Raise your voices to the cosmos

Kenley Kristofferson is a music teacher who recently wrote a choral suite based on the work of Carl Sagan. Why did I not get contacted to sing in this?  Listen to it.  It’s gorgeous. [Read more...]

#ToMyFutureKids hashtag spawns threats towards future gays

Christina here… So there’s this Twitter hashtag trending right now: #ToMyFutureKids. Also trending: more examples of homphobia.     #ToMyFutureKids If you are gay I will kill you ! — 哈立德 (@Its_Khalid_) July 2, 2012 #ToMyFutureKids fuck and smoke as much as you can and if you want to be gay…I’LL KILL YOU — Corey [Read More...]

It's true? Oh, good to know.

Got another of Leah Libresco’s new admirers over here telling us how great Catholicism is.  Today’s comes from D N. If I had to venture a guess I’d say that even 1 million Catholics leaving the Church last year is a huge overestimate, however I cannot prove nor disprove it. However, while Leah may be [Read More...]

Right wing's faux revulsion at dishonesty

My dad hits he nail on the head again. Damn, the wingers keep screaming, “He LIED!!!!!” In their world, can Obama (or any liberal, moderate, centrist, or Democrat) ever simply be wrong, incorrect, or mistaken? After all, four of the Supreme Court justices said it wasn’t a tax–Samuel Alito, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, and Clarence [Read More...]

God wanted you in the middle seat

I have a curse: I cannot be scheduled for a flight and then have that flight run on time (the lone exception is Southwest, those guys rule).  Ask anybody who has ever expected a flight of mine to arrive on time. Last night my flight back from Lake Hypatia (which freaking rocked) was supposed to [Read More...]

The team behind the high school program

I wanted to include the contents of this post in with the post about the article on high school atheism, but I decided that the article should get its own space. I want to tell you about all the people at SSA HQ who make the high school program rock. Lyz Liddell – My boss, [Read More...]

High School atheists in the Washington Post

Yesterday a fantastic article ran in the Washington Post highlighting the high school program at the Secular Student Alliance. Administrators at Melbourne High School in Melbourne, Fla. rejected an atheist club twice on the grounds it was “too controversial.” Students at another Florida high school were told by administrators that no religious clubs were permitted [Read More...]

Rocking faces at Lake Hypatia with legend of atheism

I’m having a blast down here in Lake Hypatia.  Thanks to the magic of scheduled posts, I should be giving my talk right about now. Here’s a pic.  From left to right it’s Darrel Ray, Al Stefanelli, myself, and Ed Buckner.  Ed has been building me up as a god of public speaking.  No pressure [Read More...]

Next guy who advances a position without a reason: lero

Today’s theme seems to be the champions of Catholicism who have mysteriously found my blog this last week.  Here’s lero. her brilliance is hardly surprising, the most intelligent people that have roamed the earth have been firm believers (newton, copernico, einstein, even galileo with the pope conflict, planck, gauss, pascal, mendeliev, pitagoras, st. augustine was [Read More...]

Brenda chimes in next

Brenda swung by my recent post on Leah Libresco to offer this nugget. Hi Leah, I don’t know who you are, but I’d like to offer you a hearty “Welcome” from a fellow once Atheist and now fulfilled Catholic! May you find peace and love in  Jesus and your parish family. For those who are [Read More...]

Love the sinner

While I’m justifiably ragging on Texas, let me show you the product of nursing a discriminatory and hateful culture. In a possible gay hate crime, two teenage girls in a relationship have been found shot in the head with one dying from her injuries. If you go around saying that people being happy in the [Read More...]

Affordable Care Act – coming to an America near you

The supreme court has decided that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional.  This will produce a number of dramatic changes. The two most palpable ones will be that Obama will be a two-term president. The other is that the right wing will flail about on the ground kicking and screaming and foaming at the mouth [Read More...]

Texas GOP's platform is batshit insane

Wow.  Just wow.  The Republican Party in Texas just released their platform for the coming year.  That’s a lot of stupidity crammed into one document. The sanctity of human life, created in the image of God, which should be protected from fertilization to natural death. Which looks pretty interesting (read, “stupid as all hell”) juxtaposed [Read More...]

Guild Wars 2 release date! Let the atheist guild form!

It’s official!  Guild Wars 2 will be released on August 28!!!  (Gamestop looks ridiculous now) So, I’m going to make an executive decision.  Atheist guild will be on the Gates of Madness server.  If you’re planning on joining up, leave your race and class in the comments: because we want diversity even in our games!  [Read More...]