Justice Roberts to receive some extra motivation in Prop 8 case.

Chief Justice John Roberts, who will likely be the person deciding the fate of Prop 8 (and what national ramifications come of that decision), will have a little extra motivation to put the judicial axe to discrimination. An openly gay cousin of Chief Justice John Roberts who wants to marry her partner will be in [Read More...]

FSM Kiva team reaches $1.5 million.

Hey, look at this: it’s atheists being charitable without the promise of eternal heaven, but just because we don’t want other people to suffer. And all of that money will be going toward alleviating poverty.  No bibles or other wastes, just food and infrastructure.  We rule. And I love the note that Bobby Henderson put [Read More...]

NFL Players Union comes out in support of gay marriage.

This just made my day.  NFL Players Union president Domonique Foxworth has posted an article at USA Today that…it’s just fucking awesome. Athletes have long been among the most prominent agents for social change. We are proud of our role on the front lines of civil rights. We have stood up for issues that are [Read More...]

Those other Christians are such a disfrace.

In an early post I pointed out that when you hear a conservative start spamming the word “truth”, you need to be prepared for a pretty impressive pile of wrong.  Here’s a comment from TruthOne on my post about a North Carolina church refusing to do weddings until gays are allowed to marry. Tris is [Read More...]

Stedman and Chituc observe a silly religious practice.

Hey, check it out!  A couple of passive aggressive, dishonest atheists (Vlad Chituc and Chris Stedman) are trying to show solidarity with religious people by abstaining from some bad habits for 40 days at a particular time of the year.  How quaint. Meanwhile, the rest of us work on self-improvement year-round, because it’s good for [Read More...]

When Rand Paul is being the most reasonable person in your political party…

I don’t smoke pot.  However, I know someone who is most certainly not me who has done so in the past.  He said it made him lethargic and that it wasn’t a whole lot of fun.  And despite delving into the treacherous underworld of narcotics, he turned out to be a pretty decent dude (in [Read More...]

Tea Partiers boycotting FOX News for being too leftist.

The ideological purists of the Tea Party/GOP, who thought Hilary Clinton was faking an injury to get out of talking about Bengazi, are convinced that FOX News is becoming too leftist.  They are organizing a boycott of the network.  Here’s one of their leaders on why they are doing this. A leader of the boycott, [Read More...]

Life is good.

I’m still in Lawrence with mah fiancee, who prefers that I stay close enough for her to snuggle when I write.  I know it’s cliche, but I’ve never really been happier in my entire life than since we started hanging out/dating.  Not by a long shot.  And my NCAA bracket is going to thrash hers [Read More...]

Misplaced vitriol.

I got this comment from Joan Dawson on my post about the new pope failing to properly handle child rapists. Is there any reason why Patheos continues to allow this vitriole from the Atheist Channel?  Of course, anything the Catholic Church does is trashed here.  These are non-believers.  They discount any God or god. Note [Read More...]

NCAA open thread, round 1 day 2.

Hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  Who picked Harvard to win last night?  That would be me (and Michaelyn).  I had pretty good picks up until the last few games of the day…then I dropped from tied for first in the atheist pool down to tied for fifth.  Michaelyn is tied for second, and won’t let me hear the end [Read More...]

God is not the solution to eating disorders.

Will of Godless Teens had a group come into his school to talk about overeating disorders.  Awesome!  The later high school years are when a lot of eating disorders pop up. However, like charity often works with the Catholic church, combating real problems, in this case, was an excuse to talk about god.  The group [Read More...]

League of Legends ranked team comps.

After the tryouts, it looks like we’ll be able to field four different teams! Team A: Top:  Sinhakcer Jungle:  Mersh Mid:  Alyesa ADC:  BionicWoman Support:  Bobito2 Team B: Top:  Xalth Jungle:  UnknownKeeper Mid:  JlnFrancisco ADC:  Geremin Support:  Garr Legrand Team C: Top:  Cleardale Jungle:  Zheyr Mid:  BillShatner ADC:  Pixypi Support:  Chao Modus Team D: Top:  [Read More...]

A letter to Kenzie.

I got this comment on a recent post. im fifteen years old and i know that this is ridiculous . our country was founded by people who trusted in god . they relied on god to bring them to America . i don’t know what this world has gone to . these people are going [Read More...]

Survivor of Taliban assassination attempt returns to school.

Malala Yousafzai has returned to school, this time in progressive England rather than fundamentalist Muslim Pakistan.  Good for her.  Nice to see a fifteen year-old with more bravery than most adults I know.  The future is indeed bright. Malala Yousafzai, the girl who was shot in the head by extremists in Pakistan after campaigning for [Read More...]