My Favorite Evening, in the Style of 50 Shades of Grey… (Blogathon 32/49)

Michaelyn again! PhilMay says: Describe your favorite evening out with J.T., extra points given if you can write it in the style of Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey. Just for you Phil…(note: if you don’t get the humor, you haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey. That’s okay, don’t do it. It should be noted [Read More...]

Not done with Brian (Blogathon 31/49)

I wasn’t quite finished with Brian earlier. There’s actually alot of proof for this argument for the Creationist account and it raises questions that you Darwinists will not answer, because your model fails. Which “Darwinists” are you talking about?  Are you talking about the ones like me who studied music in college?  Well yeah, we [Read More...]

Requested topic: what do I do to stay fit? (Blogathon 30/49)

The answer to that question has changed over time.  Recall that my anorexia transitioned into anorexia athletica.  When I wasn’t required to have eyes on me when at the gym I’d work out constantly (like to the point of throwing up and then to the point of throwing up again).  That’ll get you in shape [Read More...]

A Zombie Apocalypse Team (Blogathon 29/49)

Michaelyn here! Zed asks: If a zombie apocalypse occurred, who would you want to be in your ideal survival group? 1. JT Eberhard – He’s humanity’s best chance in a zombie apocalypse. 2. Tony Stark/Iron Man – Seriously…He’s a quick thinker. His only downfall would be that he’s selfish, so if he didn’t care about [Read More...]

Topics bought with donations: the Dark Knight trilogy (Blogaton 28/49)

I got asked what I think of the Dark Knight trilogy and my thoughts on the upcoming movie. Thought number 1: being the first superhero flick released after The Avengers is like being the next shooting guard after Michael Jordan.  You may be great but you’re going to look like a chump by comparison.  I [Read More...]

Ninja bachelor raid (Blogathon 27/49)

So, back in high school we had a really tight-knit group of friends.  We called ourselves “The Guys Team” (yes, there was a Girls Team too). One of our members, Jeremiah, wound up getting married when he grew up.  Jeremiah always had a thing for ninjas.  This pissed me off since I’m a pirate. Anyway, [Read More...]

Brian and creationism (Blogathon 26/49)

I’m back! I just got done recording songs people had requested…with the flu.  Ah well, it’s like my old voice teacher always said: you have a career because you can sing when sick. This may explain why I don’t have a career… Anyway.  A while back I wrote a post about a creationist website that [Read More...]

It's Not Your Right to Hurt Others! (Blogathon 25/49)

And now, for the USofA’s next act, North Dakota proudly presents: “WE DO WUT WE WANT CUZ IT’S OUR FREEDOMZ!” Yup. They’ve proposed an Amendment to their state constitution: Government may not burden a person’s or religious organization’s religious liberty. The right to act or refuse to act in a manner motivated by a sincerely [Read More...]

My Atheist Story and Our First Kiss (Blogathon 24/49)

adamcollins asks: What’s your atheist story? Did you used to be religious? I wasn’t raised religious. The only time I attended church as a kid was when we visited my grandmother or if I just went along with a friend from school. As a child I went back and forth, never really sure what to [Read More...]

Getting Ever Closer to 300 (Blogathon 23/49)

This is just a reminder that JT and I set a goal this morning of getting 300 individual donors by the end of our blogathon.  This blogathon will end at 7am EST on June 7th. We currently have 242 donors! That means we only need 58 more people! We’re getting so very close. To count [Read More...]

Changing the Government and Why JT Cried (Blogathon 22/49)

Zengaze asked me: If you could make one change to government policy, just one what would it be and why. Woah. Zengaze, you made me think. Or you made me try to think. My brain is kind of mush after writing all day. One thing I would like to get rid of is our stupid [Read More...]

Guild Wars 2 review (Blogathon 21/49)

JT here! There’s been a flu running around the office and guess who got it!  Proof that god hates me.  It’s ok, I just hate him back. Anyway, I spent most of the weekend in bed playing the beta weekend of Guild Wars 2.  The whole time I found myself thinking how glad I was [Read More...]

Answering Your Questions (Blogathon 20/49)

Michaelyn here! If you have any questions for me, go here! Sarah asks: Does JT snore? He totally does, I bet. Yes, but it’s not loud. It’s kind of a cute, quiet snore usually. Although when he’s completely exhausted, he can get loud. Cara asked: What went through your head the very first time you [Read More...]

Questions and Hey, Arnold! (Blogathon 19/49)

Ask and ye shall receive. If you have any questions for me, go ask them here.  ———————————————– While I’m answering questions, I thought I’d leave you with some entertainment! Granted, if you didn’t watch Hey, Arnold! as a child, you might not find this as amusing as I do. If you did happen to watch [Read More...]