Vote for the 2011 Skeptics Awards

PZ will likely sweep them all, but you should still go vote for who you think should win (even if it’s PZ ). There are a bunch of categories, but the one that caught my eye most was Best Event/Campaign/Outreach.  How about some love for Skepticon? Here is how I voted. Best Blog:  Greta Christina’s [Read More...]

Defending Horrors to Build Bridges

Disclaimer: What I blog on my personal site does not reflect the views and opinions of the Secular Student Alliance, just me. Oh, Chris Stedman.  I caught a tweet of his the other day that made me chuckle. ChrisDStedman: Childish, vulgar, dehumanizing comments by @AmericanAtheist prez. MT @MrAtheistPants: I’ll defame #Islam if I want to.. [Read More...]

FtB Interviews: Al Stefanelli

It’s been a while, but it’s time to hope back on the FtB Interviews wagon.  We’ve heard from Greg, Jen, Kylie, Assassin Actual, and Greta. Now it’s time for Al Stefanelli. [Read more...]

Explaining Gay Rights to Idiots

My mother posted a wonderful link to a post which explains how to discuss gay rights with an idiot. [Read more...]

Our Reach is Global, Our Tower Secure, Our Cause is Noble, Our Power is Pure

“What’s your motivation to do good without god?” People ask that question and all I hear is “Without the fear of punishment I would probably stab you in the process of stealing your pornography” or “Why should I care about others unless it’s getting me into heaven?”  It pretty much just makes me look at [Read More...]

#Occupy Middle Ground

When people talk about atheists being one extreme as compared to religion it awakens that little part of my brain that wants to punch all the dumb out of the world.  You know what extreme reason looks like?  It looks like technology that let’s us take pictures of other galaxies.  It looks like cell phones [Read More...]

Food from Different Perspectives

Life is about interacting with those around us.  It’s the reason solitary confinement is a severe punishment even in prison.  Smiles are contagious, and so are fear and sadness.  Our happiness as individuals is bound to the happiness of those around us, and especially to those we care deeply about.  Of all the illnesses, the [Read More...]

On the Radio Tonight

I will be on the Voice of Russia tonight at 6:22pm EST being interviewed by Jamila Bey about high school atheism and the Secular Student Alliance‘s high school program. You can listen on AM 1390 in Washington, AM 1439 in New York, and you can stream the interview via their website. I’m not sure what [Read More...]

"Dear Christian" Videos From GVSU

Skeptic Freethought has posted the videos of my presentation of Dear Christian at GVSU a few weeks ago: including the Q&A with the crowd of believers.  I was honest, critical, and yet still managed to make them laugh.  It’s almost like we don’t have to pull punches and placate religious people in order to get [Read More...]

It Gets Better, or, Why You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Care About Mental Health

Sid, who is one of my dearest friends/long distance workout buddies (and who also has been a monitor for me over the last year), has written a post answering my call for people to write about mental illness. She nails it. [Read more...]

When Atheist Activists Text

I am a morning person.  Got my dad’s genes on that one. Me: *pounces on you* Me: Good morning, sweetie!!!! Me: R U EXCITE????? Me: Early worm gets the bird!!!! C’mon…if you get up now we can see the sunrise TOGETHER!!! Her: Omg morning Me: *glomp* Her: Youre ridiculous Me: I get to see you [Read More...]

"You Give Activism a Bad Name"

Some guy with a twitter account doesn’t at all like what I had to say about Tim Tebow. First he asked for my email.  I told him it was on my site and warned him I don’t respond to all of the emails I receive, but that I do read all of them.  He responded… [Read More...]

Discovery Channel Playing Politician

PZ has noted that the Discovery Channel has elected to axe information about climate change in David Attenborough’s Frozen Planet series. Well, the word is out. The Discovery Channel only bought 6 of the 7 episodes. They dropped the seventh because…it talks about global climate change. Not ok.  Science is about finding the truth, regardless [Read More...]

Godless NFL Thread

The Raiders play the Packers today.  Let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about Tebow, because I want to see him lose so badly.  I want this in part because Oakland will probably lose today and they’re tied with Denver atop their division.  The other part of me wants to see Tebow lose for being [Read More...]