Ireland’s prime minister defies the Catholic Church.

Ireland’s prime minister, Enda Kenny, is set to pass legislation in favor of abortion.  In response, the Catholic Church threatened him with excommunication.  This was his response: “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion here but as explained to the Cardinal and members of the church my book is the constitution and the constitution is determined by [Read More...]

Guest post from an atheist mortician.

Guest post goodness below from my roommate and good friend Cambridge, the upbeat mortician.  She has recently started a blog about death, which you should read since she’s an expert and all. /bad sales job Hello! I’m JT’s roommate! My name is Cambridge! I touch dead people and get paid for it! I’m currently serving [Read More...]

Seriously…a documentary about how Christians are persecuted.

This is simultaneously hilarious and depressing.  Hilarious that Christians, who hold almost every seat in our government and who are the vast majority of our citizens can convince themselves that they are oppressed.  Depressing that the thinking capacity of the children in the promo has been so warped by propaganda. Never has a battle so [Read More...]

Twitch TV test.

Watch live video from jteberhard on I am testing a Twitch TV stream in case I ever want to stream gaming or anything else.  Wheeeeee! [Read more...]

Public school cancels graduation rather than remove a Christian prayer. (Email address included)

What is up with schools in Arkansas not getting separation of church and state lately?  The Riverside School district has had a prayer at their 6th grade graduation as a matter of tradition.  This year one of the atheists spoke up about how it made them uncomfortable and how it was against the law.  The [Read More...]

Stop thanking god for the three rescued kidnapping victims.

::HELLA TRIGGER WARNING:: Ten years ago three Cleveland women, two of them teens, were kidnapped.  During this time they were chained in a house, never allowed to leave, raped, and forced to have children.  Just yesterday, with the help of a neighbor, one of them managed to escape and call the police. And the article [Read More...]

More coverup in the Catholic Church for child rapists.

There’s a particular crime, let’s call it “protecting and abetting child rapists”, which most human beings (including those evil atheists) can immediately discern is a very, very bad thing.  However, the organization which claims to be a moral beacon to the world, the followers and leaders of which often insisting that one cannot be moral [Read More...]


Well, maybe not “doomed” per se.  God once flooded the world and sent plagues and fires to punish sinners, but now those things have been replaced by the nattering of put out Christians who think it’s their right to dictate who other adults should love.  Yes, Delaware is going to let gay people get married. [Read More...]

Rick Perry: Opposing gays in the boy scouts is like opposing slavery.

I can’t make this stuff up: “Perry, speaking from the library in the Governor’s Mansion, referred to a portrait of Sam Houston, whom he called Texas’ greatest governor. He told how Houston’s principled stand against slavery and Texas’ joining the Confederacy cost him his governorship.” Said Perry: “That’s the type of principled leadership, that’s the [Read More...]

They will bow before the might of Heimerdinger.

Heimerdinger is considered to be the worst champion in League of Legends.  He’s also my main in the mid lane.  While doing an ARAM with my ranked team I got Heim and almost pooped my pants. [Read more...]

Congratulations to Greg Lammers.

Man, it’s a day of awesome announcements from atheist groups.  First Joel Guttormson at the RDF, now American Atheists has announced that Greg Lammers will become their national affiliate director. Greg Lammers, who has served as American Atheists’ Missouri State Director until now, will step up to the role of National Affiliate Director overseeing approximately [Read More...]

Forthcoming episode of Constitution USA to feature Jessica Ahlquist.

Ok, one more post.  PBS has produced a series on the Constitution, and episode of which will focus on Jessica Ahlquist’s battle in Cranston. Watch Battles of School Prayer on PBS. See more from Constitution USA with Peter Sagal. If you want to see exactly why Jessica’s case was necessary (or if you’re just not [Read More...]

New Zealand anti-gay group to be de-registered as a charity.

New Zealand has some pretty sensible laws about which groups get to call themselves charities. Under the Charities Act, registered charities can undertake political activities, such as supporting or opposing legislation in its area of activity, but not as its main purpose. Charities must be set up wholly and exclusively for charitable purpose and public [Read More...]

Two days left to donate to the Pathfinders Project.

There is only a little over two days left in the IndieGoGo campaign to help Foundation Beyond Belief sponsor a year-long volunteer journey, taking humanist volunteers across the world to work in education, clean water, human rights and construction projects, and to evaluate programs for inclusion in a future Humanist Service Corps. You can help [Read More...]