Hogwarts Express

Seems legit. [Read more...]

Can't legislate reality. Who knew?

Remember that time the North Carolina legislature thought they get around the uncomfortable conclusions of science by legislating against them?  Specifically, they thought that by expunging the science that said the tides are rising that they could dust off their hands and call it a day. Turns out that reality marches on apace, even if [Read More...]

Dark Knight reimagined

Here are some videos to get you all pumped for The Dark Knight Rises. [Read more...]

Elizabeth Scalia gets everything wrong on Libresco and Catholicism

Someone named Elizabeth Scalia has come up with an explanation for why the media jumped on the Leah Libresco conversion. Why so much coverage on Leah? Perhaps the answer is this: Leah’s conversion goes against all of the prevailing narratives that dominate secularist thinking. Religion — or at least religion that goes beyond affirming oneself [Read More...]

Punish PZ, save the world. Win-win.

Ok, recall that the Stiefel Freethought Foundation is teaming up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Foundation Beyond Belief to, well, do all that stuff that prayer has failed to put even a minute dent in. Well, you can now register for a Light the Night team.  Tell your friends, and tell them they [Read More...]

Guild Wars 2: final beta

The last beta weekend for Guild Wars 2 will be July 20-22.  I’ll be there pretty much all weekend on the Frost Gate server.  Much of that time will be spent playing with my gamer friends from back in the day, but I suspect I’ll have some time to spend with all you godless gamers. [Read More...]

With education, religion begins to vanish. That leaves only the toddlers.

Earlier I talked about how high school atheists, at an age where they can comprehend the world in a rational way and after years of study in a variety of academic disciplines, are more frequently becoming atheists and atheist activists. The Christians can still boast that they’re getting the toddlers.  Of course, one side is [Read More...]

Video games: a good place for myth

It’s a rare pleasure when I can tag a post as both “gaming” and “faith.”  w00t! In SMITE, a forthcoming game from Hi-Rez, players can control a number of gods from various religions/mythology.  This has ruffled some feathers in the Hindu community. …the Universal Society for Hinduism has caught wind of the fact that SMITE [Read More...]

The past and the future: a look at what SSA 2012 meant

In 2009 PZ Myers led a zerg of the creationist museum to kick off the Secular Student Alliance‘s Annual Leadership Conference.  Jen McCreight attended the conference that year and provided a picture of the attendees. [Read more...]

Learn about the Higgs boson!

Here’s a helpful video that Michaelyn showed me about the Higgs.  Enjoy! [Read more...]

South Carolina Governor wants to hear from you

After a weekend of not much sleep (I calculated it out: 3.5 hours of sleep in a 60.5 hour period…who’s the baddest?  I the baddest) for an amazingly successful 2012 SSA Annual Leadership Conference, it’s back to bloggings.  I have all kinds of new people to yell at.  The first group is a bunch you [Read More...]

Why false equivalence arguments mean religion sucks even more

Lately, probably due to science coming across new information about the operation of the universe that (surprise!) has nothing to do with god (like every other scientific discovery), the Christian commenters on this site have taken very strongly to false equivalence arguments.  They usually look something like this… Whether you’re trusting the bible or the [Read More...]

Confrins Tyme!

Hullo! Michaelyn here! It’s been so long, I know. I missed you. So I’ve been spending the week in Columbus with JT, and the SSA conference is happening today! I’ve been tagging along with JT as he goes to work and have been volunteering a bit at the SSA office to help out with conference [Read More...]

might have to sell a gold throne or two…

DrB-   I’ll keep it short, but do enjoy this nugget of news:   The Vatican has registered one of its worst budget deficits in years, plunging back into the red with a €15 million ($19 million) deficit in 2011 after a brief respite of profit. http://tinyurl.com/7rqewwk   Yep. Even the almighty can’t seem to [Read More...]