Obama vs. Obama on government surveillance.

Behold: the guy I voted for in the last election. I feel so fucking dirty.  I don’t think Romney would’ve done anything different…but…fuck. [Read more...]

Obama administration forced to do the right thing with Plan B.

Back in May, the Obama DoJ decided to fight the FDA (who would technically be their client) and a judge who ruled that plan B emergency contraceptive should be available with no age limits.  The Obama DoJ appealed, but has now elected to drop the appeal. The decision comes after a federal judge in April [Read More...]

Mayor gives her town to Jesus because humanity just ain’t good enough.

Hemant reports on the mayor of a city in Mexico making a speech in which she gives the city to Jesus.  Here’s what she said: “I, Margarita Alicia Arellanes Cervantes, deliver the city of Monterrey, Nuevo León to our Lord Jesus Christ. For his kingdom of peace and blessings to be established, I open the [Read More...]

Valedictorian gives Christians in the audience a chance to announce their lack of empathy. The crowd complies.

You’ve probably seen this video by now.  It’s of a high school valedictorian who, prohibited from praying in his talk, made the defiant gesture of tearing up his talk while at the podium and appealing to the majority with the lord’s prayer. When I first watched this, something about it bugged me (and not just [Read More...]

My prosthetic leg is made of Lego bricks

Christina here… As promised last week, here is a video of me making a prosthetic leg out of Lego bricks! I can even almost sort of kind of maybe a little walk on it. Enjoy, my pretties! Learn more about Christina and follow her @ziztur.     [Read more...]

Mike Huckabee’s right to not see gay people is being breached!

Mike Huckabee was talking on his show the other day about how all the things the anti-gay crowd had feared are starting to come true.  They feared the loss of rights for good, wholesome Christians and now it’s actually happening. His example?  If Huckabee turns to particular channels of his own accord, he can see [Read More...]

I never thought I’d see the day that I’d cheer for Sony.

Ok, I’m not a fan of Sony.  Remember the rootkit debacle back in 2005-2007?  Essentially using CDs from Sony would install hidden software on your computer that made it vulnerable to malware.  At worst, it could cause your CD drive to be useless until you formatted your hard drive (all your lovely files?  Bye bye). [Read More...]

A fishy claim by the JREF.

Let me start off by saying that The Amaz!ng Meeting is a pretty shmancy event.  I’ve never been able to afford to go, but the stories I hear from others paint it as a rockin’ good time. That being said, it has one of the highest price tags attached to it of any skeptic conference, [Read More...]

Mental illness in another person we all admire.

You will not find a more perspicacious, able, and kind person in the atheist movement than Amanda Knief of American Atheists.  Combine that with a heavy dose of humility and you have pretty much the most admirable person in the biz. I’ve asked Amanda if I could share her facebook status from the other day [Read More...]

How I feel watching Game of Thrones.

Michaelyn has gotten me hooked on Game of Thrones.  Our dates nowadays consist of getting me caught up (I just finished the first season). This is pretty much how I feel watching it: CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos [Read more...]

Bryan Fischer: Jesus holds the atoms together.

Bryan Fischer has faith, and he has lots of it.  He don’t need no science. Science doesn’t know?  Fuck!  It must be a guy who rose from the dead! Hemant says someone needs to get Fischer a Nobel Prize.  I say someone needs to get him access to fucking Google.  We’ve known since the 1970s [Read More...]

Mayor represents all his citizens…all his citizens who believe in JESUS!

The mayor of Vero Beach, Florida vetoed the celebration of Humanist Recognition Week because, well, it doesn’t have enough Jesus. At a heated city council meeting earlier this week, Mayor Craig Fletcher of Vero Beach, Fla., voted against a proclamation which would have declared June 16-23 as Humanist Recognition Week. Mayor Fletcher denied the request [Read More...]

Best abstract in the history of science.

When preparing for a debate I have to plow through a good number of peer review articles in the various sciences.  As a layman, the jargon-heavy nature of these articles can pose a problem to me.  This is why abstracts fucking rock. And of all the abstracts I’ve ever read, this one is the greatest: [Read More...]

Guest post: Greta Christina on being an atheist writing religious porn.

My friend Greta Christina has a new book coming out and is embarking on a new tour to promote the new book.  So much newness.  I invited her to hop over here to tell you guys and gals a little bit about the new book and tour.  Enjoy! You wanna know the weird thing? It’s [Read More...]