Muslim preacher in custody in connection with acid attack.

I saw a story in my reader the other day about two 18 year-old British women who were volunteering as teachers in Zanzibar who were violently attacked.  Two people on a motorcycle road by and threw acid in their faces. Why didn’t I write about it at the time?  Because the police had no leads. [Read More...]

Posts going up a little later today.

Good news: I’m making friends already.  A local friend helped me move when my box arrived. Bad news:  He’s moving today and I’m going to be a good friend/person and return the favor.  This means posts will go up a little later.  Be brave. [Read more...]

More miracles: tree in California weeping A) God’s tears? B) Divine love? C) Excrement?

It’s kind of funny how the meaning of words can change over time.  Whenever I hear the word “miracle” lately, I don’t think “an act of god”.  Instead I think “oh, some more people are overlooking a simple explanation” or “somebody’s declaring they have proof of magic after less than a second of investigation.”  Or, [Read More...]

Woman fed up with government intrusion on religion gets lost at sea – thanks god when humans rescue her.

If the story of the priest who miraculously prayed at a car accident or the story of the young woman who “miraculously” unbuckled her seat belt didn’t confirm for you the degree to which people can be desperate to affirm miracles, this story will do so.  Without a doubt. Meet Hanna Gastonguay.  She’s positively incensed [Read More...]

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire is tired of being SODOMIZED by the left.

I normally don’t blog much on the weekends, but a couple items are making that simply impossible.  This video…I cannot comment in a way that would add to it or make it seem more ridiculous.  It truly speaks for itself.  It reminds me of a quote from Young Frankenstein: “It sounds like the nonsensical ravings [Read More...]

League of Legends highlight: going hero mode to save Caitlyn.

Was playing my ranked game in yolo queue the other day.  Our top lane took Galio so I needed to take a bruiser jungler rather than a full on tank.  So I took Aatrox. Later in the game our Cait got caught out as our team was retreating.  The standard smart play would’ve been to [Read More...]

More facebook fun.

My friend Michele posted about the Schiables and the judge not letting them off.  One of her friends came onto the post and said: So upsetting, tragic, wrong, and just plain stupid. If God exists (and my best guess is He does but I don’t want to debate that here) He works through people He’s [Read More...]

Why god can’t have a hamster.

This is brilliant. That’s the god of the bible: a guy who isn’t responsible enough to own a hamster. [Read more...]

The bar for miracles just keeps getting lower.

Miracles just ain’t what they used to be.  The first miracle, so we’re told, was the creation of the cosmos.  Of course, nobody was there to see that one.  Then we had Jesus walking on water and rising from the dead.  Of course, we just have the word of four dudes that this happened, and [Read More...]

Pennyslvania judge won’t drop murder charge against faith-healing parents.

Back in April I wrote about Herbert and Catherine Schaible who, at that time, had just had a second child die of neglect.  They called it faith-healing, but while there was plenty of faith, there was absolutely no healing and the result was the death of their son at the hands of bacterial pneumonia.  A [Read More...]

Stephanie Banister should come to the United States, the Tea Party would love her.

Stephanie Banister s a political candidate in Australia whose goal in life seems to be making Sarah Palin look like a virtuoso of world knowledge by comparison.  It’s a challenge, but Banister seems up for it.  Did you know that Islam is a country and that Judaism is a religion centered on Jesus Christ? I [Read More...]

Daniel Moran endures sickening statements from Rep. Michael Burgess and his church-going followers.

Daniel Moran is an atheist activist down in Texas.  He recently went to an appearance by House Rep. Michael Burgess at a Texas church.  Daniel asked how Burgess would represent atheists, humanists, etc..  Burgess responded that he represents everybody equally.  Daniel then pointed out that Burgess has voted twice to deny humanist chaplains in the [Read More...]

Republicans have a complaint, but won’t let Democrats fix it.

Republicans have been so desperate to criticize the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) that they have repeatedly gone so far as to make things up.  However, recently they’ve found a ruby in their mountain of rocks and uncovered a legitimate complaint. The problem is that under the law clergy and church employees at smaller churches cannot [Read More...]

Prayer: neglect without shame.

Reading the prayer requests on Mark Shea’s blog always fills me with bewilderment.  For one, their prayers seem like an indictment on the same god they worship for being oh-so-good.  I mean, you can’t think that you’re bringing the situation to god’s attention.  If the guy’s all knowing, he has surely been aware of whatever [Read More...]