Timothy Dalrymple on abortion.

In preparation for my forthcoming move to Patheos, I started reading some of their other blogs today.  Suffice that there were a lot of opinions being expressed that I found bewildering, to say the least. So I emailed Dan, who runs the atheist portal over at Patheos, to ask if the posts of my colleagues [Read More...]

46% – let's hear it for dumb.

I gotta hand it to Bill Nye: the man has a gift for pissing off an inordinate amount of people by politely stating the obvious.  In 2006 people walked out of a lecture of his because he pointed out that the moon does not produce light as Genesis 1:16 suggests. Now he’s doing it again.  [Read More...]

Debate down in Texas.

The weekend after Labor Day David Smalley, the host of the popular atheist podcast Dogma Debate (and all around pro at looking like he simply doesn’t give a good god damn in pictures), is going to be duking it out with Dr. Barry Creamer on two questions: “Does the god of the bible exist?” and [Read More...]

Happy anniversary, hon!

I’m not sure when my relationship with Michaelyn really began.  Was it our first kiss?  Was it the first time we hung out together, just us?  We were very casual and just kind of naturally grew into a couple.  However, today it has officially been one year on facebook as a couple, so let’s just [Read More...]

Congressman Cleaver doesn't believe in Atheists

DrB-   There was a March for Women’s equality in Kansas City this past weekend, and there was a pretty decent turnout. Missouri Congressman Cleaver even showed up to give his stance of support for women’s equal rights. I’m glad Cleaver supports women’s equal rights, that’s a no brainer everyone should be able to get [Read More...]

Romney's first VP pick passed.

The New York post reports that Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey was Romney’s first pick for a Vice Presidential running mate, but passed on the gig because he didn’t think Romney would win. Gov. Chris Christie wasn’t willing to give up the New Jersey statehouse to be Mitt Romney’s running mate because he doubted [Read More...]

One of these things is not like the others…

He’s the recent GOP chairman, so surely he’d have a place at the RNC convention in Tampa.  Look at all the past chairmen who got invites. There were several major players there: Priebus himself, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Ron Johnson, Barbour and nephew Henry Barbour, former Virginia governor and former RNC chair Jim Gilmore, [Read More...]

Hypocrisy in Georgia.

There is a football coach in Georgia who is unrepentant with his trying to convert his players to Christianity. … on game day, [coach Mark] Mariakis takes the football team to a local church for dinner. We understand that at these events the church’s preacher sermonizes to the players “about the Christian religion”… News reports [Read More...]

Atheist Guild Wars 2 guild is a huge success! What next?

At midnight EDT Saturday morning, Guild Wars 2 became playable for everyone who had pre-purchased.  The officer corp. got in immediately, formed the guild, and in no time it had reached the membership ceiling with tons more still wanting to get in.  Guilds are supposed to be able to spend influence points to expand their [Read More...]

Threats and complaints, like sin, are all equal in the eyes of the lord.

You’d think that an organization that has defended its right to lie would have accumulated enough practice to be good at it. American Atheists has decided to take down its billboards in North Carolina.  Fox News has an article out on it with the following headline: Complaints cause atheist-funded billboards in North Carolina to come [Read More...]

Michael D. Higgins blasts the Tea Party for cultivating a culture of fear.

“It’s not that the Irish are cynical. It’s rather that they have a wonderful lack of respect for everything and everybody.” ~ Brendan Behan I just heard this portion of a debate from 2010 between Michael D. Higgins, the current president of Ireland (he was elected in 2009, so this debate took place while he [Read More...]

And so begins my new life…

I woke up this morning in better psychological shape than I’ve been in for about the last month.  I crossed the bedroom/office to my desk, put on my PJs/work uniform, and sat down to actually read the news.  Not skim because I know my time is super limited, but read.  I’m not just analyzing what’s [Read More...]

Why don't you guys marry him?

Christ.  Now I see why you guys suffer through the dregs that I write. Yes, I will still be posting snippets of stuff from my dad once I’m over at Patheos.  If you guys like him so much, why don’t you take him out to dinner or something? Actually, do that.  And mom too. Chrstina, [Read More...]

Psychic enthusiast thinks atheist kids have problems.

So Camp Quest was on ABC.  Hooray national attention where it needs to be! But they brought on a child psychologist who said that “spirituality gives kids better health, better grades, more meaning and purpose.”  Her name was Lisa Miller.  This is her. “Dr. Miller co-hosted a season of the show Psychic Kids on AE.  [Read More...]