Student expelled after science experiment goes wrong.

A high school in Florida has expelled Kiera Wilmot, a student with good grades and a perfectly clean behavioral record, after a science experiment went wrong.  The student, on school grounds, was curious about the interaction of certain chemicals and mixed toilet bowl cleaner and aluminum foil in a bottle.  This created a mild explosion [Read More...]

Is the military purging Christianity from its ranks?

The ever-reliable Breitbart has released a report saying that Christian soldiers who proselytize may be subject to court martial.  And now every Christian outlet across the web is pissing and moaning that somehow the Christians in charge of our government are outlawing Christianity and that finally we’re seeing the oppression of the majority that they’ve [Read More...]

My brother is kind of awesome.

My whole family has a real way with words.  My brother always said exactly what I wanted to say in the space of a few sentences. [Read more...]

Michaelyn getting to chat with Sam Brownback.

For the record, my lovely fiancee will be part of a small contingent of Kansas atheists who will get a thirty minute audience with uber religious Gov. Sam Brownback today to talk about issues related to atheists.  I’m very proud of her. Leave her comments of encouragement! [Read more...]

Commenter on the Bill Victor debate misses the point.

Total beers: 4 A commenter by the name of Marcus Krueger on Bill Victor’s blog suggests something Bill could’ve said in response to my question about whether or not Bill would kill me at god’s command. Dear Dr. Victor: I am a Christian who was present at your debate. I want to quickly give my [Read More...]

Muslims in Egypt support religious freedom, as long as “religious freedom” means believing what they do.

Total beers: 3  (I’ve started up the live stream where you can come tell me what to sing for a donation to the SSA, no matter how small.  ) Pew just released a study about Muslims and their attitude toward religious freedom.  Apparently 80% of Muslims in Egypt support religious freedom.  And by that I [Read More...]

Come listen to me sing stuff!

Total beers: 2 So I’m already getting tipsy, which means I’m bursting into song.  So I’ve started up the live stream where you can come tell me what to sing for a donation to the SSA, no matter how small.  [Read more...]

Scientists allow patients to breathe without breathing.

Total beers: 1 HOLY CRAP THIS IS COOL! Presumably in response to god creating us with a dependence on oxygen, and also with the potential for children’s hearts to stop working, mortal scientists have crafted a microparticle that can oxygenate the blood for up to thirty minutes even if the patient cannot breath! There’s a [Read More...]

A father defends his honor in Afghanistan.

Total beers: 0 Today I’m downing a beer after every blog post to raise money for the SSA!  Please leave me stuff to write about or suggest things to write/rant about. First up: in Afghanistan a woman ran away with another man (her cousin) while her husband was in Iran.  Her father was torn on [Read More...]

Video of debate with Bill Victor.

Here’s the debate I did in Springfield, MO a few weeks ago at the Baptist Student Union against Bill Victor.  It was over whether or not we should believe in the resurrection of Jesus, so much of my opening is taken from Richard Carrier. For the moment that reminds me why I do what I [Read More...]

An art student dresses as a semi-naked pope and hands out condoms. Catholic Church displeased.

An art student dressed in a salacious version of the garb of an organization that lies about condoms and then handed out condoms.  The Catholic Church (the dishonest organization in question) is not happy. Students at Carnegie Mellon say it’s freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls it inappropriate and disrespectful. At [Read More...]

ESPN analyist pukes his Christianity onto Jason Collins.

An Christian ESPN broadcaster does not like Jason Collins’ gayness, and he picked a really inopportune time to talk about it: Broussard, however, seems not as forgiving or accepting as the Savior he states to follow, particularly where homosexuality is concerned. He voiced his point of view, ironically, in the presence of ESPN’s LZ Granderson, [Read More...]

Donations fixed. :)

I know some of you are having problems donating.  Jessica Kirsner at the SSA assures me that my page is the only one having problems, which means god must consider me (and all of you) the greatest threat.  We rule! However, Jessica has thwarted god’s plan and has got the page working.  So go donate [Read More...]

WITHOUT GOD…our week would be: Sinday, Mournday, Tearsday, Wasteday, Thirstday, Fightday, Shatterday. Seven days without God …makes one weak!!

For a $20 donation to the SSA, I had to suffer though this post. “Sinday” First, who cares what it’s called?  It could be called Poop Day and it would still take place at the same time, have the same temperature, and people would still do the same stuff.  If losing out on all the [Read More...]