Secular Hotline Project met its fundraising goal. Bryan Fischer is wrong again.

You’d think the people who claim to be taking their policies and claims straight from the maw of the almighty wouldn’t be wrong so freaking often.  Two weeks ago, when the Secular Hotline Project had raised $1,700 on the way to its $30,000 goal, Bryan Fischer said: When asked by CP if he felt the [Read More...]

American Medical Association: gay people should be able to donate blood.

Let’s face it.  Find someone in the United States who is opposed to gay rights and who among us (Christians included) if forced to bet our life savings on guessing their religion wouldn’t say “Christian?”  Sure, no all Christians oppose gay rights.  But of those who oppose gay rights they are almost universally religious.  And [Read More...]

Donations to churches down significantly, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

They say that if you want to know the truth, follow the money.  Despite several polls confirming that atheism is on the rise while religious belief as well as religious fundamentalism are on the decline, religious leaders would have us believe that everything is peachy keen. However, the money is telling a different story. Americans [Read More...]

Exodus International closes, apologized to LGBT people.

Holy shit!  “Pray away the gay” group Exodus International has not only closed up shop, but they’ve actually apologized to LGBT people! The closure comes less than a day after Exodus released a statement apologizing to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community for years of undue judgment, by the organization and from the Christian Church as [Read More...]

NA Summer split open thread.

At 4pm EST week 2 of the League of Legends summer split kicks off.  My bro and I will be watching it and here’s where all the other heathens watching can chat about it.  :) [Read more...]

Ron Lindsay made mistakes, but the CFI should still be supported.

I checked back on this post to read the comments and felt they had gotten away from the issue at hand with no hope of ever making a return.  As a result, I’m closing them. And today is the day I alienate every potential reader of my blog.  I say that mostly in jest, but [Read More...]

Microsoft decides a few extra bucks isn’t worth their whole console gaming base.

After getting positively massacred for demonstrating a great deal of contempt for their gaming customers with a long list of restrictions with the Xbox One, such as forcing people to pay extra to share games, Microsoft has decided to drop all of their proposed restrictions. An Internet connection will not be required to play offline [Read More...]

FFRF is Disgusted With Texas

The Freedom From Religion Foundation had a a little something to say earlier this week about the new Texas law that ensures that teachers can keep right on saying “Merry Christmas.” Grandstanding pols in Texas last week passed the “Merry Christmas” bill, supposedly to ensure that public school students and teachers can say “Merry Christmas” [Read More...]

Stephen Colbert’s a decent chap who loved his mom.

I had a pretty shit day yesterday.  But I woke up this morning to see Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his mother and I realized that all-in-all I’m doing ok. Nobody lives forever – not in heaven and, thankfully, not in hell.  But contrary to what Shakespeare said, the good that they do in life is [Read More...]

Sorry for the lack of content…

I’ve spent the last six hours on a single blog post about the CFI hullabaloo.  It’s sure to be controversial, so I’m having a few people look at it.  I might post it tonight but more likely tomorrow. Patience, grasshoppah. [Read more...]

Reminder: Sony also sucks.

Thanks Maddox for the reminder: [Read more...]

William Lane Craig and Bryan Fischer don’t like the Secular Hotline Project.

William Lane Craig has taken a break from creating bad rationalizations and condescending, well, everybody, to offer his opinion of the Secular Hotline Project.  Surprise, he doesn’t like it. Recovering from Religion, a secular company seeking to provide people leaving their religious views with various resources, apparently has nothing to say about arguments for or [Read More...]

Uri Geller: super spy.

Some stories you read and it just fills you with sadness that you are governed by very silly people.  The story about Uri Geller being used by the armed forces in a few countries, including the USA, who wish to capitalize on his psychic powers is such a story. Now, the BBC film, to be [Read More...]

Pew: pro-marriage equality stories far outnumber anti-equality stories.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the public opinion on same-sex marriage has shifted greatly in the last four years.  This has produced a happy case of schadenfreude with the Republican party, which not very long ago made gay marriage a primary issue to win elections by appealing to Evangelicals.  Now it’s becoming clear that you [Read More...]