Exorcism on the rise.

DrB-   To the great pleasure of the Catholic church, exorcism is on the rise in Poland.   “The rise in the number or exorcists from four to more than 120 over the course of 15 years in Poland is telling,” Father Aleksander Posacki, a professor of philosophy, theology and leading demonologist and exorcist told [Read More...]

Abortion debate: response to Timothy Dalrymple.

Timothy Dalryple, fellow blogger here at Patheos, wrote a post titled “I Am a Hate-Filled Christian.”  I hated it.  I thought it was awful and without empathy for a lot of people.  I took one paragraph out of it that dealt with abortion and and rebutted it (Christina took care of his anti-homosexual bits). Now [Read More...]

Slinky = Sorcery

DrB-   Reality is weird! Most noticeably so, when it comes to how gravity works on a slinky. If you keep your eye on the bottom of the Slinky, on the last curl at the very end, you will notice that as the top of the Slinky starts to fall, the bottom doesn’t drop. It [Read More...]

Best. Roommate. Ever.

I’ve been sick as hell the last two days.  Between now and when I’m well if anybody even hints to me that germs are intelligently designed, they’re going to earn themselves and god a punch in the face. My throat has been trying to mutiny this entire time and Cambridge, swell roommate that she is, [Read More...]

FSM, get me out of this state.

I read this and it made me yearn for Indiana, which is saying something (sorry RHIT and Purdue peeps).  1 In 7 Ohio conservatives think Mitt Romney killed Osama bin Laden. This kind of ignorance by American voters goes beyond sad and into scary.  As one of the commenters said, ” It goes right along [Read More...]

Whoa! You mean “don’t ask, don’t tell” was useless?

Remember back when there was the big hullabaloo over repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell?”  Remember when the wingers thought so little of our soldiers to say that they could endure sweltering conditions away from their families, with bullets whizzing by their heads and even the trauma of perhaps having to kill another human being, but [Read More...]

Guest post: Your Facebook Votes Are Worth Over $50!

Here be a guest post from Josh Brose, the partners intern at Foundation Beyond Belief. Josh from Foundation Beyond Belief here, Seriously, everyone needs to do this.  In case you haven’t heard – the Foundation Beyond Belief, the Secular Student Alliance, and Camp Quest have all been nominated for the CHASE community giving program.  2 [Read More...]

I get email: Matthew.

I got an email from Matthew.  I was at the presentation you gave yesterday a Rose-Hulman. You said you thought that Christian apologists had to know their evidence was bad. What would you say about the evidence of irreducibly complex systems? (Such as the Blood clotting cascade and cilium) You mentioned them yesterday (with the [Read More...]

Folding at home, even less effort that prayer.

DrB-   Are you helping find cures for diseases like cancer? You could be! Protein folding is linked to disease, such as Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s disease, and many Cancers. Moreover, when proteins do not fold correctly (i.e. “misfold”), there can be serious consequences, including many well known diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Mad Cow (BSE), [Read More...]

Why do people reject science?

DrB-   We see this all the time, even though “every piece of existence on Earth” supports evolution, people still deny it. It’s nearly always due to having never studied biological sciences, and not understanding what the Theory says. Some Australian researchers wanted to find out something similar, why do people reject climate science? When [Read More...]

Skepticism and “Organic” foods

DrB-   Are “Organic” foods better for you? On the surface, it feels like one of those “everybody knows” or gut feeling type questions, that should be easy to answer. That we can just assume that those foods marked as “organic,” for having been grown with specific farming methods, are better than those sprayed with [Read More...]

Tuesday conversation: drugs.

I’m going to start a trend of having a dedicated conversation topic every Tuesday. Today’s conversation is drugs.  Have you done them?  Which ones?  Which would you do again/not do again? Should they be legal?  Which ones? Go. [Read more...]

Paul Ryan on school sponsored prayer

DrB-   Public school’s having official prayer is struck down every time it comes up. The supreme court ruled on that 50 years ago, and nothing has changed.  Not that the current crop of GOP candidates are pleased about that. “That’s a constitutional issue of the states,’’ Mr. Ryan told a campaign volunteer during a [Read More...]

9/11: never forget our own failures.

When I got out of work on September 11, 2001, my father called me and told me to remember where I was that day and everything else about it: what I thought, who I talked to, etc., because one day my children would ask me. When I speak to others who were in school that [Read More...]