Tuesday conversation: flying.

I’m flying to South Carolina today, which is a decent little hop from Kansas City.  Still, eight hours of time spent traveling in order to get to the East Coast is a pretty sweet deal. I fly a lot, and have done so for the last couple of years.  I’m still scared shitless to fly.  [Read More...]

New Romney strategy seems to be working

DrB-       Recent interviews with Romney during one of this flights between events, he details the new methods he’s using to reach voters: For weeks many Beltway insiders had written off the Romney campaign as dead, saying the candidate had dug himself into too deep a hole with too little time to recover. [Read More...]

Student group lands grant to help students transition away from faith.

A Wisconsin atheist group recently submitted a 50+ page proposal to the committee that allocates certain organizational funding at their school. The proposal was for a $90,000+ budget to provide two services to the campus:

Faith Questioning is a peer-to-peer religious advising service, designed to help students struggling with their faith, and to encourage all participants to develop their own religious identity.

Secular Support Groups are discussion-based meetings for nonreligious, questioning, or any students interested in discussing topics relating to religion in a large group setting. [Read more...]

Pics from KC RAM.

Here are some of the pics Michaelyn took this weekend.  They include contributors to this site Steven Olsen and Dr. Dave, along with John Corvino, Steven’s baby Marcus Sagan Olsen, and others. [Read more...]

Arkansas politician seeks the death penalty for unruly children.

I think I get it: Charles Davidson and Charlie Fuqua are trying to make Romney appear more moderate.  That’s the only imaginable excuse for something like this. Charlie Fuqua, the Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives who called for expelling Muslims from the United States in his book, also wrote in support for [Read More...]

Candidate for Congress thinks slavery was a moral good.

An Alabama state senator (meaning he’s already been elected to one office) running for Congress, Charles Davidson, has written a speech arguing that slavery was a moral good for blacks. An Alabama State Senator running for Congress has written a speech arguing that slavery was justified by the Bible and that it was good for [Read More...]

Now I really like Bo Burnham!

This is just deliciously blasphemous. [Read more...]

On free will.

Last week, when asked about the problem of suffering, Frank Turek did as so many apologists do and responded with free will.  God doesn’t want us to suffer, you see, but he values our free will so much that he’ll let us make bad choices that result in suffering like the starvation of children. This [Read More...]

4 Hardworking Atheists You Will Love

Steven here… I am putting this together while at the Kansas City Regional Atheist Meeting, so this week’s post will be a little shorter than usual. One of the lovely things about events like this is how invested the attendees and organizers are in this movement. This is something we should all be striving for. [Read More...]

Build your own Romney

DrB-   Do you feel that this election season, there just isn’t a candidate for you? That you vote just misses the mark on the current crop of voting targets? You’re in luck! This time around, there’s a candidate who believes everything you do. It’s a simple process too, you just input where you stand [Read More...]

Jon Stewart vs. Bill O’Reilly open thread.

In just two hours, the big debate between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly will kick off.  You can stream it online for $5 and it goes to charity.  I suspect it will be both more amusing and more informative than the first presidential debate.  YAY America! I’m still kicking it down here at the American [Read More...]

My girlfriend is in love with a gay man.

Here’s Michaelyn and I with John Corvino. Michaelyn is a big fan of John’s, but didn’t know that he and I are friends.  When that fact came to light, her eyes got huge – “You’re friends with John Corvino!?” I introduced her and we had a lovely time.  Then, when we woke up this morning, [Read More...]

Richard Carrier on why you should go to Skepticon 5.

Richard Carrier has a post up talking about why you should go to Skepticon 5.  Dr. Carrier is one of my heroes and influences…and he says my specialty is ass kicking.  My life is not complete. This year Skepticon is happening a little earlier than usual, November 9 to 11 (2012). Things start Friday (workshops [Read More...]

We’re stupidly cute.

We’ve been called the gooiest couple in atheism.  She’s the gooey one.  I’m mean.  Grrrrrrr. [Read more...]