Graduation rates vs. voting tendency

This made me smile.    Click the image to make it huge! [Read more...]

We've got ourselves a sleuth (and he has earned ban #4)

A commenter named The Laughing Coyote (Canis Sativa) has caught me. Impressive. Instead of taking care of the mess you made, you went ‘LALALALALALALALA I CAN’T HEEEAAR YOU I’M ON VACATION!”, and then you put up a post patting yourself on the back for what a GREAT ‘ally’ you’ve been when you get back. Oh [Read More...]

An Update from West Lafayette

The following is a guest post from Mike, Anna, and Mario, who are following the situation in West Lafayette, IN where the local government is considering using a large amount of money for the construction of buildings with an expressly religious purpose. An Update from West Lafayette Hello everyone! As you may have heard, members [Read More...]

So their children can be as sick as they are

This is sick. [Read more...]

Taking a moment to think of the work we do

I received an email yesterday from August, the SSA’s executive director.  It made me tear up. Dear JT Eberhard, At first Jade’s administrators refused to let her form a club for secular students. All she wanted was a place where students could come together and celebrate reason free from judgement and harassment. There were religious [Read More...]

Bananas: the new sports drink

Bananas are one of my least favorite fruits, but it looks like I should start keeping them around. “We wanted to see which was more beneficial when consumed during intense cycling — bananas or a carbohydrate sports drink,” said Dr. David C. Nieman, director of the human performance lab and a member of the College [Read More...]

People want weird things

I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting for a flight back home that is hella delayed due to mechanical problems.  The lady sitting right next to me pitched a monumental fit at that announcement.  I said to her, “You know…the other option is to put us on a broken plane.  I think we should be [Read More...]

Maddox on link-baiting

If you run a high traffic site you get emails from people wanting you to promote their stuff.  If it’s something relevant that I support, I’ll plug it in a heartbeat.  However, most of it is stuff from link-baiting sites looking to generate ad revenue.  Maddox has written a great post about it in which [Read More...]

Pics from Darrel Ray's place

On Sunday Darrel Ray held his annual bbq at this house.  The event raises money for the Recovering from Religion Foundation.  The crowd was promised two surprise guests which turned out to be myself and Jerry DeWitt.  Here are some pics that pretty much illustrate how the evening went for me: lots of being cute [Read More...]

Murder statistics of transgender people

Christina here… I’ve been thinking a lot about trans issues a lot in the past few days, and have especially been considering the disturbing statistics associated with the violence and oppression transgender people face. The statistic that disturbs me the most, which I have now seen on many other websites, was first presented in the comments section of [Read More...]

Making jell-o

There are two things in life I’ve always sucked at despite some very sincere attempts to learn: cooking and dancing.  It came to light last year that I didn’t even know how to make jell-o.  For my co-workers, this has been a well for chortling at my expense that never runs dry. But no more!  [Read More...]

Want to keep commenting here? Don't derail threads.

As I’ve said in the past, I’m very reticent to ban anybody.  However, in the last week there have been a couple posts where there was very great potential for conversation in which those of us who may not fully understand an issue could be helped to understand it better.  Those comment threads were hugely [Read More...]

Epic breakfast date

Physioproffe thinks he has cornered the market on blogs about cooking.  No longer! Michaelyn and I saw the most recent episode of Epic Meal Time.  Even though it contained the only thing they’ve ever made that didn’t look appetizing to me (sticks of butter covered in peanut butter and deep fried), it did inspire us.  [Read More...]

The Avengers: almost better than watching the Vatican crumble

Never have I left a movie honestly tempted to immediately purchase a ticket for the very next showing of that movie before leaving the lobby.  Never…until The Avengers.  Holy shit that was a good flick.  I never thought a superhero movie would top watching DVDs of X-Men 3 and Daredevil get fed to a woodchipper, [Read More...]