You should meet Count Dolby von Luckner.

At the American Atheists convention, one of the vendor tables was occupied all weekend by one of the most colorful chaps I’ve ever come across.  On day one the jolly bloke sported Victorian regalia, replete with top hat.  The following day he dressed as Thomas Jefferson.  His name is Dale DeBakcsy, but he went by [Read More...]

Peter Higgs: “stop calling it the god particle”.

It turns out that the guy who first hypothesized of the Higgs Boson, Peter Higgs, doesn’t care for people calling it “the god particle”. …the professor wants people to stop referring to it as the “God particle” because he does not believe the particle holding the physical fabric of the universe together is the work [Read More...]

Rick Warren did what he could, but mental illness claims another victim.

As many of you have likely read, Rick Warren’s son committed suicide.  This is the kind of thing I would never wish even upon my enemies.  A parent should never have to bury a child.  Hemant says pretty much what is on my mind (I strongly recommend reading his whole post): We should be grateful [Read More...]

Oregon parents can’t keep the state from vaccinating their kids.

Two parents who didn’t want to vaccinate their children due to their religious beliefs have lost their fight. Marion County parents who lost custody of their eight young children last year also lost their fight Wednesday to prevent the state from immunizing the children. The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that the parents — identified [Read More...]

Turns out Jorge Bergoglio didn’t hide political prisoners.

Oh my.  I get home from another week on the road to find that Mark Shea has been doing a little dance over at his blog.  He has apparently discovered a retraction in the Guardian story about Jorge Bergoglio implicating him in hiding political prisoners from human rights monitors.  He’s practically touching himself while asserting [Read More...]

Another brave high schooler standing up to law-breaking administrators.

Sorry I’ve been quiet.  Yesterday was an all-day travel day followed by Skeptech – which is totally awesome.  I just wanted to take a moment to drop this in here: I don’t know who this young woman is, but should I ever have children I hope they are half as brave and a tenth as [Read More...]

Pseudoscience Activism – The Week in Review

I’m posting in segments this week because I’m running behind. +++ I keep jockeying around the title of this section – sometimes I call it creationism, sometimes I call it anti-science, sometimes it’s intelligent design – because every week there’s a different twist of news in this arena that requires me to tweak it. This [Read More...]

Religious Freedoms – The Week in Review

I’m posting in segments this week because I’m running behind schedule. +++ American Atheists has lost its most recent bid to have the cross removed from Ground Zero at the 9/11 Memorial. At the 50th anniversary convention last weekend, David Silverman, president of AA, took the stage upon being informed of the decision. “We will [Read More...]

Reproductive Freedom – The Week in Review

I’m posting in segments this week because I’m running behind. +++++ There’s a good summary on Think Progress this week about the seven states determined to shut the doors to abortion clinics and send women back to coat hangers for abortions. Those seven are Alabama, Indiana,  Mississippi, North Carolina, North Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. The Washington Post has a [Read More...]


I received this message on facebook yesterday from a person I used to get into long religious debates with back when my blog was on xanga. JT – I was perusing my old stomping grounds on Xanga the other day when I came across your old site on there and was reminded of all the [Read More...]

Sean Hannity is a real winner.

So Rutgers just fired their basketball coach for kicking and punching his players and throwing out slurs like “Are you a fairy?  Are you a fucking faggot?” Or, as Sean Hannity calls it, “old school discipline.” Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday reacted to video of ousted Rutgers basketball coach throwing balls and shouting [Read More...]

State religion in North Carolina? Guess which political party thought that was a good idea.

The GOP in North Carolina has put forth a measure that would allow for the establishment of a state religion.  Their reasoning is as follows: “The Constitution of the United States does not grant the federal government and does not grant the federal courts the power to determine what is or is not constitutional; therefore, [Read More...]

Why groups should never invite me to speak.

This took place upon my arrival in Northwest Arkansas yesterday. Honestly, I’m not sure how I still have a career.  I’m not sure why anybody puts up with me. Frankly, I wonder the same thing about why I still have a fiancee…   [Read more...]

Take Action: Imprisoned Atheist Bloggers in Bangladesh Need Help

The American Humanist Association has issued an Action Alert. Roy Speckhardt, the Director of AHA, asks us to contact the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh in an attempt to secure the freedom of three atheist bloggers who have been arrested and imprisoned there. The Action Alert appears below: I’m contacting you today with information about a [Read More...]