Comment roundup 12/14.

This week’s comment comes from John Sunderman. Amazing…so Santa Claus is not a myth?? And of course Athiests have to insult Christianity…can’t just believe in whatever it is they believe (which is pretty much nothing), Athiests have to impose their beliefs on everyone else in society–pathetic. No, John.  The billboard categorizes Santa and Jesus both [Read More...]

Possible upcoming debate, part III.

Here’s round 3 in my email exchange with AJ MacDonald.  Round 1 is here, and round 2 is here. Thanks J. T., I will be the first to admit I am 100% confident your position is indefensible, intellectually, that I have a huge ego, and that – and this is more important – that I [Read More...]

Atheistish pictures 12/14.

Ok, that last post was a good step toward alcoholism.  So let’s go with something light-hearted here. When discussing unions with conservatives, I always enjoy pointing out that Ronald Reagan was the president of a union (the Screen Actors Guild). [Read more...]

Connecticut shooting open thread.

If I see one more reporter pressuring a traumatized kid or their parents, I’m going to kick humanity square in the nuts and leave. I’m mostly disgusted, and trying to focus on other work.  However, I see everybody on the web talking about this, so here’s a place to do it with other WWJTD commenters/readers.  [Read More...]

Pope blesses Uganda legislator in favor of mass murder.

In between communing with a god of love and insisting that the Catholic church is humanity’s moral authority, the Pope found time to bless the Uganda law-maker most fervent to pass the kill-the-gays bill. Pope Benedict XVI yesterday sent his first tweet from his new Twitter account, then turned around and blessed Rebecca Kadaga, the [Read More...]

Myth #5: Atheists are waging a War on Christmas.

A secular census has recently been launched and Mary Ellen Sikes is doing a week-long blog series about the results. She shot me an email this last weekend, which I just got to yesterday, and asked if I’d post them. Seemed interesting, so here we go. (You can also find these posts over at Stephanie [Read More...]

The importance of “I don’t know.”

DrB- When it comes to grand questions of philosophy, never overlook a chance to admit you don’t know. It’s a perfectly acceptable position to admit to. Does “god” exist? I don’t know, which god? How did the universe come to be? I don’t know, but if you have a claim you better have evidence. Which [Read More...]

Jon Stewart on the failed disabilities treaty.

There were several occasions when the disabilities treaty failed in the senate where I was going to write about it, and then other stuff came up.  Good thing, because I couldn’t have done nearly as well as Jon Stewart did with it. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Get More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor [Read More...]

Why there were no legal columns today.

For those of you who came to the blog today for Anne’s usual legal columns, she has a legitimate excuse.  Last week a group of men broke into her home and robbed her at gunpoint. Four of the five of them are now in custody but, as you can imagine, it is a very time-consuming [Read More...]

Possible upcoming debate, part II.

I got an email from a Christian author wanting to debate me (my friend Brian Fields had forwarded him to me, and I offered so he’d leave Brian alone).  Here’s his first email and my initial response.  Here’s his newest email. Thanks J. T., I can certainly understand where you are coming from, as I [Read More...]

A possible upcoming debate.

Brian Fields, the leader of the Pennsylvania Non-believers and state director of PA for the Secular Coalition for America (and all-round pretty epic guy) was helping me flash a new ROM on my tablet last night (via Skype).  During the conversation, he told me of a Christian author who kept bugging him for a debate [Read More...]

Blasphemy: safe haven for faith across the world.

There are some atheists who, in their desire to co-exist with irrational people, allow themselves to fall into the trap of attempting to co-exist with irrationality itself.  We are told that we can all have our beliefs and get along. Of course, I think that’s ridiculous.  Religion does not survive by co-existing – it survives [Read More...]

Myth #4: Atheists disbelieve because they are ignorant about God and religion.

A secular census has recently been launched and Mary Ellen Sikes is doing a week-long blog series about the results.  She shot me an email this last weekend, which I just got to yesterday, and asked if I’d post them.  Seemed interesting, so here we go.    (You can also find these posts over at [Read More...]

Agatha defends the Salvation Army.

Agatha (real name changed) studied at a theological seminary and did not care for what my dad said to the Salvation Army bell-ringer the other day.  She came onto my facebook to let me know. Sad. Bell ringers are low income paid employees or volunteers. I hope that man who feels so good about saying [Read More...]