When your favorite tactic doesn’t work.

Ed Brayton posted a link to the FRC where they are encouraging their followers to pray that the SCOTUS judges make the “right” call in the two gay marriage cases they’re taking up this week. May God guide us in praying for each member of the Supreme Court: for Samuel Alito, Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader [Read More...]

Atheist packages more likely to go missing.

This is interesting.  An atheist German shoe company ran an experiment by shipping two packages to all their USA customers for a while.  One package was taped using their “Atheist” branded tape, and the other with normal old tape.  The result?  Packages branded with the word “Atheist” were ten times more likely to be lost. [Read More...]

Help support Reasonfest in any way you can.

Hey gang. I used to organize events – the free kind, so that all the people who couldn’t afford to get into American Atheists or TAM would still be able to be a part of that community.  My dream was not just a second-hand conference for those who were financially barred from the big conferences, [Read More...]

Huckabee: If GOP accepts gay marriage Evangelicals will form a third party.

It’s funny.  Only two years ago the GOP was continuing to use gay marriage as a wedge issue.  We were to believe that there was a pernicious homosexual agenda at work that would undermine and destroy straight marriage – and that the GOP were the ones to stop it.  Now that people are catching wise, [Read More...]

Father responds to Cindy.

My father was in yet another debate on his facebook wall, this time with a person named Cindy who left the following. I debate because you are so freakin arrogant and into yourselves that it’s just too funny and I like throwing you a curve! In short, it amuses me. Father responded: Why, you incredibly [Read More...]

Michaelyn’s ReasonFest Fundraiser

Hello, all! Michaelyn here! I’m here to tell you all about ReasonFest 3 hosted by the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics (SOMA) at KU. ReasonFest is one of the biggest student-run conferences in the states (probably in the world, but I didn’t want to sound too cocky…), and this year is going to be [Read More...]

Michelle Bachmann running away from lies.

How much do I love Anderson Cooper?  So much. [Read more...]

Massachusetts family suing over “One nation under god”.

A Massachusetts family is suing the state over the inclusion of “Under God” in the pledge of allegiance.  The case has made it up to the state supreme court.  The family, who has elected to keep their name anonymous (because Christians full of love for the sinner, both adult and student, have shown a strange [Read More...]

NRA is nothing but class.

The NRA is making robo calls opposing gun control legislation in…wait for it…Newtown, Connecticut. Some residents in Newtown, Conn., say they’re outraged at receiving robocalls from the National Rifle Association only three months after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. Town residents say the automated calls from the NRA began last week and urge people [Read More...]

Response to Kelly Baldwin.

Kelly Baldwin left a comment disagreeing with much of my post on atheists observing Lent. > Meanwhile, the rest of us work on self-improvement year-round, because it’s good for our lives. and > We’ve actually figured out that self-improvement is a good thing, and reducing it to an arbitrary window is actually a step backward. [Read More...]

Background checks work.

Somehow this person got elected. A lawmaker who has been arrested twice in two months, hospitalized for a mental evaluation and accused of threatening to harm a Democratic Party leader could this week become the first person in Nevada history to be kicked out of the Legislature. A select committee plans to convene Tuesday evening [Read More...]

Abortion is terrible, but god is good.

This is usually what goes through my head when talking with anti-abortion people. Actually, given the number of people who have lived and the number of lost fetuses for natural reasons, not to mention a global flood, and considering that multiple billions of people have existed throughout the ages…I think “millions” is really being too [Read More...]

Justice Roberts to receive some extra motivation in Prop 8 case.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who will likely be the person deciding the fate of Prop 8 (and what national ramifications come of that decision), will have a little extra motivation to put the judicial axe to discrimination. An openly gay cousin of Chief Justice John Roberts who wants to marry her partner will be in [Read More...]

FSM Kiva team reaches $1.5 million.

Hey, look at this: it’s atheists being charitable without the promise of eternal heaven, but just because we don’t want other people to suffer. And all of that money will be going toward alleviating poverty.  No bibles or other wastes, just food and infrastructure.  We rule. And I love the note that Bobby Henderson put [Read More...]