Praise the text message

Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 6:06 PM Subject:  Text message alerts Hello, My name is James Pelton, I am a member of Indian Hills Community Church in Lincoln, NE. My church has been looking around for some time for a ‘Text Alert System’ to allow the church to send out SMS text messages to [Read More...]

We know how to party

It’s a commonly accepted fact that atheists have no morals.*  So when my friend Cambridge and I got mostly moved into our new house today, how did we celebrate? Heroin? Orgy? Fuck no.  We pushed it to the limit. * Invitation to quote-mine the hell out of me. [Read more...]

Sign the Alexander Aan petition

Show the power of atheists in the United States.  If you have a few minutes, go sign this petition.  Please. Earlier this year, Indonesian civil servant Alexander Aan posted on Facebook that he doubted the existence of God. He was then attacked and beaten by an angry mob, and arrested for blasphemy. On June 14, [Read More...]

Give kids your money!

I don’t really know what to say: Team Awesome is beating PZ.  Again. But I want to beat him by more.  Why?  Because if we win by a ton that provides me with two things. 1.  Most importantly, the happiness of knowing that one of the best organizations in the country is getting more resources [Read More...]

William Owens: Irony Machine

This fills my skull with rage. The pastor at the end, William Owens, is the worst.  But I’ll get to him.  The story says their gripe is that President Obama’s support of marriage equality threatens the stability of the family… [Read more...]


In the next half hour I’m leaving my honey to fly back to Ohio and then pretty much working and traveling non-stop until the end of the year.  This vacation has been good for me.  I was strained.  I’m in much better shape now. Leaving Michaelyn is always hard though.  I wish Kansas and Ohio [Read More...]

People's Blog Court: Mark

So, Mark has been a vocal Christian commenter here for a while.  Recently he took a steep descent into Slimetown on LGBT issues.  He doesn’t really contribute much, if anything, to the conversation, and he mostly has just gloated over the misery of others lately and how cheerfully he supports it. I’m thinking it’s time [Read More...]

Doesn't matter if it's a choice

Listen all you commenters; I’m the author at this here blog (along with Dr. Dave, Christina, and occasionally Michaelyn).  When you leave comments that are better than the material I provide, you make me look bad.  Let’s keep the insights to a minimum, ok?  Otherwise I have to dedicate entire posts to comments, like this [Read More...]

Dad on the slippery slope argument

Another facebook friend tagged me in a comment asking for my assessment of the slippery slope argument.  On this occasion it was, “If you let gays marry, why not polygamists?” Dad got to it before I could and hammered it harder. [Read more...]

Hi Tracy

Amy, a facebook friend, shared my post on Chick-Fil-A from yesterday.  I decided I’m going to start responding to some commenters again, and a gent named Tracy volunteered to be the first. Having stood in line and talking to people around me, what that guy wrote is a lot of crap. We didn’t do it [Read More...]

Ode to materialism

To assuage my Lebron James-induced rage, here’s a post about things I either now own or plan to own that turn my frown upside down. I now own this game.  It is awesome. I’ve also decided I spend too much time sitting.  I sit at work and I sit to game/write.  So I’ve decided to [Read More...]

Lebron James: savior of all humankind

The commentators for the Olympics crack me up.  HOLY SHIT IT’S OVERCAST IN LONDON! Also, as much of a fan of basketball that I am, I can’t watch the USA play.  I don’t like Lebron James.  I think he’s self-absorbed and I think what he did to the Cavs was shittier than a litterbox.  But [Read More...]

What Chick-Fil-A appreciation day meant

There is much to be said about what happened at Chick-Fil-A yesterday.  The first, and most obvious, is that those willing to drop money to deny equal rights to others, whether it’s to an anti-gay hate group or on a sandwich made by a company they know supports a hate group, are not compassionate.  This [Read More...]

Healthcare Hypocrisy

How much easier would life be in this world if so many religious people weren’t colorblind to hypocrisy? [Read more...]