Catch me at FTBConscience this weekend without even leaving your house. :)

Freethoughtblogs is running a fully online conference this weekend.  I like the idea.  Frankly, I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t think of it first. Anyway, the lineup is pretty spectacular.  It includes every FtB writer along with some Patheos writers like myself, Hemant Mehta, and Dan Fincke.  There are also movement leaders like Dave [Read More...]

Psychic fail.

I love watching cold readings crash and burn.  That is exactly what happened to Char Margolis on WGN recently. Oh boy. I love her admonition that the skeptical anchor can’t be close-minded after she failed.  I wish he would’ve asked “What’s the difference, in this case, between being close-minded and just not accepting a failure [Read More...]

Why We Should Not Believe in Evolution

Anne here. I’m telling you up front and in advance that it’s me, emphasizing that the “by” thingie up there doesn’t lie,  so you won’t get mad at JT for not believing in evolution. Maybe he’ll thank me for that. Maybe he won’t. Maybe he’ll come out of his evolution belief closet, too, after he [Read More...]

Juror B37 in the Zimmerman trial does interview with Anderson Cooper.

I would provide my own thoughts, but Genk Uygur of the Young Turks pretty much sums up my position to the letter. I need to create a “sadness” tag for posts.  I’d probably do it if I didn’t think I’d use it too often. [Read more...]

Jesus Christ on pogosticks.

I used the expression in the title on my facebook wall the other day.  Jessica, a student in Northwest Arkansas, sent me these drawings. My life is awesome. [Read more...]

Percentage of atheists in federal prison is even lower than we had thought.

I’ll start off by saying that Hemant Mehta is the straight up shit.  Why do I say that on this occasion? For starters, the “atheists are 0.2% of the prison population” statistic is unreliable.  Even though it gets used everywhere, Hemant caught wise: The 0.2% number has also been cited in book after book after [Read More...]

Governor of Rhode Island vetoes “choose life” license plates.

Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island seems like a decent chap.  The Democrat-majority state congress did something really silly and Chafee just saved the state a lot of lost money in a lawsuit on account of it. Democratic Gov. Lincoln Chafee, citing a tradition of separating church and state, on Tuesday vetoed legislation that would [Read More...]

New papers from Goodman and Mueller.

Kathleen Goodman and John Mueller are two academics that kind of fly under the radar in the atheist community.  In 2009 they published a study in the Chronicle of Higher Education titled Atheist Students on Campus: From Misconceptions to Inclusion.  That paper influenced my life greatly and I used it repeatedly when I was high [Read More...]

Get time off purgatory for following the pope on twitter.

Michaelyn sent this to me the other day and it turned into the first fight in our relationship.  I spent five minutes chastising her: never send me satire articles as if they were real news!  It harms my credibility!  What is this from, The Onion? Michaelyn responded that it was from the Guardian. Oh.  And [Read More...]

England and Wales decide equality for gays is worth offending conservatives.

It doesn’t take omnipotence to realize that love has more to do with character of one’s partner than what’s between their legs.  England is about to become the most recent nation to announce, however indirectly, that any god who decreed that gays should not be full, equal citizens was wrong – just as wrong as [Read More...]

My League of Legends curse continues.

It is common knowledge among those I with whom I play League of Legends that I am cursed.  I attract the absolute worst players at the game.  Like, not just bad players, but people who have to be playing with their feet.  It’s uncanny.  This has been verified by others around me, so it’s not [Read More...]

Streaming dat LoL.

It’s been a slow news day, so it’s time for video games.  To watch and comment head over to my stream at The Secular View. [Read more...]

Child abuse under the guise of love.

Here’s an educational video put out to help Christian parents deal with kids imagining things. How evil Satan is!  God is telling his followers to blow each other up in many Islamic societies, to suppress education the world over (including in the USA), to deprive normal citizens of equal rights, and let’s not even get [Read More...]

Catholic Church in Ireland won’t contribute to the victims of Magdalene laundries.

From 1765 all the way up to 1996 the Catholic Church in Ireland kept women suspected of being sexually active outside of wedlock prisoner, using them as slave labor (I blogged a documentary about it here).  These institutions were known as the Magdalene laundries or Magdalene asylums.  The Irish government has accepted its complicity with [Read More...]