It’s Not OK to Pray at Public School Graduations

Anne here… Graduation seems to be one of those times during the school year when religion rears its head and wants to elbow its way into the public square, disseminating itself messily all over unwilling captive audiences. This year is no exception. The Freedom from Religion Foundation got involved in an Arkansas case recently, writing [Read More...]

Situation in Lumpkin County is worse than we thought.

Remember Lumpkin County High School where teachers abandoned their class to pray with students?  New facts have come to light revealing the situation as much, much worst than we previously thought.  Some of the highlights include: That 12 teachers and staff were involved, not the four originally reported That at least 3 of the teachers [Read More...]

Mayoral candidate in Miami claims to be endorsed by Jesus Christ.

Jesus has endorsed a long list of failures: Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, John McCain, George W. Bush (who wound up getting elected, which shows god is not the best judge of who to appoint to positions of power), Joseph Ratzinger (god could’ve chosen someone who wouldn’t ignore victims to shield child rapists from justice, which [Read More...]

Review: Why Are You Atheists So Angry?

Steven here… I’ve decided to do some reviews of books, movies, and video games relevant to atheists. Without respect to timeliness. So to start things out, I finally cracked open Greta Christina’s Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless. Greta is focused like a laser. With incredible clarity, she [Read More...]

My mouth is a resiliant little guy.

Went to the dentist this morning and 4.5 months after my oral surgery in January I’m pleased to announce that I’ve made tremendous progress.  *dance*  Now off to read the news.  [Read more...]

No, the FFRF does not approve of your elementary school’s bible distribution program.

I read this story today.  It’s about an elementary school in Tennessee that sent home permission slips with kids.  If signed, it would permit the child to return home with a copy of the New Testament from the Gideons. Immediately I thought “that’s obviously against the law.” But then I kept reading and I saw [Read More...]

Campquest in the Midwest

DrB- First off, in my head, the title of this post rhymes. Second, do you live anywhere around here: There’s a Camp Quest July 6-10 in LaCygne, Kansas. Got kids? You should give them to a science-studded secular summer. What the heck is Camp Quest? Registration Link: Don’t have kids, but would like [Read More...]

Dad responds to letter to the editor on Sodom and Gommorah.

Father saw this letter to the editor in the local paper: After seeing some of a documentary on TV about why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, well, I had to speak up. They said it was destroyed because the people lacked hospitality. Really? Read Genesis 19:1-13. Two angels came to Lot to take him and [Read More...]

Thou shalt not suffer a witch to ride a broomstick above 150 meters.

It seems the lawmakers in Swaziland are tackling the big issues about as well as Republicans in Texas.  Should you ever visit Swaziland, be careful how high you ride your broomstick. “A witch on a broomstick should not fly above the [150-metre] limit,” Civil Aviation Authority marketing and corporate affairs director Sabelo Dlamini told the [Read More...]

Texas lawmakers pass legislation protecting the right to say “Merry Christmas”.

Republicans often criticize Democrats of being unwilling to tackle the big issues.  Texas just showed them how to get serious as lawmakers: Texas legislators appear to have too much time on their hands. Members of the House of Representatives just passed legislation protecting everyone’s right to say “Merry Christmas.” Next on their agenda: a measure [Read More...]

Minnesota is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! (But it feels so good!)

Like a Christian high schooler who sees their peers having pre-marital sex and thinks “I want to try that” despite the promises of hell from their faith, Minnesota has taken a swift look at Delaware and decided they want a taste of that hot, steamy equality action, even though it means the state will be [Read More...]

Gorillas, starship commanders, and your brain

Steven here… A lot of skepticism involves learning about and recognizing psychological phenomena. Alien abduction accounts are easier to understand if you’ve read about hypnogogia. When some Christians begin speaking in tongues, it helps to know how glossolalia works. And of course, it’s always useful to familiarize yourself with pareidolia when someone claims they have [Read More...]

Bachmann: 9/11 and Benghazi were god’s punishment to America.

Oh Michelle Bachmann.  On the one hand she’s a dangerous lunatic with inordinate amounts of power.  On the other hand, she’s a source of material for my blog that seems to have no bottom. During a Capitol Hill prayer event this week, Michelle Bachmann assured people that when mortals decide to enact atrocities that god [Read More...]

Comment moderation issues.

Disqus apparently didn’t save any of my banned IPs and email addresses, so I’ve had to go back and re-add the trolls who have figured this out.  However, it seems to create a whole new list of random ban qualifications that are preventing comments from people who are allowed in.  *grumble* Anyway, I got into [Read More...]