Atheists uniting to help the Oklahoma victims.

Moore, Oklahoma got mangled by tornadoes last night.  Interestingly, nobody is saying it’s because Oklahoma is too friendly to gay people. The same god who conceived of natural disasters and who watched the devastating storm with indifference is being equally inert when it comes to answering prayers of the victims.  However, human beings are answering [Read More...]

I’m a government shill for the Boston bombing false flag!

Christina here… It started with a simple comment. While browsing Youtube videos, I came across one of the many videos claiming that the Boston bombing survivors who have had legs amputated were actors. In the video, the narrator claims Adrianne Haslet-Davis and Heather Abbott (both lost their left legs below the knee in the bombing in [Read More...]

Good reviews for musical about leaving faith.

The musical TJ and Mr. Oaksite, which deals with a young woman abandoning faith and dealing with mental illness (and which also has a character fashioned after yours truly :D), has debuted to wonderful reviews! But lest you think this is heavy philosophy, Wilkinson’s story humanizes the debate. Two sisters — the T.J. of the [Read More...]

God was absent at the Boston Marathon and he was absent in the bombers’ wake.

I just read an article from the Christian Post titled Where Was God During the Boston Marathon?  This paragraph concisely captures the desperation with which so many Christians attempt to defend god’s absence. In the meantime, instead of focusing on all the evil which seems to permeate every crack and crevice of this planet, we [Read More...]

New books from David Fitzgerald and Dana Fredsti!

David Fitzgerald has his newest book out: The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Western Religion Book One: The Mormons.  If you know Dave, or if you read his first wildly successful book Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed at All, then you know Dave has a real talent for taking academic, fact-filled material [Read More...]

WWJTD podcast: Heina Dadabhoy and Islam.

We did a podcast with Heina Dadabhoy and talked about Islam and the ways to criticize it. [Read more...]

Pseudoscience, Eugenie Scott, NCSE, and the Journal Nature

Anne here … The eminent science journal Nature devoted its May 15, 2013, editorial to applauding the work of the National Center for Science Education and its retiring director, Eugenie Scott. Critics of mainstream science frequently dispute evolution or climate change. Whatever their target, a common tactic is to challenge how well mainstream scientists accept these [Read More...]

Gage Pulliam: Oklahoma’s Defender of Separation of Church and State

Anne here … The Freedom From Religion Foundation does more than write letters and file lawsuits. Last Monday the Muldrow, Oklahoma public schools confirmed that it has permanently removed Ten Commandment plaques from all of its classrooms. Theocratic parents, of course, complain that after allowing the signs to stay up for twenty years, taking them [Read More...]

Slow news day. Let’s play video games!

The news is pretty dry today.  Good!  Less news equals less bad news which equals more happy in JT land. Let’s celebrate!  I’m going to knock off early and play some League of Legends for a bit.  Then tonight from 9pm EDT to 1am EDT I’ll be streaming more league of legends showing people who [Read More...]

Happy anniversary mom and dad!

My liberal, heathen, godless parents, who clearly have no family values, celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.  There was never any god keeping them together, just mutual affection.  They have produced two kids who view them as their best friends.  Both my brother and I have always called mom and dad first when we’re [Read More...]

Orchestral version of the Moon Theme from Ducktales.

I think much of the music written for older video games is some of the most wonderful and complex music ever composed.  One of my all time favorites is the Moon Theme from the NES version of Ducktales.  It’s one of my go-to ditties when I want to smile.  And today I found an orchestral [Read More...]

When your prayers are only ever answered by mortals, it’s time to stop asking god.

Saw another prayer request on Mark Shea’s blog that I thought begged for comment. My reader who has been suffering from profound depression has a treatment option open to her, but will need resources to do it, particularly childcare every day for three weeks from 8 to 5.  FWIW, I’ve suggested she start a Kickstarter [Read More...]

The tightrope walk of recovery.

Minus only a couple bad days with food over the last year, I’ve been about as recovered as any anorexic could ever hope to be.  When we hear someone say “recovered” we tend to think that they’re are back to normal with their illness far behind them.  I wish that’s what I meant, but sadly [Read More...]

High school student who sued Rankin reveals herself.

The high school student who brought a suit against Rankin High School to stop mandatory religious assemblies put on by a local church (Mississippi, what can you do?) has abandoned her anonymity in an essay for the American Humanist.  In a twist, she is a Christian (her co-plaintiff is an atheist).  Like I’ve always said, [Read More...]