Richard Haynes’ 7 clarifications about “new” atheists.

I’m a little late to the party on this one, but Richard Haynes has a post up with seven important clarifications about the “new” atheists.  I love concise responses that hit all the major points, and Haynes lives up to that standard magnificently. My favorite was: Clarification #4: People do not become atheists because of [Read More...]

I’m with Ed Brayton. It’s time to email Time.

Ed Brayton has a post up about the fallout with Joe Klein’s Time article that dismissed the charitable efforts of atheists and Time’s double down on those comments.  Ed says that there is all the motivation in the world for Time to write about the problem of atheists being reviled, with the evidence of our [Read More...]

The best video on the entire internet.

My theory III teacher in college was a very clever, unconventional guy.  He knew theory IV, where we would learn about scary, scary 12-tone serialism, was on the horizon.  To make sure we got the ground work for that course solidly, he taught the entire theory III class out of The Beatles song book.  It [Read More...]

I’m a girl geeking out!

Yesterday I was invited to join The Secular View as a gaming columnist.  The tag line for the site is “girls geeking out” and this is how they describe the site: We have brilliant children who we love to play with, we are gamers, we ride on the back of our husbands motorcycles, we work [Read More...]

What the DOMA and Prop 8 Cases Mean

Anne here. It’s not over. Yes, we got a victory in the DOMA case. Mostly. We also – pretty much – got a victory in the Prop 8 case. But there remains much work to be done. For one thing, Same-sex marriage is not the law of the land. Each state can still discriminate. Some [Read More...]

Nancy Pelosi wins.

Lots of very religious people were very unhappy about the gay rights decisions handed down yesterday.  Among them was Michele Bachmann: “Marriage was created by the hand of God. No man, not even a Supreme Court, can undo what a holy God has instituted,” Bachmann said. Now, I’m a guy who likes to keep things [Read More...]

Harassers of Stephanie Zvan, Rebecca Watson, and others are jerks.

Comments closed. I got linked a post by Stephanie Zvan where she talked about responding to a comment on my post about Greg Laden the other day.  The comment was: If you’re really about supporting Stephanie, why didn’t she tell her “husband,” Greg, that in the first place, since she wears the pants in that [Read More...]

Republicans thumb their nose at America to prove their patriotism.

Republicans have taken a break from producing jobs and fixing the economy through their ardent opposition to marriage equality and swaths of anti-abortion legislation to take a stab at fixing the economy by introducing a bill that would prohibit the burning of particular pieces of cloth – namely the ones with 50 stars and 13 [Read More...]

How do I luck into awesome things?

Very few writers make their entire living through one outlet.  For example, Hemant writes his blog but he also produces books.  And for me, I write the blog for a living but I’m also a columnist for American Atheist Magazine as well as some other writing gigs.  Today I was offered another such job and [Read More...]

God is not good.

Some people find confirmation of god’s existence in things so ludicrous one can only wonder what could ever convince them that god doesn’t exist.  I was reading about Aaron Hernandez, the tight end for the New England Patriots, who has been arrested in an investigation into a murder.  It’s very sad.  But what made my [Read More...]

Stephen Fry opens up about his suicide attempt and subsequent treatment.

Stephen Fry has published a piece on his website talking about his suicide attempt last year and the mental illness that provoked it. Some people, as some people always will, cannot understand that depression (or in my case cyclothymia, a form of bipolar disorder) is an illness and they are themselves perhaps the sufferers of [Read More...]

My appearance on The Thinking Atheist is up.

If you missed it last night, you can hear it here.  [Read more...]

DOMA and Prop 8 are history. Tony Perkins is a sad panda.

This was the strangest morning.  I woke up this morning no longer interested in marrying my fiancee.  She seemed so perfect, so attractive just yesterday.  But just a few hours ago I rose from my slumber with nothing but desire to marry two dudes and their cocker spaniel instead.  It was then that I knew [Read More...]

Catch me on The Thinking Atheist tonight.

Tonight at 7pm EST I’ll be the guest on The Thinking Atheist.  I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for Seth Andrews.  For someone I so admire to invite me on is a huge honor that doubtlessly will fuck up by being impolitic. We’ll be talking about the arguments for god you hear [Read More...]