Looking for a place to crash at the Women in Secularism Conference?

I got this from my friend Monica the other day. I was just wondering if you knew of anyone who’s going to the Women in Secularism conference this May who’s looking for a place to stay. Victoria and I are planning on coming down for the conference and getting a hotel room, but they’re a [Read More...]

Republicans, get in my vagina!

Finally, the Republican party has produced a modicum of honesty! Wait…I’m told this was a joke.  It’s hard to tell sometimes. [Read more...]

"Faith is hard"

Michele is seeing the more minimal results of publicly deciding the evidence for god is lacking – people pandering faith on her facebook.  One of them, Natalie, said something this morning I hear very often and makes me facepalm every time: faith is hard. I couldn’t help but jump in. “Faith is hard!” On this [Read More...]

Dear God, it's not our fault. Sincerely, women.

The following is a guest post from Camille M. Richoux. Dear God, it’s not our fault.  Sincerely, women. I recently had a conversation with a Christian acquaintance, and it was over the subject of feminism.  She attempted to explain that ‘true’ feminism, from a Christian perspective, is understanding the purpose given to you by God. The [Read More...]

Someone thought I was witty!

Rogi, who runs a pro gender queer facebook group, made this from a quote of mine.  I love it.   [Read more...]

Magic: the Gathering (back in the saddle)

This is…strange. It’s a weekend.  I checked my calendar…definitely Saturday.  Yet I woke up in my own bed.  I even slept in.  I think…I think this is what rest feels like. So here I am at home.  I don’t have to go to work.  I’m not on the road.  What shall I do?  Write, of [Read More...]

Christian troll says, "You can't stop us!" Technology says, "o rly?"

I’ve banned a group of people in the KC area who can only be described as professional trolls.  They’re Christians for sure, which hasn’t stopped them from being pathological liars and incessantly vile without substance. I used to not think much of it.  I got paid for them trolling my blog and what helps me [Read More...]

What's your favorite cartoon music?

Let’s get nostalgic again.  Here are some of mine. Once more, leave yours in the comments, but only one vid at a time lest you wind up in the jaws of the spam filter. [Read more...]

What's the best video game music?

Here are some of my favorite songs from video games.  Feel the nostaliga. Leave a comment with a fb link to yours.  Only leave one vid at a time though, otherwise the spam hamsters will steal your comment.  Which songs from games either rock your face or make you (and maybe some of the rest [Read More...]

Me and Shelley Segal singing "Somebody That I Used To Know"

I bumped into Shelley Segal at American Atheists 2012 and the Reason Rally.  We wound up doing some singing in the hotel lobby.  The good people at jesusfajitafishsticks filmed it. In my defense, she’s got a stellar voice and it was early and I only barely knew the lyrics.  Also, singing B-flats as a baritone [Read More...]

She's not done

The person I’ve been rebutting all day came back again, to respond to my question about whether or not she wanted a fair conversation or a game of whack-a-mole with trite arguments for me. No, Mr. Eberhard, I do not. One in which the Holy Spirit does not dwell cannot fully understand faith. It is [Read More...]

She responded to me…

The person from earlier responded to me. Thanks for your concern, JT, but I wasn’t really looking for your approval. (Just as I’m sure you weren’t looking for mine. Those things I listed DO support my beliefs! (SUPPORT my beliefs…faith is an action of the heart) And I’d be happy to defend my faith! I [Read More...]

I won't comment

Today the Secular Coalition for America announced their new executive director.  Her name is Edwina Rogers and she is admittedly an unorthodox choice.  This has excited some and boggled others, all of which are sending me emails asking my opinion. Here’s the deal.  I work for the Secular Student Alliance, one of the member organizations [Read More...]

What to do with this new toy?

My friend, Brian Sage, who is the most badass web developer alive, just registered the domain http://proveitto.me. Now he just needs ideas for what to do with it.    Any ideas? [Read more...]