Human beings are amazing!

A celebration of the space jump and the four-star planet, with remorse for how religion keeps people ignorant. [Read more...]

The gay agenda: Duck Overlords

DrB-   Just so you know, if you tolerate “the gay,” than ducks will take over the planet.   You can find me on twitter, @DrDavidBurger I recruit in Kansas City, & [Read more...]

How the debates should go.

Not gonna lie, I’d be ok if the second debate ran like this. [Read more...]

Why atheists aren’t suing Muslims in 10 questions

Christina here… I’ve come across a curious type of comment lately, usually in reference to the FFRF or other organizations working to protect our freedoms under the Establishment Clause:   @theblaze @billyhallowell I like the question about the athiest lawsuit. Why don’t the athiests go after the Muslims. Are athiests Muslims? — Joe Snuffy (@Snuffy_Joe) [Read More...]

Adieu, Arlen Specter.

One of the true political independents has died.  He seemed to grant allegiance only to his conscience rather than to a political party. During his career he was both a Democrat and a Republican at times, but he voted his mind when he was with either party.  He also showed a willingness to change his [Read More...]

Mitt Romney doesn’t know squat about foreign policy.

Rachel Maddow…congrats to the lucky woman who marries her.  They can have all my jealousy as a wedding gift. And Paul Ryan isn’t better.  You know that sequestration bill that Maddow brought up?  Paul Ryan hated it!  He even chastised Joe Biden for it in the Vice Presidential debate. “Of all the things that Mitt [Read More...]

Why I care about mental illness

Steven here… Four years ago I was living in Portland, Oregon and had been trying to get back into the habit of writing, which I had neglected for more years than is acceptable. The woman I was dating had a Pulitzer Prize finalist for a sister, which made for a formidable motivation. After all, if [Read More...]

The psyche of children held for ransom.

For an ad campaign for a clothing store, Disney has redesigned some of its most popular characters as pencil-thin, tall models. The message that this delivers to children will have deadly consequences. [Read more...]

4 Atheists to Inspire You

Steven here… I often hear from atheists who look up to the leaders in this movement and perhaps put those leaders on a pedestal. There are amazing people in this movement, but they are every one of them regular humans. Certainly they weren’t good at this starting out. One of my goals with this series [Read More...]

Live-blogging “Unpacking Atheism”.

8:47pm – RatioChristiJSU is going to be the source of my material while people give their anecdotes with vague homage to the design and moral arguments (drink, drink).  Their most recent is: We’re enjoying hearing these testimonies about the efficacy of apologetics. #unpackingatheism Atheism is the fastest growing “religious” demographic in all 50 states.  Churches [Read More...]

My comment policy…

…is very simple.  Regardless of what side you’re on, if all you do is toss insults around then you’re lucky if I’m feeling lazy and ban you outright.  If I’m feeling feisty, as I usually am, I edit your comment for my own amusement. Behold, a comment from a tremendously unpleasant fellow named “observer.”  It [Read More...]

For the man who gave us a tremendous gift.

The father of my friend, Greta Christina, died on the first of this month.  Memories for the living is the closest to immortality anyone can ever get, and that includes the empty hopes of religion, which manifest themselves in time spent not living life for one’s self. Greta has done her best, using the voice [Read More...]

Unpacking atheism, you say?

It turns out, just down the road from Kansas City in Raytown, MO, there is an event at Westridge Christian Church called “Unpacking Atheism.”  It’s going to include a live broadcast from Lee Strobel, Mark Mittelberg and William Lane Craig.  You know William Lane Craig – he’s the one who, in his book Reasonable Faith [Read More...]

Godless NFL thread.

Another Sunday.  Another week of hoping the Raiders can get their shit together. Sorry for no open thread last week.  I’m traveling.  A ton. So, what’s up this week? Two weeks ago: Look, mistakes were made.  The important thing is that we stay the course. First, the good.  My player to watch was Aaron Rodgers [Read More...]