Woman fired for having pre-marital sex.

San Diego Christian College has fired one of its employees for having pre-marital sex.  The employee is suing the school, but I don’t think she has a case since she signed a contract saying she wouldn’t have sex as part of her employment. That’s not the point.  The point is that ordinarily a person with [Read More...]

Steve Lavin: corporations are people.

So the GOP, during the elections, whined and whined about the economy and how they were the ones to fix it (despite being the ones who created the mess in the first place).  So what have they done since then?  A whole lot of abortion and creationism bills. Steve Lavin, a state Republican in Montana, [Read More...]

Why are only pleasant things sinful?

Sitting in the Des Moines airport after two extra days in Iowa courtesy of snowmageddon.  Had a blast with the students from the SSA at Central College.  Seriously, A++, would hang out with again.  Soon I’ll be home for a couple of days before jetting off to Nebraska.  No rest for the weary.  :P I [Read More...]

Dave Muscato to join American Atheists.

American Atheists has hired a new public relations manager. “We’re very excited to bring Mr. Muscato on board,” said David Silverman, President of American Atheists. “He brings great ideas and strong activism to our organization.” “I’m very happy for the opportunity to work for American Atheists,” Muscato said.  “This has long been a dream of [Read More...]

Hey Christians! Don’t do this.

My father forwarded this to me.  It’s a rant from a waitress he knows that has been mirrored by my own experience working in restaurants.  If you’re a restaurant employee, you dread working Wednesday night and Sunday mornings, not only for the rush, but for how demanding and unsympathetic the people in those rushes tend [Read More...]

Taxes are low right now.

This is beautiful, and it’s getting used in lots of political discussions by me from now on. When even Ben Stein is saying it’s time to raise taxes on the wealthy, that should tell you something. [Read more...]

League of Legends today!

Stranded in Iowa, what better way to spend the time than by playing League of Legends?  My name is Zheyr and I’ll be arranging PvP and bot games throughout the day.  Just swing in and say hi and let me know you want to play.  And be prepared to play a couple games as an [Read More...]

Government sanctioned rape: super heartless edition.

**trigger warnings all over** Not to be outdone by their brothers in Christ in Wisconsin, the Indiana GOP is also trying to make unnecessary, invasive procedures mandatory before women get a legal, medical procedure.  But Indiana Republicans are upping the ante: women will need to be invaded without their consent twice in Indiana. What makes [Read More...]

Show declares it can heal people over the airwaves.

A television program in the UK titled The Miracle Hour is telling people they are cured of illness, only by touching the television (or their own leg)! Bishop Simon told him to lay his hand on his leg and said: “I cause diabetes to die in your body. “I lose you and declare you set [Read More...]

Timothy Dolan could be Pope, but first…

Timothy Dolan is perhaps the highest ranking Catholic in the United States, and is a candidate to become the next Supreme Pontiff. Dolan, who also serves as president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, is among the cardinals who will choose a new pope after the resignation of Benedict XVI. Dolan himself was a [Read More...]

So romantic.

Michaelyn sent me this message this morning. You’re not my soulmate. You don’t complete me. But you make me really happy and I love having you in my life. That made me very, very happy.  I don’t want someone to need me in order to be happy.  I don’t want them to have to fear [Read More...]

Government sanctioned rape.

**trigger warnings** Oh, you live in Wisconsin and want a legal medical procedure?  Not before we get to stick a bunch of stuff inside you that has absolutely zero relevance to that procedure. At the Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative Conference this week, the state’s top Republican lawmakers assured attendees that they will do everything [Read More...]

Oklahoma gets an F-. It’s a grade invented just for Oklahoma.

I’m trapped in Iowa for the next few days courtesy of the snowstorm of the century.  Looks like video games and lounging, and lots of reading news stories that piss me off like this one.  Now students can answer “goddidit” on evolution tests in public schools in the state of Oklahoma and somehow not fail. [Read More...]

Michaelyn’s favorite quote.

Michaelyn made this out of one of her favorite quotes of mine.  She sent it to me saying “Thank you for helping me to find my present heaven.”  That woman is too good to me, and far too flattering. I’m so, so lucky. [Read more...]