Came for the Pastafarians…

In Russia, they have finally come for the Pastafarians. Seems that some Pastafarians neglected to get a parade permit before parading in Moscow over the weekend, and were ordered to walk the plank as a result. As if pirates believe in “permits.” Pfffft! Now, if the Moscow officials would call their parade permits “letters of [Read More...]

Gender Identity Rights

Sexual reassignment surgery is all too often the fate of a child who is born with ambiguous genitalia. Recently, a couple in South Carolina, who adopted a foster child whose gender had been arbitrarily assigned when he was a toddler, sued the state on behalf of their child. They claim the sexual reassignment surgery was [Read More...]

Ohio Still Hates Pregnant Women

Despite the fact that federal judges in Arkansas and North Dakota have struck down similar laws because of their blatant unconstitutionality, certain Ohio legislators, with the public support of the Duggar family (19 Kids and Counting), want to give their under-worked federal judges something to do, too. They’ve resurrected a fetal heartbeat bill that died [Read More...]

29% of Louisiana Republicans think Obama was responsible for poor handling of Hurricane Katrina.

It’s always a good laugh when a legit news outlet picks up a story that ran in The Onion.  It’s a reminder of how sometimes the reality we live in is indistinguishable from satire.  But when a legit news story looks like something the hyper cynical (and always satirical) Onion might run?  That’s a special [Read More...]

In Russia, a center to fight atheist extremism is being built.

Yup, it’s happening. A group of activists connected with the Russian Orthodox Church are setting up a center against atheist extremism which, according to them, is promoted mainly by foreign-sponsored organizations. What does atheist extremism look like?  I mean, nobody has to explain the products of religious extremism…but atheist extremism?  Is it people drinking Russia [Read More...]

Dawkins Foundation and Secular Coalition Join Forces

The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science and the Secular Coalition for America (SCA) have joined forces to promote science, reason, and a secular government. According to a SCA press release, the two organizations each bring something very important to the table: “the Secular Coalition’s strong nonprofit and strategic planning experience, and the Dawkins [Read More...]

Federal judge rules that the FFRF can sue the IRS.

When the FFRF filed a suit against the IRS for allowing churches to be political players without enforcing the law (making them pay taxes for it), the IRS responded by filing a motion to dismiss.  The district judge overseeing the motion has said that won’t fly. The IRS had earlier filed a motion to dismiss [Read More...]

Bryant High School coach invites all to team worship. That’s a no-no.

My father just alerted me to a posting on the facebook page for Bryant High School down in Bryant, Arkansas.  I’m just going to leave it here…and in the inbox of the FFRF. The school can’t be inviting people to worship the lord.  This is 100%, no grey area, illegal. [Read more...]

Response to Jen McCreight – on social justice, Bria Crutchfield, and the “third group”.

Comments closed. If you’re uninterested in the dust up between myself and Bria Crutchfield, consider scrolling to the bottom to read the meta of this post. Jen McCreight wrote a response to my piece about Bria Crutchfield.  This post was linked to by Greta Christina, Rebecca Watson, and countless others in that camp, many saying [Read More...]

No blogging today.

No blogging today.  I’m at the dentist while Michaelyn is getting her wisdom teeth out and I’ll spend the rest of the day taking care of her.  :) Will respond to Jen McCreight tomorrow and catch up on news stories from today. [Read more...]