Dad on morality and law.

This letter made its way into my hometown newspaper: In the April 3 column on same-sex marriage, the point was made that morality has no place in legislation and court rulings. This idea is contrary to the fundamental nature of law. Law is the expression of the will of a sovereign. Thus morality is the [Read More...]

Thomas McDonald pretending to be clever.

I have a general policy.  If I think someone’s a terrible human being, I try to go through all the reasons for why I think that before declaring them to be an asshole.  But in this case I just can’t wait: Thomas L. McDonald, Catholic blogger here at Patheos, is an irretrievable asshole.  If ever [Read More...]

My arguments aren’t reasonable! Checkmate, atheist!

I get this type of comment from believers a lot, most recently from a chap named Bob Hunt who didn’t like Glodson’s glorious take down of the first cause argument: Mr/Ms. Glodson, Atheism is irrational because the classic arguments against the existence of God are arguments from faith, not reason. You have many good questions [Read More...]

Atheists are patriots.

American Atheists held a regional conference in Kansas City last year.  I was scheduled to give a workshop on activism.  However, due to a death in David Silverman’s family, I was asked to fill in.  I wrote up a quick talk and delivered it the following day.  KCAC just posted that talk.  Here ya go. [Read more...]

Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City distancing themselves from the Broken Arrow store.

In the wake of Joe Davidson being a bigot when he didn’t think the world would find out (but then, the world found out), the Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City (which didn’t take down its facebook page, unlike some other Oklahoma Joe’s) has issued this statement: Translation: “Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! Now they fucked up!” [Read more...]

Acapella NES themes!

My friend David turned me on to this delightfully quirky guy this morning.  I think I’m in love. Here’s the Spark Mandrill theme from Megaman X: And here’s Bloody Tears from the Castlevania games: And just for grins, here’s a track from a band called the Protomen.  They have dedicated three of their CDs to [Read More...]

Camp Quest Oklahoma fundraiser nixed by Christian business owner.

Camp Quest Oklahoma was running a fundraiser with the help of a restaurant called Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ.  The organizers of CQ OK met with the restaurant a full month ahead of time.  In that meeting, the representatives of the restaurant signed off on this flyer. And it’s not like Camp Quest makes their mission a [Read More...]

Vatican pirating porn?

TorrentFreak reports that when the Vatican pirates movies, they go all out… But just when the whole exercise was beginning to fall a bit flat, we spotted some downloads to get pulses racing. It seems that while Vatican dwellers aren’t all that interested in Hollywood movies, they do enjoy adult related celluloid. Lea Lexis and [Read More...]

Mark Shea…what’s good for the goose isn’t really good for the Catholic.

You know how Mark Shea and a few of his commenters came to my blog and left comments, then decided people weren’t responding to his comments quick enough and so he pitched a fit on his blog (even though I answered him once I got back home…we’ll see if he responds)?  You can go to [Read More...]

You should meet Count Dolby von Luckner.

At the American Atheists convention, one of the vendor tables was occupied all weekend by one of the most colorful chaps I’ve ever come across.  On day one the jolly bloke sported Victorian regalia, replete with top hat.  The following day he dressed as Thomas Jefferson.  His name is Dale DeBakcsy, but he went by [Read More...]

Peter Higgs: “stop calling it the god particle”.

It turns out that the guy who first hypothesized of the Higgs Boson, Peter Higgs, doesn’t care for people calling it “the god particle”. …the professor wants people to stop referring to it as the “God particle” because he does not believe the particle holding the physical fabric of the universe together is the work [Read More...]

Rick Warren did what he could, but mental illness claims another victim.

As many of you have likely read, Rick Warren’s son committed suicide.  This is the kind of thing I would never wish even upon my enemies.  A parent should never have to bury a child.  Hemant says pretty much what is on my mind (I strongly recommend reading his whole post): We should be grateful [Read More...]

Oregon parents can’t keep the state from vaccinating their kids.

Two parents who didn’t want to vaccinate their children due to their religious beliefs have lost their fight. Marion County parents who lost custody of their eight young children last year also lost their fight Wednesday to prevent the state from immunizing the children. The Oregon Court of Appeals ruled that the parents — identified [Read More...]

Turns out Jorge Bergoglio didn’t hide political prisoners.

Oh my.  I get home from another week on the road to find that Mark Shea has been doing a little dance over at his blog.  He has apparently discovered a retraction in the Guardian story about Jorge Bergoglio implicating him in hiding political prisoners from human rights monitors.  He’s practically touching himself while asserting [Read More...]