PZ and I are going to live forever.

A new study has shown that expressing your anger leads to longer life.  Booyah! A new study shows that expressing anger is good for your health. Researchers at the University of Jena, in Germany, found that getting your anger out and being hot-tempered is actually helpful in extending one’s lifespan. See you at the turn [Read More...]

Painkillers rock.

Hooooooooooo boy.  Painkillers: they’re like prayer that works.  I spent all of yesterday feeling great! This morning, on the other hand… Anyway, they did my bottom jaw yesterday.  Interesting thing about the bottom jaw: it has two primary nerves.  Anesthetize those and you’re good to go!  So said the dentist’s assistant the other day to [Read More...]

You just can’t please some people.

DrB- Parents of Encinitas Union School District in southern California are upset. The school is leading prayer, and they’re opposed to this kind of religious indoctrination. Rightly so! On Tuesday, seven parents and a lawyer complained to the district’s trustees, claiming the program …. violates religious freedom. Except in this case, it’s not the FFRF [Read More...]

Why else would you amputate your brother’s hand?

The New York Times gives us a snapshot into the Bamako region in Mali. Moctar Touré was strapped to a chair, blindfolded, his right hand bound tight to the armrest with a rubber tube. A doctor came and administered a shot. Then Mr. Touré’s own brother wielded a knife, the kind used to slaughter sheep, [Read More...]

Doctor Who wedding?

Ok…so this may be what mine and Michaelyn’s wedding will look like. [Read more...]

Pope warns of attacks from “intolerant agnostics”.

Awwww, the Pope is upset about Catholicism being attacked by intolerant agnostics. Pope Benedict said on Sunday that Roman Catholic leaders must have the courage to stand up to attacks by “intolerant agnosticism” prevalent in many countries. Hell, if you think that agnostics are harsh, check out what atheists are saying about the Catholic church.  [Read More...]

American Atheists seeking new communications director.

Teresa MacBain is leaving American Atheists (on good terms, to be closer to her family).  But that means they’ll need a new communications director. Reporting to the President, the Public Relations Director will set and guide the strategy for all public relations messages and communications, including but not limited to website content, blogging, Facebook content, [Read More...]

Oh good, the doctor can get me in today…

Today turns out to be the first day of getting my face carved on.  Day two is looking to be Thursday.  So…content might be light through Friday. I’ve gotten some submissions for argument-dissection while drugged up, so at least I won’t be bored.  Tell me happy things. [Read more...]

Ray Lewis’ god is a jerk.

After his final home game, Ray Lewis gave an interview in which he talked about how good god had been for allowing him to play football and for winning his final home game. This confused me.  The god of Ray Lewis is a god that could end starvation, war, etc., but instead chose to help [Read More...]

What to do post-surgery?

I get to go in for oral surgery this week Thursday at the latest.  It’s a two-day procedure, and there’s part of me that wants to say “Sorry, but I’ll be doped up for a few days, so content will be light and possibly non-existent while I’m laid up on the couch looking at all [Read More...]

Ohio principal values picture of Jesus over the education of his students.

The principal of a Southern Ohio Middle School is about to lower the quality of education in his school because of his religious convictions. The local school district’s superintendent of schools says he won’t remove the picture with an order from the school board or a judge. He says the display comes from a student’s [Read More...]

American Humanist Association has a new president.

Here’s some good news.  The American Humanist Association has procured a new president: Rebecca Hale of evolvefish.com. The American Humanist Association (AHA) is pleased to announce the recent election of Rebecca Hale, co-owner of EvolveFISH.com in Colorado Springs, Colorado, as president. In addition to Hale’s new role, she will also serve as a member on [Read More...]

Alabama vs. Notre Dame open thread.

So, if you’ve had ESPN on any time during the last week, you know that the BCS national championship game is tonight. Look, here’s the deal…Notre Dame eeked out victories against Purdue and Pitt.  Manti Te’o has so many tackles because Notre Dame’s defensive line couldn’t stop a box turtle, even against the often meager [Read More...]

Michele Bachmann: setting the standard for being useless.

The first bill of the 113th Congress has been introduced.  Yesterday, facing a House and a Senate both featuring fewer Republicans than the last Congress, Michele Bachmann put forward the 34th attempt to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act. How much will it cost the US of A to entertain and then bury another foredoomed [Read More...]